About Me

This blog was started as my P90X workout journal. After completed 2 rounds of P90X (Lean and Classic), I decided that fitness lifestyle doesn't stop after P90X. In fact, P90X is the starting point. Day 90 is NOT the end, but it's the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. From this point, I'll be using this blog to keep track on my fitness routine.

Updated 11/23/2010
I am currently following Zuzana from Bodyrock.tv workout routine and hoping I'll increase my fitness stamina to the next level. Wish me luck! You can follow my journey as I keep posting my score on this blog as often as possible.

Updated 11/20/11
Starting on June 2011, I started eating clean Paleo style and been blogging my meals at Delightful Taste Buds. Feel free to check my almost daily food journal, recipes and also if you'd like to know me a bit more. :)

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