Friday, June 4, 2010

Round 2: Day 34- Reverse ARX, Legs & Back, ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs

I got a better hang on doing Reverse ARX today, perhaps this is a sign for me to switch back to the regular ARX to surprise my abs muscles. Legs & Back was a challenging workout as usual, too challenging that even my resistance bands couldn't handle it. It SNAPPED on me when I got to the 3rd part of the pull up moves.
Dang, maybe it's time for me to invest on a real pull up bar. I don't like the Iron Gym one, because it'll damage my door frame and I don't like to poke any holes on my ceiling nor the walls. A free standing pull up bar would be nice....even nicer if it's very compact. ChaLean's I've Got Abs was quite some fun...I actually kinda enjoyed doing the Oblique and the push ups, even though I am still a sucker..haha.

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