Friday, February 12, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 13 - Kenpo X

It's Kenpo karate time, people. BRING IT!!!! Surprisingly, my upper thighs aren't as tight and sore as yesterday, so I survived Kenpo workout this morning, minus the Saunders Cycle warm up. However, my knees are still a little sore and stiff, probably from the Legs & Back squatting and Yoga's Bound warrior pose. I still couldn't manage to keep my prayer squat as firm as the P90X folks.

Anyway, it's Friday which means, tomorrow will be my weekend for both workout and work..isn't it wonderful? I can sleep in a bit, though the latest I get up is about 7:30 am. I can't sleep in too late.

Also for those who celebrating Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year as most people call it), Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

Nathan said...


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