Thursday, March 25, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 2: Day 54 - Cardio X

Now I'm back at track! Finished Cardio X this morning, drenched in sweat as usual. Plyo sequence still kicked my ass that I could feel my heartbeat in my chest, but I didn't gasp for air to breathe. So I guess I'm still in my heart rate zone?

Anyway, I tried not to do too much Squat Xpress too fast to reduce the stress on my knees. They've been bothering me lately, but not too bad. I refuse to get injured when I'm getting closer to the end of the program.

I keep telling myself not to expect too much at the end of this program cause not everyone built the same. Even though I didn't really follow P90X diet to the T, I know I eat healthy stuff and stay away from junk food. Majority of my diet are homemade Asian cuisines, so it should be fine as long I keep the portion under control and I have a balanced meal of fiber/protein/carb.

Speaking of which, after the workout I tried Kashi® GoLean® Caramel Peanut Roll! protein & Fiber bar and it was AWESOME! It tastes better than the chewy one and to top it off it wasn't sweet at all!! The chewy bar is a bit too sweet on my taste buds but this one is the winner! I will definetly shop another different flavor for the Roll one. And of course I didn't forget to get my usual recovery drink.


Pete said...

Hi Hattori,

How is Cardio X? I haven't even tried that one yet.

As always your diet sounds delicious! I treated myself to Thai food last weekend (with brown rice) and it was sooo good. Spicy basil curry with chicken and veggies.

How is your progress coming along? Are you starting to see results in your abs? I was on and saw some weighted ankle bands. I might try them out for phase 3.

Anyways, you are doing great! Keep it up!

Hattori said...

Hi Pete,

Cardio X is more like a mix of a bit of everything. You will start with a bit of Yoga, some Kenpo, some Plyometrics and end with some Core Syn. It's a good mix of everything and even though the workout is only 46 minutes, you'll be drenched in sweat. For some people who find Plyo to be too intense (as with me), Cardio X is a good substitute.

Your Thai food sounds yummy and healthy too.
My progress is fine, but I think I might need to increase my calorie intake. I start to feel I don't have as much energy doing the workout and my knees have been bothering me (feel stiff after I stand for a while). Hopefully nothing serious. I don't wanna quit this program while I'm more than half way already!

The Awesometeer said...

I am starting on monday. Also be careful with the knees