Friday, November 30, 2012

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps Workout with Dumbbells

I put together this workout after reading this article from this site.

In between upper body workouts, I added some abs exercises.

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Abs
Flat bench dumbbell press – 4 sets of 12 reps (a pair of 10-12lbs DB)
20 reps supergirl plank (each side)
Flat dumbbell flyes – 3 sets of 12 reps (a pair of 10-12lbs DB)
1 minute ball plank hold
DB shoulder press – 3 sets of 12 reps (a pair of 10-12lbs DB)
20 reps diagonal knee tuck (each side)
DB lateral raises – 3 sets of 12 reps (a pair of 8lbs DB)
20 reps side plank & leg lift (each side)
DB skull crushers – 3 sets of 12 reps (a pair of 8lbs DB)

Overall it took me around 45 minutes to finish. I took about 30 sec break in between sets and abs exercises.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Modified ZWOW#38

I modified ZWOW#38 to more weight training plus added some weighted abs workouts in between exercises. I decided to use same weight for the entire 3 rounds so trying not to take too much break in between.

3 Rounds:
15 One arm DB Swing (each arm) with 15lbs DB
50 sit ups
10 weighted back lunge & knee up - each side (2x15lbs DB = 30 lbs DB)
25 side crunch (each side)
10 DB one leg deadlift (with 2x15 lbs DB) = 30lbs DB)

On 2nd and 3rd round, I got bored with the crunches so I subbed with planks and crab toe touches.

Time: about 35 minutes.

Then I did partial LovingFit Bums & Thighs of Steel Challenge (Week 2 Day 3).
Only did 2 rounds of plie squats, will do 2 rounds superman kick backs and iso bridge hold after I get home later tonight!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LovingFit: Muscle Authority Workout (Upper body- bodyweight)

Original workout: LovingFit

I can't wait for my next Carb Nite to enjoy my carbs!! This workout was super hard and my time wasn't too impressive. It took me 35:59 to complete! The only modifications I did was the dips, only could manage to do 1 very pathetic unassisted dips- *sigh* gotta work on that!! Spiderman Kick Push Off was super hard!

I picked the 1st option (6 Rounds)
8 unassisted dips & kick
8 Running Outward Spiderman Push Offs
4 Press and Push Combo (each side) (Pike Press & Push Up combo)
10 back lifts

Saturday, November 24, 2012

LovingFit: Star Power Training Workout (lower body)

Original workout: LovingFit

Since I was doing more weight training for my legs, I adapted her workout by using less reps and more weights.

2 Rounds:
20 weighted split squat (right)
25 side lunge flow (right)
20 weighted split squat (left)
25 side lunge flow (left)
15 weighted front lunge (alt sides)
15 weighted squats

I used a pair of 15-17lbs DBs and pretty much omitted all the jumping and focus more on the squats.

Time 24:37

Then Bums & Thighs of Steel Challenge (Week 2 Day 2)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Back & Cardio Workout

Second day after Carb Nite® so I could still hit it hard...AGAIN!

Back Workouts:
Seated Pull Ups ( 8 reps / 6 reps / 4 reps)
Renegade Rows (24 reps (12 lbs DB) / 12 reps (15 lbs. DB) / 10 reps (17 lbs DB)
DB Single Arm Rows (15 reps (15lbs DB) / 10 reps (20lbs DB) / 8 reps (22lbs DB) - each arm

I did some weighted abs workout in between exercises
20 reps weighted jack knives
15 reps twisted sit up with weight
15 reps weighted V ups

Then I modified ZWOW #44 into more cardio/HIIT workout (15 sec rest /1 min on for 9 Rounds)
High Knees Skippings/Free style skipping
Burpee with side leg lifts
bodyweight wood chop lunge (alt sides)

Lower Body Workout Weight Training

Happy Thanksgiving! Last night I enjoyed my 2nd Carb Nite® so today will be a hard workout day to burn off that extra glycogen from my system! Woot!

3 sets:
15 SB front squats
15 SB elevated lunge (each leg)

Abs - 10 reps

3 sets:
12 SB weighted bridge lift
15 SB side lunge (each side)

Abs- 10 V up pulse

Then HIIT Cardio - Tabata style - high knees skipping & burpee (without push up)

Finished off with Tati's Bums & Steel Thigh Challenge (Week 2 Day 1)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Upperbody Workout

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US! It's Thanksgiving Day but it's not my off day from working out. In fact because it's my off day from work, I could use this time to do a longer workout and believe it or not it actually makes me excited and looking forward to do it!

10 seated pull ups
10 SB elevated lunge (each leg) (35-40lbs SB)
10 DB Overhead Press (12-15lbs DB)
10 SB front squats (35+lbs lbs)
10 DB lawnmowers (each arm)

1 minute rest in between sets

Saturday, November 17, 2012

ZWOW #43: Switch It Up!

It's been ages since I did last ZWOW. Not that it wasn't interesting, but I just prefer a bit more refined workout like LovingFit. But one of these days where I know I won't have much time for working out or I don't feel like complicated workout, ZWOW comes in handy.

Original workout: Zuzana Light

15 side step ups (each leg)
10 one leg triceps dips (each leg)
15 one leg elevated lunges (each leg)
10 sets of (10 chair climber + 1 diagonal push up + jump forward & back)

Instead of doing 12 minute AMPRAP, I was aiming for at least 2 rounds or 3 if I felt super jacked up.

But in the end I only completed 2 Rounds which took me 17:48

Then I did LovingFit Bums & Steel Thighs Challenge (Week 1- Day 3)

Friday, November 16, 2012

LovingFit: Power Jack Cardio Workout

It'll be a busy day today and probably thru the weekend. stuff. Good thing I could work from home today and I could get a little more sleep and did my workout!

LovingFit Power Jack Cardio Workout

3 Rounds:
30 power jack rope
10 dive bomber with mini push ups
30 power jack rope
15 bridge on balance ball
30 power jack rope
10 sit up with weight (with 35lbs SB overhead)

Time 20:52

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lower Body WO & HIIT Cardio

I finally had my first Carb Nite® last night so today I could do a bit more HIIT cardio style to wipe out my glycogen store. If you are lost at what I'm talking about, I don't blame you. Long story short, I'm currently doing Carb Nite Solution, a powerful fat stripping diet protocol created by Keifer. I'm planning to write a post about it on my other blog.

Anyway today's WO:

Part #1: Lower body Strength Training
3 Rounds:
15 reps SB squats (35lbs SB)
15 reps SB back lunge and side lunge (each side) - 35lbs. SB on shoulder
15 reps ball bridge

Time 18:00

Part #2: LovingFit Hot Maximus WO
A.Interval Training (15 sec off/1 min. on for 9 rounds)
Pistol (right leg) 6-6-6
Pistol (left leg) 6-6-6
Split Leg Lifts & Dips 8-10-9

B. 4 minute Cardio (I did Tabata style 10 sec off/20 sec on 8 Rounds)
Freestyle skipping
Burpee without push ups

Bonus (in the evening): LovingFit Bum & Steel Thighs Challenge (Week 1 Day 2)

2 Rounds:
20 reps plie mini pulses (right side) - hold 5 sec on 20th rep
20 reps plie mini pulses (left side) - hold 5 sec on 20th rep
20 reps superman kickbacks (each leg) - - hold 10 sec on 20th rep

1 minute bridge hold with weight (5lbs ankle weights between my knees)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Upperbody WO: Shoulders, Arms & Abs Workout

My upper back and chest are still sore from Saturday upper body WO - thanks to those negative seated pull ups so today will be more for biceps and shoulders.

Part #1: 5 minute countdown
10 DB shoulder lateral raise (a pair of 8lbs DB)
10 pike press
10 DB hammer curls (a pair of 10-12lbs DB)

Completed 2 rounds

Part #2: Shoulders & Abs Interval training
10 sec off/ 1 min on for 15 Rounds
6 Mt. Climbers + 2 side plank jumps 6-5-5

V sit field goals (squeeze the arms) 20-20-25

Elbow plank to plank, push up+ side taps 6-6-5

1 Push Up + 4 pendulums 5-6-6

Back Lifts 30-25-26

Part #3: LovingFit Simply Cut Abs (if time allows)
3 Rounds:
20 reps laying knee ins + butt lifts
35 sec split V hold (in V up position + straight eg side in-out)
20 elbow reptile side stretch (leg straight side out)
35 sec split V hold
10 reps split up + knee to elbow (each side) - feet off the ground

Time 18:03

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lower Body Workout: Loving Fit Heart Shaped Booty Workout & Perfect Abs Afterglow

Lower body: Heart Shaped Booty Workout

3 Rounds:
16 SB side lunge & 3 Knee tucks*
30 SB Jump lunges** (35lbs SB)
40 DB side jump lunge (alt.sides) -8lbs DB
30 SB squat pulses

* I had to use a DB at 3rd round because for some reason I didn't feel much on my legs while doing side lunge as I couldn't bend the leg lower

**I skipped the jump lunge and just did back lunge and knee up with holding SB in front of me

Time 29:04

Then Perfect Abs Afterglow

Time 16:47

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Upperbody Workout: LovingFit The Gun Show Workout

My first day of working out after every 6 week 5 days consecutive active rest.

Original workout: LovingFit

10 Rounds:
6 reps halfway dive bomber push ups
6 reps side plank mill (each side)
6 reps wide grip pull ups*
6 reps mountain climber push-off combo (3 mt. climbers, kick back (1 leg elevated), drop down, push-off)
6 reps dips
6 reps shoulder raises (with a pair of 8lb DBs)

* I subbed the pull up with a seated pull up (assisted on the way up and unassisted on the way down).

I had to break it into 2 parts of 5 rounds.

First 5 rounds took me 31:14
Second 5 rounds took me 29:58

Of course during the 3rd & 4th of my 2nd 5th round, I had to do my seated pull up assisted up and down.

I was going to add Perfect Abs Afterglow but I think with a circuit that took me about 1 hour to finish was good enough.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lower Body Workout: Hit it Hard

I made up my own lower body workout and it was quite fun.

Part #1: 3 Rounds
10 pistols (5 on each leg)
15 DB Swings (used 12-15lbs dumbbell)
15 deadlifts (used a 10lbs metal bar + 2 mini 10lbs sandbags + 35lbs sandbag)
1 minute wall sit

1 minute rest in between round.

Took me exactly 20 minutes.

Cardio/Abs HIIT (40 sec off/ 1 minute on - 8 Rounds)
2 Jump Lunges + 1 front kick (switch side on 2nd round)
3 way leg raise on a dip station (each leg raise = 1 rep)
2 squat pulses & jump twist (jump towards another side after 10 reps)
Elevated reptile plank