Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chest & Back

Prone Rear Delt Raise

BB Pendlay Row

One Arm DB Row

Machine Assisted Ovhand Pullup
3x50lbs x 12- biceps burn

Wide Lat Pulldown
3x37.5lbs x 10- focused on pulling from lats not arms

Peck Fly
3x20lbs x 15

Standing Bent Over lateral delt raise

DB Incline Chest Press
20lbs x 13
20lbs x 12
20lbs x 10- triceps toasted!

Push ups
5- chest rested on ground
6- chest not rested on ground
6- same above

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility Warm up (fire hydrant circles, donkey kick, bodyweight squats)

Bodyweight Rev Lunges 1x20x@each

BB Glute Bridge/ Side Hip Abdct
2x115lbsx20- hold top warm up
3x145x20- singles last 5 reps- hold top

BB Sumo Deadlift
3x90x12- hard last 2 reps

BB Back Squat
60x15- narrow
60x 15- shoulder
60x15- wide/sumo- hardest

DB Side Lunges

Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat - getting better at this!


Seated Band Hip Abdct (heavy)
3x30 ( hard last 10- hold on last rep)

45° Hyper Ext

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chest. Shoulders (SC reps/sets - WEEK 2) & KB Circuit

DB Prone Incline Rear Delt Raise

DB Incline Chest Flys

BB Incline Chest Press
40lbs x 12
40lbs x 10
40lbs x 10

Push Ups
6- chest all way down rest on btm
8- chest touched floor but not resting at btm
8- same as 2nd set

DB Arnold Press
3x15lbs x 8 - not as strong as usual?

DB Bent Over Lateral Rear Delt Raise

Standing DB Lateral Delt Raise (no rest-moved from 1 set to other)
8lb x 12
5lb x 12
2.5lbs x 12

DB Standing Front Delt Raise
8lbs x 15-ovhand grip
8lbs x 15- neutral grip
8lbs x 15-ovhand grip

KB circuit
3 rounds
Double KB Goblet Squat 20lbsx10
Push up 10
Mt Climber 40
Double KB Press 18lbsx10
KB swing 44lbsx30
Rope Slams 20
Double KB Bent Over Row 20x10
Get up sit up 10

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glutes & Legs (SC reps/sets - WEEK 2)

Today's workout was awesome! I was gassed up by the time I finished the lunges - as usual. Lunges are always taxed me mentally and physically- but I think more mentally.

BB Hip Thrust:
Btw I realized what makes my adductors, esp the right one tight after Saturday's Leg Workout. It might be from my Hip Thrust. Strange enough I felt on my hammies and glutes when I executing the lift but then later of the day or the next day, I felt my adductors tight. I tried to position my foot more pointed forward instead flared out on sides and seems like I felt more on my glutes and less adductors. Gotta keep adjusting to find that sweet spot I guess!

I'm doing narrow, shoulder and wide stance. Speaking of which, I will give a try squatting with my feet pointed straight. I tried it with just my bodyweight and looks like narrow stance is ok for me. In fact, I could squat better with narrow stance than wider. The wider my stance, the more I need to point my toes outward. I'll take some video sometime when I get a chance with just bodyweight.

BB Sumo Deadlift
75lbs x 15- warm up
85lbs x 13- burn hammies & butt
90lbs x 12
90lbs x 12

BB Hip Thrust / Hip Abdct
105lbs x 20- hold top 3 risers
125lbs x 12-reg - 3 risers
125lbs x 15- reg - 2 risers
135lbs x 15-amer- 3 risers
135x12-reg- 3 risers

BB Front Squat
60lbs x 15- narrow- brief pause btm
60lbs x 12- shoulder- singles last 2
60lbs x 10-wide- singles last 2

BB Split Squat
50lbs x 12@each- min rest btwn sides - back style
50lbsx 12@each- front - no rest just switching
50lbsx 12@each- back-no rest

X Band Lateral Walk (medium light band)
3x20@each side

KB Side Lunges
2x18lbs x 20@each

3x65lbs x 20

Seated Band Hip Abduction (heavy)
1x30 - hold last rep

Butt Blaster 3x50x15@each

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back & Shoulders (SC reps/sets - WEEK 2)

I had to change DB Arnold Press to One Arm Shoulder Press because I couldn't get another 15lbs DB. Still good. Left arm definitely needs a lot more work as it got fatigue when I was barely reach 10 reps. So left arm had to do singles for the last 5 reps (starting from 7 reps I had to pause a bit at bottom).

Mobility Warm Up (planks, RKC plank, rhomboids exercise, superman)

Prone Rear Delt Raise

BB Pendlay Row
3x60lbs x10- singles last 2 reps

Wide Lat Pull Down
40lbs x 10- felt lats didn't engage much on lower post'n
2x37.5lbs x 8-10- better lats engagement (8 on last set)

Seated Cable Row
3x27.5lbsx8-10 ( 8 on last set)

Pullup on Gravitron machine
40lbs x 8 - fatigue too fast
3x50lbsx 12- hard last 2 reps- biceps fatigue by 10th

Standing DB 1 Arm Shoulder Press
(Palm facing in)
3x15lbs x 12@each

DB Side Delt Raise
3x5lbsx15- focus on contracting delts & traps- hold 1 sec on top

DB Alt Front Delt Raise
3x5lbsx 20@each- palm facing in

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Glutes & Legs (Strong Curves reps/sets - WEEK 2)

I felt good so I tried to keep rest period pretty short in between sets. Totally wiped me out but I could still push it to the limit and of course keeping good forms - at least that's how I envisioned myself the entire time.

My knees are seem fine already so I could do Front Squat. I found out that narrow stance with toes slightly pointed out are the most comfortable way to squat - be it front or back. Shoulder width is the usual and wide stance is quite tough!

I think I know what caused my knee strain last week. When I tried to lift the bar to the rack, I sort of jerked it a bit and when I did the jerk, my knees and feet weren't pointed to the same direction. Good thing it wasn't too bad. That what happened to Eric, my KB trainer when he did Double KB Jerk. His right knee were turned in while his right foot was pointed out.

So from now on, I'll keep close attention whenever I bent my legs, making sure my knees and toes pointed to the same direction.

Most my major lifts were done within 1 hour, with additional 30 minutes some accessories stuff and then cooled down and stretching.

BB Glute Bridge (very short rest)
2x95x20- warm up
145x 20
150x 15 - hold top
150x 12
150x 8

BB Sumo Deadlift (very short rest)
85x 15
90x 12
90x 8
90x 10

BB Front Squat (very short rest)
55lbs x 15- narrow - more comfy and easier
60lbs x 12- shoulder - moderate
60lbs x 10- wide - harder

BB Reverse Lunge (very short rest)
50x 15@each - back style
50x 12@each - front style
50lbs x15@each- back

Leg Ext
50lbs x 15
50lbs x 12
50lbs x 12- quads burn last 2!

DB Side Step Up (non stop - just switching sides)
3x10lbs x 20@each

60lbs x 20
3x65 x 20

Seated Band Hip Abd (heavy)
3x30 - hard last 5 reps

Monday, January 20, 2014

20 minute HIIT cardio & Abs Circuit

30sec rest / 1 min intense -14x - 21 min HIIT
High knees jump rope/ KB Swing 35lbs

Av HR: 148bpm
Max HR: 162bpm

3 rounds Abs
Lying leg Raise w overhead weights (2x15lbs kb) x 15-20
Elbow front plank & reach x20
Knee hugs 15x

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chest, Shoulders (Strong Curves WEEK 2) and KB Circuit

DB Incline Chest Fly - warm up
8lbsx 20
2x10lbs x 15

DB Incline Chest Press
15lbs x 15
20x15- singles last 3
20lbs x 12- singles last 2
20lbs x 12- singles last 2

Push ups
2- push off from ground
5- chest almost touch floor
5- push off from ground

DB Bent Over Lateral Delt Raise
3x5lbs x 20

DB Front Delt Raise
3x8lbs x 15

Standing DB Side Delt Raise
8lbs x 15-(used 5lbs for last 5)- side
8lbs x 15 - front (stronger)
5lbs x 15- side

KB 20min AMRAP (all doubles) - not putting kb down till finish entire round-used 18lbs for all
Kb swing x6
Kb cleans x 6
Kb push press x6
Kb half snatch x6
Kb front squat x 6
Kb bent over row x 6

Band assisted chin ups

Sled push (alt w partner)
4x 165-185lbsx20 yards

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Glutes and Legs (Strong Curves sets/reps WEEK 2)

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers-hold top) / band hip abduction in between sets
115lbsx 20- american
115lbs x15-reg
125lbs x 15-amer- singles last 3
125x15-reg-singles last 5
135x15-amer-singles last 5
135x12-reg- singles last 4

BB Deadlift
2x85x12- hard last 2 reps
2x90x10 hard last 2 reps

BB Back Squat
55lbs x 15 (shoulder)
55lbs x 15 (narrow)
55lbs x 15 (wide) -singles last 3

BB Rev Lunges (back style)

KB Side Lunges (hold 1 KB)
18lbs x 20@each

Knees start feeling tight so only did 1 set

DB RDL (2 DBs)
3x30lbs x 20

Butt Blaster / Leg Ext
50x12@each / 45x15@each
50x12@each / 45x12@each

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chest & Back (SC reps/sets WEEK 2)

Note: I think my strength have improved, especially on BB Pendlay Row, Lat Pulldown and DB Incline Chest Press. I could do more reps with the same weight that I did last week. Added about 2-3 more reps! :)

Negative pull ups unfortunately still a hit and miss! I've been using it as part of my warm up prior Pendlay Row. It feels great to engage my lats prior any back lifts.

Negative Pull Up practice
2x2-3 reps- then singles

BB Pendlay Row / band walks
55lbs x 12
3x60 x 12 - singles last 3 reps

One Arm DB Row (no rest- switching sides)
3x 25lbs x 10@each

Hammer Iso lateral-Wide Lat Pulldown
42.5lbs x 12
42.5 x 10- singles last 2 reps
42.5x 10

DB Incline Chest Fly (couldn't find 10lbs!)

DB Incline Chest Press/ V up abs 15
20lbs x 14
20lbs x 12- hard last 2
20lbs x 10- hard last 2

Dive Bomber Push Ups
2x6- hard! (Back-fwd as 1 rep)

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x7.5lbs x 12

Standing DB Arnold Press
15lbs x 12
15lbs x 10- singles last 2
15lbs x 8- singles last 2

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glutes & Legs (SC rep/set WEEK 2)

BB Deadlift
65x 15-warm up reg
65x 15-warm up sumo
90lbs x 9- heavy
90lbs x 9
90lbs x 10

BB Glute Bridge
145lbs x 18- singles last 3reps
145lbs x 18- singles last 6
145lbs x 20- singles last 5

BB Back Squat - aborted - right leg below knee felt sprained for a little moment

Bodyweight Squats 3x30 (shoulder width/plie/narrow)

Bulgarian Split Squats

Bench Side Step Up

DB RDL (hold 2 DBs)
30lbs x 20- narrow
30lbs x 20 - shoulder width-easier
30lbs x 20- narrow - harder-more hammies stretch

Seated Band Hip Abduction (heavy)
3x20-30 - hold 5sec last rep

Leg Ext (lifefitness)
50lbs x 15
50lbs x 12- very hard last 3
50lbs x 12- very hard last 3

Lying Leg Curl (cybex)-bottom#4/ side #1)
30lbs x 15- easy
35lbs x 12- moderate- tried not to pull calves muscles
35lbs x 12

Weighted Hyper Ext

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chest, Back & KB Circuit

BB Pendlay Row warm up
40lbs x20
45lbs x 15

Standing T Row Bar / seated knee tucks
4x10lbs x 8

One Arm DB Row (no rest just switching)
20lbs x 12@each -felt light
3x25lbsx 8-10@each - mod weight- left lats felt more engage than right

Band Assisted Pull up
3x 5-6 reps

DB Incline Chest Press
2x20lbs x 12
20lbs x 10

Prone Rear Delt Raise
2x8lbs x 12- hard last 3 reps
5lbs x 15

KB Warrior 2.0 Conditioning
3 Rounds
Push up 10
Hand to hand KB swing 25lbsx20
KB Sumo High Pull 22lbsx20
1 Arm Snatch 18lbsx20@each
1 Arm Ovhead Squat 18lbsx5@each
1 Arm KB Row 25lbsx10@each

KB Shove & Tow (alt w a partner)
7x70lbs x 40yards total

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Glutes & Legs (using SC sets/rep range - WEEK 1)

I had a great Glutes and Legs workout today. It was so great. I wasn't tired but towards the end I was just mentally (and physically) wiped out so I had to skip the last 2 accessory leg workout - Leg Ext and Lying Leg Curl!

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers)- hold top / hip abdct
2x95x20 - american & reg
125x 20- american
135x 15-amer

Note: I tried with 4 riser but I felt more quad burn than glute so I went back to 3 risers

Double KB Suitcase Deadlift
3x35lbs x 12 - feet closer together - felt lots quads burn

BB Back Squat (feet point straight fwd)
3x55lbs x 15 - singles last 5 reps

Note: Ok, I finally tried to squat with both feet pointed straight forward- harder but doable. I am amazed that I could still push to 15 with 55lbs. Time to move it up 2.5lbs next for Back Squat? Haven't tried with Front Squat yet.

KB Side Lunges
18lbs x 15@each
18lbs x 15@each
18lbs x 20@each

Double KB Walking Lunges
2x18lbs x 20 total reps- singles last 4 reps

55lbs x 20- narrow
60lbs x 15- shoulder width
60lbs x 15- narrow

Butt Blaster

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chest, Back, Shoulders & Delts - SC reps/sets - WEEK 1

Negative Pull Up practice
3 x 2-3 - tried to hold on top position longer

BB Pendlay Row / band walks
55lbs x 12
60lbs x 10
60lbd x 8
60x 8

Seated Cable Row / band side hip abdct
3x 27.5lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps

Hammer Iso lateral-Wide Lat Pulldown
40lbs x 12
42.5lbs x 10
42.5lbs x 8

DB Incline Chest Fly

BB Incline Bench Press
40lbs x 12- singles last 2
40lbs x 10 - singles last 3
40lbs x 10- singles last 2

Push Ups

DB Bent Over Lateral Delt Raise
3x7.5lbs x 15 (used 5lbs last 5 reps)

DB Arnold Press
15lbs x 10
15lbs x 8 - hard last rep
15lbs x 10-singles last 2

Standing DB Front & Side Delt Raise
7.5lbs x 10 @each
7.5lbs x 10@each
5lbs x 15@each

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Glutes, Legs & Arms - using SC reps/sets - WEEK 1

BB Glute Bridge / Hip abdct btwn sets
95x20 warm up
115x20 warm up
145x17- hard last 5 - focused full ROM
145x 15- hold on top
145 x 15 - hold on top

Note: A bit struggle with hip thrust since I was having occasional mild cramping. Definitely my period is really coming. Should i count today as Day 1? Not exactly bleeding yet, but just dark spots.

BB Deadlift
85lbs x 15- hammies burn last 3
90lbsx 12- hammies burn last 2
90lbs x 12

Note: I recorded video on this conventional deadlift-both with 85lbs and 90 lbs. I looked at my own videos and looks like I got my form solid! We'll see what you'll say. I felt lots of stretches on my hammies and I think I know how to keep my shoulders down by contracting my lats the whole time.

BB Front Squat
60lbs x 10
60lbs x 10
60lbs x 12 - singles last 2

BB Reverse Lunge
50lbs x 12@each (back style)
50lbs x 12@each (front style)
50lbs x 13 @each (back style)

Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squats / BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
3x12@each / 3x40lbs x 15

Band Seated hip abd (heavy) / BB Lying Triceps Ext
30/20lbs x 15
30 / 20x12
30 / 20x12- trembling Tris

Bench Triceps Dips

DB RDL (hold 2 DBs)
25x15 (narrow stand)
30lbs x 15 (feet shoulder width)
30lbs x 15 - narrow

BB Biceps Curl
20lbs x 10 (shoulder width grip)
20lbs x 10 (narrow grip)
20lbs x

DB Hammer Curl
3x10lbs x 15 ( used 7.5lbs last 5)

Leg Ext (quad burn!)
50lbs x 12
50lbs x 12
50lbs x 13

Lying Leg Curl
30lbs x 12
30lbs x 15
30lbs x 15

Weighted Hyper Ext

10lbs x20
10lbs x 30
10lbs x 30

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chest, Shoulders, Delts & KB Circuit Workout

DB Incline Chest Fly
10lbs x 15

DB Incline Chest Press
20lbs x 12
20lbs x 10
20lbs x 11

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x8lbs x 15 ( used 5lbs last 3)

DB Front Shoulder Press
15lbs x 12 - palm facing fwd
15lbs x 11 - palm facing each other
15lbs x 12-palm facing fwd - last rep almost failed

DB Side Delt Raise
8lbs x 15 - hands front
8lbs x 15 ( used 5lbs last 6) - hands side
5lbs x 15 - hands behind

DB Front Delt Raise
8lbs x 17
8lbs x 20
8lbs x 17

Push Ups 12x

KB Conditioning Circuit + Abs
3 Rounds:
KB Swing 44lbs x20
Turkish Get Up 22lbs x1@each
1 arm snatch 18lbsx10@each
1 arm Clean & Jerk 18lbs x 10@each
Double KB goblet squat 20lbsx10
Ring Row 10
Battle Rope 30sec

Abs:3 rounds
KB jack knives 15lbsx10
KB alt leg raise 15lbsx10 total reps
KB Russian Twist 15lbs x10 total

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Glutes and Legs Workout - SC sets/reps- WEEK 1

BB Sumo DeadLift
65lbsx 20 - warm up
85lbs x 20
85lbsx 15
85lbs x 12

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) -hold 5 sec on top at last rep
85lbs x 20 - reg
95lbs x 20 - reg - singles last 5
115lbs x 20 - reg - singles last 8
125lbs x 17- 10 reg / american last 7

BB Front Squat
55lbs x 15
55lbs x 15 - singles last 4
55lbs x 15- singles last 4

Bodyweight Side Step Up (low box)

KB Walking Lunges (hold 2 KBs)
3x15lbsx30 total reps - had to singles last 10-15

3x55lbs x 20

Butt Blaster
3x50lbs x15@each

Lying Leg Curl (very light- focused on form)

Hyper Ext 30x

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Back, Chest, Shoulders and Arms - SC sets/reps - WEEK 1

Negative Overhand Grip Pull up
3x3 - hold 3 sec before coming down

BB Pendlay Row / Hyper Ext
3x55lbsx12 / 3x10lbs x20

One Arm DB Row - no rest just switching sides
3x20lbsx12@each - focused pulling shoulders down

Wide Lat Pulldown (ovhand grip)
35lbs x 15- felt light
2x40lbs x 10 - tough last 2

DB Incline Chest Fly
10lbs x 15
10lbs x 12
10lbs x 15

BB Incline Chest Press
40lbs x 10
40lbs x 8- hard last 2
40lbs x 10- hard last 2

Push Up

Bent over Lateral Delt Raise

BB Front Shoulder Press
40lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps
40lbs x 8
40lbs x 10 (push press last 2)

DB Side Delt Raise

DB Front Delt Raise

BB Close Grip Triceps bench press
40lbs x 15

DB Hammer Curl
10lbs x 15

Overall workout: tough but good. I felt the energy and pumping. Not to mention I feel leaner too.