Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chest, Back, Shoulders and Arms Workout - Happy Halloween!

Reverse Body Rows (bent legs) / Push Ups Superset
4x15 / 4x10

One Arm DB Row
4x17.5lbs x15@each

DB Arnold Press / Seated Band hip abduction ( med band)
3x8lbsx15 / 3x30 reps

DB Lateral Side Delt Raise / Lateral Side band Walk (med band at ankle)
3x8lbsx 8 / 3x30 reps total

Chair Triceps Dips / DB Hammer Curls
3x15 / 3x8lbs x12

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glutes and Legs Workout

BB Hip Thrust (with 4 risers) / standing hip abdction 20x@each
95lbs x20 warm up
105lbs x 15 warm up
115lbs x 12
125lbs x 10
125lbs x 10
135lbs x 8

BB Front Squat
60lbs x 8 - ok weights!
65lbs x 6- heavy
65lbs x 6 - heavy

DB Sumo Deadlift
3x70lbs x 10

DB One Leg RDL (hold 2 DBs)/ DB Side Lunges (hold 1 DB goblet style) Superset
3x20lbs x15@each /
3x10lbs x 15@each

Leg Extension
3x30lbs x 12

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

High Knees Skipping HIIT and light glutes workout

Off from the gym but NOT OFF completely from a workout.

I have been slacking off on HIIT department so this morning I busted out 30 minute high knees skipping HIIT (1 minute max effort with 3 minute break - repeated 7-8 rounds).

Then I did various light glute workout: seated band hip abduction, standing leg hip abduction, clams, single leg hip thrust, glute march, band side walk, band forward walk etc.

Felt so good to do the skipping again, although my endurance might not be as good as before.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Chest and Back Workout

I like supersetting Chest and Back. Makes my upper body super pumped and I felt like I worked on a lot of big muscles at once. I got a little hiccup when trying to use 2 machines at once but in the end it was all good.

I chose to do Hammer Iso Lateral Incline Press in place of DB Incline Chest Press because I could go a bit heavier and since it's still close to the day after CN, might as well, right?

For DB Incline Chest Fly, i wish the gym has 12lb DB. 10 lbs is ok but a little bit too light already and I think for Incline Chest Fly, we can't really go too heavy, right? I still have to video this so you can take a look and see if I could actually use more weight. 15lbs was just too heavy and I couldn't even lower my arms down too far to get the stretch at my chest.

Overhand Negative Pull Up practice (assisted w leg) 3 sets of 2-3 reps

BB Pendlay Row / Hyper Ext 20x
45lbsx 12 (vid) warm up
50lbs x 10 - hard last 2 (vid)
50lbs x 10
55lbs x 8 hard last 2 (vid)
55lbsx 8

Prone DB Incline Row / DB Incline Chest Fly
15lbsx15/ 10lbs x 12 (felt light)
20lbs x 10 / 15 lbs x10 ( a bit heavy, couldn't go too low)
20lbs x 10 / 10lbs x 12 ( better ROM)
20lbs x10 / 10lbs x 12

T Row Bar / Hammer Iso Lateral Incline Press
3x25lbsx 10 / 3x22.5lbs x 10

Seated Cable Row / Push ups
4x20lbs x 12 / 4x10 reg push ups

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Kettlebell Workout

Typically, Sunday is double workout day: weights and kettlebell. However, starting this week I'd like to do a different approach. Sunday will only be Kettlebell workout and if space and time permits, I might do HIIT with sled push or other type of high intensity cardio for no more than 15-20 minutes.

Today's Sunday Kettlebell Workout:

3 rounds circuit:
Kettlebell swing 44lbs x 20
Turkish Get Up 22lbs x 1 @each
One Arm Snatch 20 lbs x 10 @each
One Arm Clean & Jerk 20 lbs x 10 @each
Goblet squat (hold 2 kettlebells) 20 lbs x 10
Band assisted chin ups 10x

Then 10 sec off / 20 sec on for 8 rounds Battle Rope and Double KB cleans to finish off.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Glutes and Legs

BB Glute Bridge w 1 riser (hold 10 sec at last rep) / standing hip abduction 20x @each
95lbsx20 warm up
115lbsx 20 warm up vid
135lbsx 20- tough last 5 reps vid
145lbsx 15 - tough last 3 reps
155lbsx 10- tough last 2 reps
165lbsx 8- tough last 2 vid
170lbs x 6- butt pumped (vid)

BB Deadlift
95lbs x 10
100lbs x 10- keeping tensions all throughout
100lbs x 10

BB sumo deadlift practice

BB Front Squat (below parallel)
60lbs x 7
60lbs x 6
60lbs x 6

PVC pipe back squat practice

BB Split Squat
3x50lbsx 12@each

DB Side Step Up
2x15lbsx 15@each

Bodyweight Walking Lunges 40x

Very tired!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Prone Rear Delt Raise

DB Incline Chest Fly / bicycle abs 30-40

Hammer Iso Lateral Incline Press / knee hugs 30x
20lbsx12- ok weight
22.5lbsx 8
22.5lbsx 8- hard last 2 reps esp left arm
22.5lbsx 8

DB Arnold Press / plank knee tucks 30x
7.5lbs x 15- form practice
3x10lbsx 12- ok weights

Close Grip push up
3x10 (5 on floor/5 on bench)

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
30lbs x 15 - tough set
30 lbs x 15- last 3 reps were tough

DB Lying Triceps Extension
7.5lbs x 12- triceps burn
7.5lbs x 10
7.5lbs x 10- right arm failed on last rep

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Glutes & Legs

I had a great Glutes and Legs workout. I ran out of time towards the lunges so I had to refrain from Side Lunges and did Side Step Up as well.

My hammies and inner thighs are still sore and tight so it might be a good idea not doing any side lunges for a while.

BB Hip Thrust (hold 10 sec on last rep) / Standing hip abduction 20-30x@each
95lbsx 20 warm up
100lbsx 15 warm up
105 x 10
110 x 10
120 x 8
125 x 6

Note: I could do heavier hip thrust! My wild guess for my MAX 3 might be around 130-135lbs.

BB Front Squat
55lbsx 8- below parallel
60lbsx 7 - below parallel
60lbsx 6 - below parallel
60lbs x 7 (last rep almost failed) - below parallel

Note: I added 2.5 lbs weights for my Front Squat and still could get below parallel without butt wink!

BB Reverse Lunges / DB One Leg RDL superset (hold 2 DBs)
3x45lbsx12@each / 3x20lbs x12@each

Note: Reverse Lunges - I'm still working on the balance so I still need to tap on my way back from the reverse lunge instead of doing the knee kick. / One leg RDL - 20lbs is my new weights - working on balance

DB Side Step up (hold 2 DBs)
2x10lbsx 15@each

Note: I got very tired so had to use lighter weights and did higher reps

Leg Extension (cybex machine - seat #2/ #11)
3x30lbsx12- quad burn

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back & Biceps

Overhand grip pull up practice - partial reps & hang on the bar while contracting the muscles

BB Pendlay Row / plank & side knee tuck 20x

2x45lbsx10- warm up sets
4x50lbsx8- hard last 2 reps

Prone DB Row / hyper ext 20x
3x15lbsx15- focused on pulling from lats

Wide Grip T Row Bar (machine w chest pad)
20lbsx 10- isolated mov'ts solely on mid back
20lbs x 8
20lbs x 8

Seated Cable Row/knee hugs 20x
3x20lbsx 12

Hammer Iso Lateral Wide pulldown practice

Underhand grip pull up practice
Very tough- need more practice

Alt DB Curls
3x10lbsx 12- hard last 2 reps

DB hammer curls
3x 7.5lbs x 10

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

DB Incline Chest Flys / elbow plank leg lifts 20x

DB Incline Chest Press / V up abs 20x
20lbsx 10- hard last 2 reps
20lbsx 10 - pushed last 2

BB Front Shoulder Press / knee hugs 20x
1x30lbsx 12- ok
3x40lbs x 10 ( did push press last 2)

DB Side delt lateral Raise
3x7.5lbsx 8

BB Close Grip Triceps press (hand distance about 2 thumbs apart (6")) / bicycle abs 40x

BB lying overhead triceps ext. aka french press aka skull crusher / lying leg raise & butt lift 15x
4x20lbs x 12

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Glutes & Legs & Circuit Training

BB Glute Bridge
115lbdx20- warm up
135lbsx15- warm up
155lbsx 10

BB DeadLift

BB Front Squat
3x55lbsx 8- a bit below parallel - first time did this and I was happy that I could do it without having butt wink at the bottom - at least that what I thought from watching my own video. I'll send the video to you for review.

BB Split Squat
50lbsx 10@each - I finally braved myself to add a little bit more weight

DB Walking Lunges (hold 2 DBs) - butt and quad killer!

Circuit class
3-5 rounds
KB clean & jerk 20lbsx10@each
20 yard 135lbs sled push
10 push up
20 yard bear crawl
20 yard sprint
20 yard 135lbs sled push
KB swing 44lbsx20

Got 3 rounds in 22 mins

Butt Blaster
3x30lbsx15@each- felt butt burn

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back and Biceps

BB Pendlay Row / elbow plank & leg lift 20x
20lbs x15 warm up
30lbsx15 warm up
4x45lbsx10- focused pulling from lats not arms

Wide Grip T Row Bar
2.5lbsx 12
4x5lbsx 8- hard last 2 reps

Butt Blaster
3x30lbsx15@each - right leg struggled last 2-3 reps

Narrow Grip T Row Bar/ v up abs 15-20x
3x5lbsx8 - hard last 2 reps

Med green band Assisted Overhand Grip Pullup (rest 1 min)
5-5- 5

Prone Incline DB Rows
15lbsx 10- focused on pulling from lats
15lbsx10- felt pulling from lats

One arm DB Row
4x15lbsx12@each- not much resting, just switching sides

Thin dk blue band Assisted Underhand Grip Pull Up practice
Not too good- could be muscles already fatigue!

Alt DB Curl/ knee hugs 20x
3x10lbsx10@each - felt tougher than usual- muscles could already fatigue from rows!- tough last 2 reps

DB Hammer Curl/ elbow plank side knee tucks 20x
3x8 lbsx10

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Active Rest Week and Some Light Bodyweight Workout

This week is my active rest week since I realize I haven't taken time off from the gym and weights completely for about 6-8 months since I started in February this year.

Monday was a bad idea to do weights. I usually feel energetic after a workout that wasn't the case. It's been happening couple times lately and I refused to listen. Good thing nothing bad happened.

Anyway for the past 2 days, I've been doing mobility, foam rolling, some light band works with glutes and arms.

Today I tried to move around a bit by doing some light bodyweight workout.

Superset #1:
One Leg Hip Thrust / Reverse body rows (bent legs)
3x20 @each side / 3x15

Superset #2:
Air Squat / Push Up
3x20 / 3x10

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Spin bike

DB Incline Chest Flys (no 10lbs dB! 15lbs is too heavy for chest flys)

DB Incline Chest Press
15lbsx15- not felt strong today
15lbsx 12
15lbsx 12

BB Shoulder Press/ leg & butt lift abs 15x
30lbs x 12
30lbsx 12
30lbsx 12

DB Side Delt Raise / bicycle abs 30x
3x5lbs x 15

Close Grip BB Bench Press

DB Seated Ovhead Triceps Ext

15 mins steady spin bike

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Glutes, Quads & KB Complex

BB Glute Bridge ( w aerobic step)
95lbsx20 warm up
115lbsx 15 warm up
135lbsx 10
145lbsx10 - hold 10 sec last rep
155lbsx8- hold 10 sec last rep
165lbsx 6- hold 10 sec last rep
170lbsx5- hold 10 sec last rep

BB Front Squat (rock bottom)
45lbsx 10- rock bottom squat
50lbsx8- rock bottom
50lbsx 10- rock bottom - hard last 2 but doable
50lbs x 10

Note: adductors & hammies are a bit tight so will be deload week for legs

KB Circuit (double complex)
6 rounds
KB double swing 25lbsx6
Kb double cleans 20lbsx6
Kb double push press 20lbsx6
Kb double snatch 20lbsx6
Kb double front squat 20lbsx6
Kb double bent over row 20lbsx6
Kb push up

Moved down to 18lbs after 2 rounds
About 25-30mins

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Wide Grip T Bar Row / Butt blaster

Narrow Grip T Bar Rpw / v up abs 15x
2x2.5lbsx8- hard last 2 reps

Prone Incline DB Rows
2x20lbsx10- might be a bit too heavy to get full ROM
2x15lbsx10- good weight to get full ROM

One arm DB Row
15lbsx15 @each - felt light but could feel pulling more from lats
3x20lbsx 10@each- felt a bit heavy but still felt lats pulling

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Warm up
Rhomboids Ex
DB Prone Rear Delt Raise

DB Incline Chest Fly
10lbsx12 - praticing
3x10lbsx15 - focused on pushing from upper chest

Iso Incline Chest Press
2x5lbs x 12 (seat #9)
10lbsx 12 (seat#9)
3x15lbsx10 (seat#8)- felt more on upper chest) - hard on last 2 reps on last set

BB Front Shoulder Press
30lbs x 12- really pushing it

DB side delt raise / lying leg raise & butt lift combo 15x
3 x 5lbsx 12

BB Close Grip Bench Press
3x 30lbsx 15

Bicycle abs 40x

BB Lying Overhead Tris Ext
20lbsx 15
20lbs x 12
20lbs x 12

Note: workout felt tougher today than usual. Might be lack of a deep sleep last night. Skipped Cable Glutes cuz legs felt pumped tight!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Glutes & Legs

BB Hip Thrust (4 risers) / standing hip abduction 20x@each
3x100lbsx10-12- hold 5 sec on top at last rep

BB Squat /v up abs 20x
55lbsx 10 - hard last 2 reps
2x55lbsx 8 - hard last rep

DB Step Ups (4 risers)- hold 2 DBs on side

DB side Lunges (hold 1 DB)
2x15lbsx 12@each

Bicycle abs 60x

DB Walking lunges (hold 2 DBs)

DB One Leg RDL (hold 2 DBs)/ Hyper Ext 15x

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back & Biceps

BB Pendlay Row
30lbsx15- warm up
30lbsx12- practice reps
45lbsx 8- aggressive tempo with full ROM
45lbsx 10- hard last 2 reps
45lbsx 8

One Arm DB Row
4x20lbsx8@each- focused on pulling from lats

Seated Cable Row
27.5lbsx 8 - heavy
27.5lbsx8- might be too heavy - form broke a little
20lbsx 10- ok weight
20lbsx 10- ok
20lbsx 10

Weighted Sit Up (hold 7.5lbs DB overhead)

Overhand Grip Pull Up Iso Hold pratice- super hard!

Alt DB Biceps Curl
3x10lbsx10- burn last 2 reps

DB Hammer Curl

Standing Cable Hip Abduction

Standing Cable Hip Adduction

Standing Cable Straight Leg Back Raise

Monday, October 7, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and 20 minute steady state spin bike

Warm up:
Rhomboids Ex 2.5lbsx15@each
Prone Rear Delt Raise 5lbsx15

DB Incline Chest Press (45 deg) / hyper ext 20x
3x20lbsx 10- felt heavy but doable

DB Incline Chest Fly (45 deg)
3x10lbsx 12- ok weight- focused pushing from chest

Note: palm facing each other

BB Front Shoulder Press
3x30lbsx 12- hard last 2 reps
Note: need to keep wrists in neutral posit'n

Standing DB side Delt Raise

BB Close Grip Bench Press
3x30lbsx15- triceps burn not till last 2-3 reps

Seated DB Overhead Tris. Ext
3x10lbsx 15- triceps burn last 5 reps esp left arm

20 min steady state spin bike cardio

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Glutes & Legs

BB Glute Bridge
95lbsx20- warm up
115lbsx 15 - mod weight
125lbsx 15
3x135lbsx12/3x20 @each standing hip abduction

BB Deadlift
95lbsx10- ok
3x100lbsx 8- good weight - no rounding back!- kept lats engaged!

BB Front Squat

BB Split Squat
3x45lbsx12@each- right inner thigh felt tight today!

Butt blaster

Standing Cable Hip abduction

Standing Cable hip adduction

Standing Cable Back Leg Raise
25lbsx15@each- felt light

10min One Arm KB snatch (8kg)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back & Biceps

T Row Bar Machine (wide grip)
No weightsx 15
3x5lbs plates x 8 - felt heavy/ hard last 2 reps

T Row Bar Machine (narrow grip)
2.5lbs plate x 8
2.5lbs x 10- hard last 2 reps
2.5lbs x 8- hard last 2 reps

One Arm DB Row

Hyper Ext 3x20

Band Assisted Pull up (overhand grip. - resting 1 min
5 - 4 -3.5

Alt DB Biceps Curl
3x 10lbsx 10 @each

DB Hammer Curl
3x10lbsx 8- heavy last 2 reps

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Warm up:
DB retract
YTWL (w/ 2.5lbs)
Prone Rear Delt Raise 2x5lbsx15

BB Incline Chest Press (#5 hole)
40lbsx 10
40lbsx 10- hard last 2 reps
40lbsx 8- hard last 2

Note: need to keep neutral wrists

DB Incline Chest Fly (#5 hole)

BB Front Shoulder Press
3x40lbsx8- heavy/ hard last 2

Standing DB Side Delt Raise
1x5lbsx15 - burn last 2-3 reps

BB Close Grip Bench Press
30lbsx15- felt light
2x40lbsx12- good weight- hard last 2 reps

Note: keeping wrists in neutral posit'n

BB Lying Overhead Triceps Ext.
20lbsx 12
20lbsx 12

Chin up Iso Hold
3 sets (15-20 sec) rest 1 min

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Glutes & Legs

Feet & Shoulders Elevated Hip Thrust / standing hip abduction 20x@each
15lbs plates x15- felt light
3x25lbs platex15- mod weight

Feet & Shoulders Elevated Single Leg Hip Thrust (1 riser on feet/4 risers on shoulders)
5lbs x 12@each- felt burn on quads/hammies instead glutes
3xBodyweightx12@each- better butt burn

Bodyweight One Leg Deadlift
3x12@each- right side need more balance

One Leg RDL (1 plate)
3x25lbsx15@each- standing right leg had more balance

Step Up (hold 1 plate)- 6 risers- shot rest only switching sides

DB Side Lunges (hold 1 plate)- short rest only switching sides

Leg Extension (B setting/ S for leg/8 for seat)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back & Light Glutes

BB Pendlay Row
45lbsx12- hard last 2 reps
45lbsx10- hard last 2 reps
45lbsx 10-

Seated Cable Row / V up abs 15x
20lbsx12- felt a bit light

One Arm DB Row
20lbsx8- hard set esp on left

Chin up Iso Hold/ practice
3 sets (about 15-20sec hold)

Standing Cable Hip abduction

Standing Cable Hip Adduction

Standing Cable Straight Leg Back Raise