Sunday, May 16, 2010

Round 2: Day 15 - Beach jogging/walk

It was an overcast day again today but this time we were jogging under the drizzle! I thought at first it might be only the moisture in the air, but it was actually drizzling. Regardless, we still proceeded with our jogging. We got up at 4:30 am and drove about 30 minutes to the beach, a little rain won't stop us! Good thing today I geared up with my wind breaker jacket and a cap, but my stubborn hubby refused to wear a cap. He said he doesn't look good in cap. Who cares!

Anyway, I bought a new pair of running shoes at Road Runner Sports yesterday and it's AWESOME! The staff over there were really friendly and they even did some test to help me find the perfect pair of running shoes. And I just found out all these times I've been wearing a WRONG SIZE OF SHOES for running. I've been wearing size 8 and when they checked yesterday, I'm supposed to wear SIZE 9 1/2 .....OMG! But I'm glad I got this pair of shoes and I could jog perfectly fine today without any stiff knees like I've been having it all these times! I also got 3 pairs of non cotton socks as cotton is not good for runners. Those are perfect! I didn't feel any blisters or frictions on my feet when I jog. Believe me, I could even run a bit too and didn't feel any stiff knees! The shoes did cost me a bit more, but I'm paying for the goodness they provide me. Also the best part is I have 60 Days to exchange if the shoes don't feel good on me but don't think that would happen! I'm glad I finally got this good pair of running shoes.

My workout schedule might be a bit off this time. As you can see, I have resistance days back to back. It shouldn't be too bad because one day I'm working on my shoulders and arms and the next day is more for legs and back. My abs can recover fast enough for back to back ab workout.

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Good luck with you new shoes...