Sunday, March 28, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 57 - Chest & Back, Abs

Burn burn burn! I felt my arms burned and shaky after the workout. My abs burned doing the Abs Ripper X. Chest & Back is totally new workout for me so I had to watch it a bit before I started. Actually I recognized most some of the moves from the other workouts with the exception of Diamond push up, lawnmowers, dive bomber push up, and decline push-ups to name a few.

Dive bomber push-ups is an interesting one. It looks like you're doing a combination of upward dog and downward dog moves with feet and arms wider than your shoulders and hips.

Overall, I sort of enjoyed Chest & Back, but too bad I forgot my workout sheet so I didn't record any of my reps *bummer*. Speaking of which, I can hardly believe that I actually *start* to be able to do push ups......*fingers crossed*.

Abs was ok..I might underestimate it before that it became too easy for me. I still felt the burn when doing it and I still couldn't do the full 25 reps for Oblique V ups (max I could do was 15 with a bit slower pace than Tony).

And what's better than having Kashi® GoLean® Protein and Fiber bar? Yumm!! I might wanna get more of it!

It's Phase 3 now and I wanna bring it!

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