Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Round 3: Day 18 - ARX, P90X Legs & Back, ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs

Technically today supposedly my rest day but I decided to switch it to tomorrow. Why? I don't want to have resistance day back to back and I don't want to put Legs and Back exercise a bit too close to my weekend jogging. Gotta give my legs break before pounding them again.

ARX went well, I could complete most reps, but still struggle a bit at left side Oblique V ups. I got a hang on Legs and Back but Exaggerate Balanced Lunge still my weakness. I am still doing regular lunge instead and even that I still had hard time balancing myself, let alone using the chair. I moved back even further for my pull up movements with resistance bands.

I also started to do regular push ups on ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs, instead doing it on my knees, with the exception of triceps push ups. But overall, today workout was pretty good.

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