Sunday, June 27, 2010

Round 2: Day 57 - Beach jog

After I wrote my post yesterday, my Garmin arrived in the afternoon! So excited over it, I decided to put use it for this morning beach jog.

Here what I got:

So apparently my heart rate only hovering within 150-160 range. Not even sure if I'm in my target zone or not. Btw, if our heart rate is high when we're exercising does that mean a good thing or bad? For example, our heart rate is not that high but you burn lots of calories versus higher heart rate and burning the same amount of calories. This matter still confuses me.

Also when I was jogging, I saw this middle age man, jogged at similar pace or even faster than me. I couldn't really pass him but I wasn't that far behind him either. Man, I gotta increased my endurance more.

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Carl S said...

NEAT NEW TOY! I have been busy, and not reading my regularly checked blogs. Very nice.

150-160 is a reasonable fat-burning heart rate for a 20-something year old. For serious cardiovascular workout you may want to be 160-180. Going over 180 is for elite athletes really.

What's more important that the heart rate is how quickly you come back to 15% of your resting heart rate. I think like a minute or two is best.