Sunday, June 6, 2010

Round 2: Day 36 - Running around in circle

I didn't go for the beach run this morning because K was too tired from helping his brother sanding and painting the cabinets. Heck, I still got up the usual time (4:30 am) and ran around the compound area...for a total 15 laps and 3 laps of cool down walk. 1 lap is about 0.3 miles..yeah it was that SMALL! Anyway, still got some sweats and good amount of cardio.


Carl S said...

Kitchen projects! I'm sanding / priming / painting my cabinets also!

Going to degloss the cabinets on the wall though, can't deal with the sawdust from sanding. But I did sand the cabinet doors.

Hattori said...

Wow, sound like you got a very busy weekend as well!