Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Glutes & Legs + 10 min HIIT sprint/walk track field

So today I tried out doing 10 min run/walk after my leg workout today. Not too bad actually. The park that is on the same way to the gym has a track field. But it's on a hard surface, not dirt so it might not be too ideal for sprinting? I could always just use the baseball field as my track field. At least that one is on the dirt and grass.

Mobility Warm Up

BB Plié Squat / hanging knee raise 15x
2x45lbs x 20

DB Plié Squat / hanging knee raise 20x
2x50lbs x 20

Note: Felt better doing plié squat holding DB than having a BB on the back.

BB Hip Thrust (bench) / seated heavy band hip abdct
155lbs x 10
155 x 12
185 x 8 (singles last 2)
185 x 10 (singles last 2)

Note: BB Hip Thrust on the bench so I couldn't go too heavy without compromising my form. Medium rep range still good enough to get butt burn.

Cable standing One leg Curl / various lunges
15.5x15@each/ side lunges 25lbsx12@each
17.5x15@each / bodyweight deficit reverse lunge 12@each
20.5x15@each / side lunges 25lbsx12@each

Cable Side Hip Abduction

Cable Back Kick
1x 20.5lbs x 12@each

10 min run/walk on a track field

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chest & KB Workout

Workout #1

Mobility Warm Up

DB Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
5lbs x 12

Double KB Floor Press
8kg x 12
10kg x 10
12kg x 8

3' KB One Arm Half Snatch x 2 (2 min rest)
10kg - switch every 30"

3' Heavy KB One Arm Swing
15kg - switch every 30"

One KB Clean & Press
18lbs x 10@each
2x20lbs x 10@each

Workout #2

KB Interval Circuit (45" on / 20" off x 3)
1 arm KB swing & half snatch combo (L)
1 arm KB swing & half snatch combo (R)
KB High Pull
1/2 TGU to half bridge (L)
1/2 TGU to half bridge (R)
Figure of 8
KB Renegade Row to Bent Over Row

Used 10kg on all except 1/2 TGU

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout

Mobility Warm Up

BB Sumo Deadlift / hanging knee raise 15x
95lbs x 8- warm up
95lbs x 10 - warm up
105 x 8
105 x 8

BB Back Squat
75lbs x 10
80lbs x 10
80 x 9

BB Hip Thrust (4 risers)
185 x 12
205 x 10
235 x 8
235 x 8

Side Step Up (4 risers)- hold 2 weight plates
2x5lbs x 15@each

75lbs x 12
85 lbs x 10
85lbs x 10

Lying Leg Curl
60lbs x 12 / Bulgarian Split Squat (Bodyweight) 12@each
70lbsx 12 (60lbs last 3) / Walking Lunges 25lbsx20
70x12 (60 last 6) / DB Side Lunges (hold 2 DBs) 10lbs x 12@each

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chest & Back Workout + 3x30 Bodyweight One Leg Elevated Glute Bridge

I tried out the Cable Wide Lat Pulldown. I might need to practice more with 45lbs weight until I could get all the pull from my lats. When I tried 50lbs, I started to feel it on my triceps, so no good. On last set, I moved back down to 45lbs and I think I will stick to this weight until I get it right.

With Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown, I think I got better control using my lats.

Seated Cable Row actually felt good for me. I could feel my lats engaged more with a bit some from biceps.

Mobility Warm Up

Incline DB Rear Dekt Raise / Incline DB Chest Fly
3x7.5x15 / 3x7.5-10lbsx12-15

One Leg Stability Ball Glute Bridge

BB Row
45lbs x 12 - warm up set
55lbs x 12 - warm up set
65lbs x 10
65lbs x 13 (moved down to 55lbs last 5 reps)

Cable Wide Lat Pulldown
45lbs x 15 - good weight
50lbs x 12 - start feeling on tris
45lbs x 15 - better weight

Seated Cable Row (weight @each side) - close grip
3x27.5lbs x 12

Hanging Knee Raise (overhand grip)

Incline DB Chest Press (dB @each) / lying leg raise 15x
20lbs x 12
25lbs x 12 (used 20lbs last 5 reps)
25lbs x 12 (used 20lbs last 4 reps)

Side Lying Incline DB Side Delt Raise
2x5lbs x 12@each

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility Warm Up

BB Plié Squat
Bodyweight x 20-warm up
3x45lbs x 20

BB Hip Thrust (5 risers) / Seated heavy Band Hip Abdct
185 x 12 / 20
205 x 10 - singles last 2 / 25
205 x10 -nonstop / 25
205 x 12- singles last 2 / 30

Push ups
13 / 10 / 10

Seated One Leg Curl
3x30lbs x 12@each

DB Side Lunges (hold 2 DB 12.5lbs@each)
2x12.5lbs x 12@each

DB Side Step Up (4 risers- hold 1 DB)
2x12.5lbs x 12@each

Cable Side Hip Abdct / Cable Back Kick
2x15.5lbsx15@each / 2x15.5lbsx15@each

Cable standing One Leg Curl
15.5lbs x 15@each
20.5lbs x 15@each

Monday, September 22, 2014

Outdoor cardio sprint/walk HIIT

5 minutes warm up

10 minute HIIT sprint and walk back
Average time/distance of my run was 20 sec - 80-90m
Average time/distance of walking back was around 50 sec - 1 min - 70-80m

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kettlebell Complex and HIIT

15' block (switch after completed one round on 1 side)
One Arm KB Cleans
One Arm KB Half Snatch
One Arm KB Swing
One Arm KB Clean & Jerk

Completed 6 rounds - Used 10kg on all lifts

10' block
Double KB Farmers Walk 16kg@each
KB Walking Swing 12kg
Sled Drag & Push (2 plates)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility Warm Up

BB Deadlift
95lbs x 12- warm up
105lbs x 12 - warm up set
120lbs x 10
125lbs x 8

BB Front Squat
65lbs x 10 (could push to 12-15) - get groove in set
80lbs x 11 - still had 1-2 reps left in tank
80lbs x 10- had 1 rep left

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) / side thick band walk
185lbs x 15
235lbs x 12
250lbs x 10

BB Rack Pull - need to get a full extension on the top
75lbs x 15
95lbs x 12
95lbs x 12

Lying Leg Curl / lunge variation
65lbsx 12 (moved down to 62.5 last 2) / Bulgarian Split Squat 12@each
62.5lbsx12 / Bulgarian Split Squat 12@each
62.5lbs x 12 / Weight Plate Side Lunges 10lbsx15@each
62.5lbs x 12 (moved down to 60 last 3) / Weight Plate Side Lunges 10lbsx15@each

Side Step Up (4 risers)
10lbs x12@each (hold 1 plate)

One Leg 45° Hyper Ext

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Light Glutes + Back & Shoulders

Mobility Warm Up

Feet & Shoulder elevated One Leg Hip Thrust 3x30 (5 risers & bench( / incline DB rear delt raise
30@each- did 15-5-5-5 / 5lbsx20
30@each-did 15-10-5 / 7.5x15
30@each -did 20-10 /7.5x15

T Row Bar (w/ ab pad)
25lbs x 12- warmup set
30lbs x 12
35lbs x 8

One Arm DB Row / abs

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown
45lbs x 12
45lbs x 10
45lbs x 10

Push Ups / machine assisted pull up
12 / 3
10 / 3

Standing DB Shoulder Press (palm facing each other) -short rest between set (30sec)
10lbs x 15
12.5lbs x 12
15lbs x 8 - fatigue

Standing DB Side Delt Raise
5lbs x 20
7.5lbs x 12

Elbow Side Plank Lift

Walking Side plank

Hanging knee raise (neutral grip)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cardio HIIT

1min walk / 40 sec run x 8
Average run: 155-160m
Average walk: 50-70m

35 min brisk walk

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kettlebell BOLT competition preparation + Glutes & Legs

This AM was tough. The gym was so humid and hot and that was another challenge. Kettlebell practice went ok but then the Legs workout felt draggy as it progressed towards the end.
Nonetheless still got a good workout.

Another 90s-100s today.

Mobility & KB Warm Up

KB Workout
2 rounds
1' Heavy Double KB Swing 12kg (20-30reps)
1' KB Half Snatch (L) 10kg (12-15)
1' KB Half Snatch (R) 10kg (12-15)
1' KB Double Jerk 8kg (12-15)
1' rest

Glutes & Legs

BB Plié Squat (back style)
3x45lbs x 20

BB Hip Thrust (5 risers)
205lbs x 10- warm up set- hard
185x20 - did 11-4-2-3

KB Suitcase Deadlift (KB Each side)
35lbs x 12
44lbs x 10
44lbs x 12

Bodyweight Deficit Rev Lunge (2 risers)

Double DB RDL (DB@each hand)
3x30lbs x 15

DB side Lunges


Monday, September 15, 2014

Cardio HIIT Workout

15 min run/walk (13 laps)
40sec-1 min average run -
160-200m average distance
1-1:30 min average walk -
70-100m average distance

Walk to/from park:
40min total / 3km distance total


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chest, Shoulders and Arms

Mobility Warm up

Peck deck rear delt flys / peck deck chest fly
30lbs x 12 / 45lbs x 12
40lbs x 15 / 55 x 15
40lbs x 12 / 55 x 12

Pullup practice
2 singles

Hammer Incline Chest Press (weight@each side)
25lbs x 12 - hard last 2 reps
25lbs x 10 - hard last 2
25lbs x 8- hard set

Inverted Body Rows (squat rack hole#12- bent legs)

Pullup practice
2 singles

Hammer Iso Lateral Shoulder Press (weight@each side)
15lbs x 12
17.5lbs x 12
20lbs x 8

Machine Assisted pullup
2 x 3 singles

BB Push Press (long bar)
45lbs x 10
45lbs x 12
45lbs x 11

Note: I braved myself to try doing push press with the long BB instead those preloaded small ones. Surprised myself I actually could do it. Not sure if I wanna do it with weight plates on it unless I have those clips.

DB Lying triceps ext / DB Incline curl
10lbs x 15 / 7.5lbs x 15
10lbs x 12 / 10lbs x 12
10lbs x 12 / 10lbs x 12

Hanging Knee Raise (neutral grip)

Shoulders and arms were super pumped afterward.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Glutes & Legs

It's VERY hot here..I think it's around mid 90s and possibly 100s in some area! Plus humid! Ugh, hate this weather. Makes me sweaty even though I'm just sitting down and not doing much. More frequent cold shower for me ..haha.

Here's today's Glutes & Legs workout. All great. Had a some panic attack when I got home and found out I lost my iPhone. drove back to the gym and thank goodness someone was kind enough to give it to the lost/found front desk so I got my phone back. PHEW!!

Mobility Warm Up

BB Sumo Deadlift
115lbs x 10
120lbs x 8
120lbs x 8

Note: Deadlift wasn't the greatest today. Felt not too strong and didn't get into the groove until the last set.

BB Back Squat
75lbs x 12
80lbs x 10
80lbs x 10- hard last 2

Note: This one feels good and i think I didn't lean too much forward. I had some video for first 2 sets.

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) -heavy / thick band side walk
235lbs x 10 - singles last 2
235lbs x 10- singles last 2
235lbs x 12- singles last 3-4

BB RDL / push up
75lbs x 12 / 10
80lbs x 12 / 10
80lbs x 12/10

Weighted Side Step Up (3 risers) -hold 2 weight plates

BB Reverse Lunge
55lbs x 12@each

Lying Ham Curl
60lbs x 15 / side lunges w 2 plates 5lbsx12@each
60x12 / side lunges w 2 plates 5lbsx12@each

Cable Side Hip Abdct

Cable back kick

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lighte glutes + Back and Shoulder Workout

decided to do another week of Back and Shoulders instead Back and Chest. I might want just do more Back and Shoulders to train my shoulders a bit more in addition to Sunday's KB which mainly already shoulder centric for the most part.

For Thursdays, I could always just throw in 1-2 set of chest oriented workout such as Incline Chest Fly (with DB or the peck deck machine), or Hammer Incline Chest Press or even just the good old push ups.

I was going to try out that BB Squat for 20 reps but today wasn't the day I had the most pump so probably next time. It'll be interesting how much I could do. I might start off really light weight like 50-55lbs. I might try out with Back Squat just for testing. Maybe next Thursday I'll give it a try.

Mobility Warm Up

BB Hip Thrust (5 risers) / DB Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
135lbs x 30 - did 15-7-4-3/ 5lbs x 15
145x30 - did 15-10-5 /5x20
155 x 30- did 15-5-5-5 /5x20

Note: First set I might put my feet a bit too far so I felt more burn on my hammies. Last 2 sets were the best, as always. I managed to add more weight too.

BB Row / cable butt stuff
3x65lbs x10 / 3x15-20lbsx15@each (2xside hip abdct & 1 x back kick)

Wide Lat Pulldown (15 reps)
50lbsx 8--> 35lbs x 7
45lbsx 10 -->40lbs x5
40lbs x 12

Seated Cable Row (12-15 reps)/ Lying leg raise
27.5lbs x 12 / 12
27.5lbsx10-->20lbsx5 /15
20lbsx15 / 15

Seated DB Shoulder Press (palm facing front) -DB@each
3x15lbs x 12

BB Push Press
3x40lbs x 12

Elbow side Plank walk

Med ball overhead sit up (1 sec up -5sec down)
11lbs x 8

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kettlebell BOLT prep + Glutes and Legs

Mobility Warm up
Figure of 8
One Arm kb swing
Bent Over Rear Delt Raise with light weights
Glute activation

10' KB Half Snatch (8kg & 10kg)
8kg 1st 20 reps
The rest 10kg (switching every 5)
136 reps total

BB Hip Thrust (5 risers) / standing band side hip abdct 20@each
185lbs x 12 - activation
235lbs x 10
235x 10
235 x 12- singles last 2

KB Suitcase Deadlift (KB@each)
35lbs x 12
44lbs x 10
44lbs x 10

KB Plié Squat
3 x 35lbs x 15

One KB One Leg RDL (hold opposite side)
3x30lbs x12@each

1 KB Side Lunges
2x20lbs x 12

2 KB Walking Lunges
2x15lbs x20


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kettlebell BOLT Workout

5' each lift /3' rest between each lift

Double Clean & Jerk
(8kg - 40 reps)

Double Jerk (8kg - 46 reps)

One Arm C&J (10kg - 56 reps)

One Arm Jerk (10kg - 55 reps)

Finisher: 10 min HIIT:
4 full laps sled push - 3 plates (45lbs@each)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility Warm Up at home

BB Deadlift
95lbsx 10- warm up
125lbs x 8
125 x 8
125 x 8

BB Front Squat
75lbs x 10
80lbs x 9
80lbs x 8

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers)
225lbs x 10
225 x 10
225 x 12

80lbs x 12
85lbs x 10
85lbs x 10

Lying Leg Curl / weight plate Side Lunges
3x60lbs x 12 / 3x10lbsx12@each

Weighted 45° Hyper Ext
25lbs x 20

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Light Glutes + Back & Shoulders + Core

Mobility Warm Up

DB Incline Rear Delt Raise / DB Incline Chest Flys
3x5lbsx20 / 3x10lbsx12

BB Hip Thrust on bench (no touching ground)
135lbs x 30 - broken into 10-7-5-4-4
135lbs x 30-broken into 15-10-5
135lbs x 30- broken inti 15-10-5

Note: The bench might equivalent to 6 risers. I couldn't have the weight touching down the floor or it'd be too uncomfortable. Regardless those 3x30 reps with 135lbs burned quite good. Last 2 sets were the best while first set I got burnt out a bit too soon.

T Row Bar (ab pad) -focused pulling from lats
30lbs x 12
32.5lbs x 12
32.5lbs x 12- hard last 2

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown
3x52.5lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps

One Arm DB Row

Rev crunch 3x15

DB Arnold Press / bike abs
15lbs x 15 /30
15lbs x 10/30
15lbs x 10/30

Standing DB Side Delt Raise / lying leg raise
7.5lbsx12 / 15
7.5lbs x 15/ 12
7.5lbs x 15/15

RKC plank
3x20 sec

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 min KB One Arm Half Snatch training + Glutes & Legs

Since I'm preparing for my first BOLT Competition in November 15, 2014, I will be adding another kettlebell day into my workout routine. Tuesday will be my 2nd kettlebell day of the week, before I start my Glutes and Legs workout.

Mobility Warm up
KB One Arm Swing

10 min KB One Arm Half Snatch (OAHS)
Used 8kg (18 lbs)
167 reps total
No putting KB down
Switched hands every 10 reps

BB Hip Thrust-5 risers / X band walk (medium band)

205lbs x 12 - singles last 2 /20@each
235x 8 / 20@each
235 x 8 - singles / 20@each
235 x 10 - singles last 2 /20@each

KB Suitcase Deadlift (KB@each)
25lbs x 12
30lbs x 12
35lbs x 12

KB Plié Squat
3x40lbs x 12

85lbs x 8

Bodyweight side Step up

1 DB Side Lunges
2x20lbs x 12@each

Glute Ham Raise (GHR)

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Overall Workout Note

HIIT - 2x a week (Mondays & Wednesdays)
Has been pretty consistent - sprinting for 30-40 secs for 150m-170m x 6 rounds

Fridays - Rest Day - leisure walk

Tue, Aug 19, 2014
Started to do Plié squat (either with one DB or BB with bar on back) on Tuesdays Legs Workout
Also incorporate any lateral lunges (side lunges, step ups)

Thu, Aug 21, 2014
Started to make Thursday as 3rd Leg workout by doing 3x30 Hip Thrust (bodyweight or with weights) (light weight-high reps) before doing any upper body workout