Thursday, April 1, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 61 - Core Synergistics

I haven't improved much on my push ups and weight lifting. So bummer when I couldn't even lift 2 1/2 lbs dumbbells for the side lunge moves (I had to take out the weight disc from the adjustable dumbbell sticks and just lifting the sticks by itself).

Prisoner cell push ups are still killing me, I couldn't even do more than 5 without any breaks and I doubt my form was correct. It seems like I need to work on my push up forms more, even after I finished this 90 day program.

Breakfast was still similar as yesterday anad I didn't bring as much daytime lunch/snack. What's the point if I couldn't even finish all of them. Also I didn't mix in the soy protein powder into my yogurt. Yesterday was a big mistake and I almost puked when I had the yogurt. Maybe I added a bit too much protein powder into it that it tasted so chalky.

I start to think what to do next after this 90 day program is over. I might want to do more resistance workouts and a little less cardio. I don't need to lose weight anymore and by adding more resistance workout, it might help me to tone up. Also I might want to search for a new ab workout as ARX already bored me and my stomach muscles. And for the cardio, it's time for me to try out Plyo. The Lean program doesn't have Plyo in the schedule so I might add it. However, I might cut down the workout days from 6 to 4 or 5 days instead.

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