Sunday, October 31, 2010 Bang Bang Workout

Surprisingly I could get up at 4:00 am this morning and rolled out from the bed around 4:30 am. Usually it was hard for me to get up this early during weekends, but today was an exception. I was excited to do Zuzana's newest workout: Bang Bang Workout.

This time the workout is a combination of interval and abs workout.

Workout breakdown:
1. High Knees (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds

2. Leg Lift, Star crunch & Butt Lift for 30 reps

3. Low Jack (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds

4. Side Plank Lift - 25 reps each side

5. Scissors (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds

6. One Leg Bridge, Leg Lift & Toe Touch for 25 reps each side

After the workout, I was totally soaked in sweat!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yoga and Abs

Actually today was an easy day for me. I did some Yoga mainly just for stretching and relaxation. And at the end I did some Abs on the ball.
Pretty low intensity workout I'd say.

Friday, October 29, 2010 Tight Jeans Booty Workout

I decided to take it a little easier today so I did Tight Jeans Booty Workout again. I just realized that last time I did this, I set the wrong timer. It's supposedly 15 minutes instead of 10.

Set timer for 15 minutes and do this circuit back to back without much break in between. For extra challenge for the crunches, keep the feet off the ground, even when rolling over.

1. Jumping Jacks - 398
2. Crunches - 210

I have to admit that my crunches were done haphazardly. Gotta work on it more!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rest Day

My midsection was pretty sore today, especially if I contracted my abs. Not sure either Zuzana's Hot Viral Sweat workout kicked my ass or the Ab Ripper X that I did the day before.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Hot Viral Sweat Workout

Another brutal interval workout from 30 sec on / 10 sec off, 24 rounds of these 4 exercises (repeat 6 times):

1. Leg Elevated Sumo Push Ups 8/5/7/6/5*/7* (I had to go down on my knees for the last 2 b/c my left shoulder felt hurt- I might sprain it a bit)

2. Ninja Jump Tuck 5/5/4/5/5/5 - not bad though I didn't jump as smooth as Zuzana

3. Prisoner Get Up 3/5/4/4.5/4/4.5 - I had to cheat a bit using one hand to help me get up

4. Pike Side Jump 31/29/27/27/31/29.5 - I did the Side step version, though I had to slow down a bit at the end because I was getting tired.

Watch Zuzana doing this workout. Trust me, I'm NOWHERE like her when doing this workout. Not even half of it.

Yesterday evening, I did Ab Ripper X after such a looong time after I completed my second round of P90X.

But I didn't do it along with the video. Instead I did all moves in 30 reps, including the leg climb which was supposedly only 12 reps on each side - I did 30. That explained why I collapsed after 50 reps of Mason's Twist. And I was aiming for 60 reps for it.

Not bad for me who hasn't done Ab Ripper X for almost 2 months and not even sore from it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All about Abs with Mindy Mylrea

I've had All about Abs with Mindy Mylrea for a while but haven't got a chance to do it, especially this workout incorporates the stability ball.

There are 3 parts of this workout:
First part - using medicine ball
Second part - using stability ball
Third part - using your own body weight.

Since I don't have medicine ball, I skipped the first part and went straight to the stability ball. First time doing this exercise, most of the time I just kept falling off from the ball and missed the sequence. Pike with feet on the ball? Side plank with the stability ball in between your legs? Boy....

But despite those, I still broke some sweat.

Maybe tonight I'll do more Core/Ab focus exercises and be ready for another brutal workout.

Monday, October 25, 2010 Enjoy the Burn Workout

Enjoy the Burn Workout 50/10 - 12 rounds - took exactly 12 minutes. did the video a little differently this time. Instead of clips of when she was doing the workout and then a tutorial video, Zuzana did the entire workout for us to follow..-uncut. More like a workout class style. So it feels like we're doing the workout together with her! It's kinda cool in some ways. Too bad I was too lazy to bring my laptop down this morning and played the video when I was doing the workout. Maybe next time.

Workout breakdown (repeated 3 times) and my score:
1. Santana Push Ups (Left side) - 6/6/5
2. Half Burpee - 14/12/13
3. Santana Push Ups (Right side) 6/7/6
4. Jump Lunge (I did the Backward Lunge without chair as a modified version) -

For the Santana Push ups I messed up the left and right side. I thought the left side was determined by which SIDE I was facing when did the side plank. After re-watching the video, it was determined by WHICH SUPPORTING ARM that I was using when doing the side plank lift.

Good workout. I was a sweaty mess after this.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crazy bootcamp fail

So I tried the Crazy bootcamp again and I wasn't quite pleased.
At the second round, I had to pause the timer because my legs feel like spaghetti. Not sure why, thought I already recovered after 2 rest days.

1.Flying Jump Lunge
24 / 5 (I had to pause the timer here) / 17 (I did the step lunge back instead of jumping)

2. Side Burpee (I just did regular burpee)

3. Side Lunge Touch

4. Squat and Leg Lift

5. Leg Lift and Touch

6. Crazy Home Bootcamp

In the end of this workout, I was drenched in sweat.

I continued with some upperbody strength with dumbbells and some balanced push ups and 100 crunches on the ball

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rest Day

My legs, shoulders and arms are SORE today...could it be from yesterday's yoga? I really pushed myself when doing the warrior poses (bent the knees lower) and pushed myself lower with the chaturanga.

So today will be a completely rest day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweaty yoga in the chilly morning

Finally I managed to drag myself out from the bed at 4:30 am and got a good sweaty yoga done in this chilly morning.

Nothing beats the morning quietness doing yoga while everyone else was sleeping. K was also next to me, doing his yoga.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Pre-Breakfast workout

Despite the workout name, I did this workout pre-dinner actually.

Pre-Breakfast workout
Just 4 minutes of high intensity workout, 2 workouts total
15 sec on / 5 sec off - 12 rounds

My scores:
1. High Knees 41/30/30/28/28/28/27
2. Mountain Climber 28/29/29/26/22/22

I was using my heart rate monitor and boy my heart rate got all the way up to 204 bpm - average 155 bpm. Calories burned 135 cal. Not bad for a 4 minute workout.

100 crunches (regular and sides) on the ball.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Tight Jeans Booty Workout

I decided to do this workout again since I had a short time in the morning (didn't get up early enough to do a longer workout)

Tight Jeans Booty Workout

Set a timer for 10 minutes of these:

50 reps Jumping jack (or jumping rope jack or low jack)

30 reps of crunches (side and regular)

I completed 5 sets of each.

Jumping jack: 250 reps
Crunches: 150 reps

A teeny better than last time.

Monday, October 18, 2010 Crazy Home Bootcamp workout

5:00 am workout
30 sec/10 sec - 18 rounds

1. Flying Jump Lunge (21/13/10)
2. Side Burpees (4/3/4) - I did side step to the side plank instead of jump and skipped the push ups at the 3rd round after I twisted my right elbow :(

3. Side Lunge Touch down (23/25/26)
4. Squat and Leg Lift (18/16/16)
5. Leg Lift and Touch (16/17/17)
6. Crazy bootcamp )(5/6/5)

Still not much better than last time I did.

Did interval crunches on the ball (15 sec/ 5 sec) for total 5 minutes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

No particular workout

But I vacuumed the house and 4 fly stairs.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Upper body strength and core workout

Repeat 3 times (12-15 reps - for arms)
Shoulders Press
Front pulls (one of P90X shoulders & Arms move -don't quite remember the name)
Alternative Biceps curl (alternate arms after 4 reps)
Triceps kick back
In and Out Shoulders Fly
Squat and Side leg Lift -20 reps
Side Triceps Rise (switch sides after completing one side)
Lunge and Twist (switch sides)
Push ups with Side plank

Friday, October 15, 2010 Burpee burnout workout

Will one body weight exercise for 10 minutes make you sweat and pant like crazy?

The answer is: Yes, if you do this Burpee Burnout from and push yourself REALLY HARD.

One intense exercse for 10 minutes

I eeked out 50 reps (with lots of breaks in between of course - to catch my breath) but I kept in mind to keep proper form.

After this exercise, my sweat was pouring down onto my face and took a little break.

Next I did core strength with the stability ball.

2 rounds of:

1. Regular crunch - 30 reps
2. Regular with side crunch - 30 reps
3. Lunge backward twist while holding the stability ball - 20 reps each side
4. Side leg lift with one hand on the ball - 20 reps each side

Did some yoga for stretching at the end.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Apparently my lower back pain hasn't completely gone yet so I decided to do Yoga instead of another intense workout. To top it off, why my right wrist starts feeling a bit tender? :( I could still do push ups but didn't want to push myself too hard because of horror stories I heard how people broke their wrists by doing high reps of consecutive push ups.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Various workouts throught the week

I'm such a bad fitness blogger :( but at least I can assure you I am still working out regularly with occasional 1-2 rest days in between.

Today's workout:
Weight Lifting Session (about 15 minutes?)
3 rounds with 12-15 reps of:
Biceps Curls
Shoulder Press
Triceps Kickback
In and out Shoulders Fly

Followed by Tight Jeans Booty Workout

Workout breakdown:
Complete these exercises as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes countdown
1. 50 reps Jumping Rope Jack (I only did regular Jumping Jack)
2. 30 reps crunches

My score: 250 Jumping Jacks and 130 crunches

In no particular order, here are some of the workouts that I've been doing Crazy Home Bootcamp workout

Workout breakdown:
Interval workout 30 sec on / 10 sec rest for 18 rounds (total 15 minutes)-repeated 3 times

1. Flying Jump lunges (20/16/15)
2. Side Burpees (I modified it to a regular burpee and skip the push ups b/c my right wrist wasn't feeling right) (8/9/9)
3. Side Lunge Touch Down (19/18/22)
4. Squat and Leg Lift (I only use body weight) (16/14/14)
5. Leg Lift and Touch (15/14/15)
6. Crazy bootcamp (I don't think I did this one right) (5/5/5)

My own interval workout (inspired by
50 sec/10 sec interval - repeated 3 times
1. Squat Jump with Leg Lift (17/11/11)
2. Push Ups with side plank (11/11/10)
3. Side Hop & Lunge (10/8/9)
4. Reptile (36/34/30)

And not forgetting Yoga session as well. Some days I did a full Yoga as the whole workout, some days I did yoga at the end of the main workout for stretching and cooling down.

My lower back pain hasn't completely healed yet but at least not as painful as before. Maybe it's time to see a chiropractor?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interval workout - total body

50 sec on / 10 sec off (15 rounds) of these

Squat holding the stability ball above head 20/15/13
Balanced Push Ups (push up and do side plank on each side) 10/9/10
Fighter's Lunge (from side - 20/20/17
Fighter's Lunge (from side - 21/24/24
Mountain Climber 40/30/23

Total workout time is only 15 minutes and I was dripping in sweat despite in this cold weather.

I continued with 15 minutes of moving asanas Yoga with the deep breathing technique that I discussed at the previous post.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Upperbody and abs workout

I managed to get up early this morning and did the workout that I put together the day before.


3 rounds of:
Alternative Shoulder Press
Traditional Crunches on the ball
Biceps Curl
Bicycle crunches
In and Out Shoulders Fly
Oblique V Ups Crunches - switching side
Triceps Kickback (2 arms)
Side crunches on the ball
Lawnmower - switching side
Back Extension on the ball

All arms workout about 12-15 reps each time
All abs workout about 25-30 reps each time

Yoga for the last 10-15 minutes for stretching and relaxation. The weather starts to cool down and it was hard to break sweat.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rest day

I was planning to do Upper body strength and abs workout today and even wrote down the entire workout plan. But after working like a machine at work and came back home, plus my legs, arms and butt are sore from yesterday's workout, I decided to take it as my rest day.

The next plan: get up early tomorrow and do the Upper Body Strength and Abs.

Seriously, I'm getting worse at working out in the early morning. It's hard to get up early now, especially with in this cold and rainy weather.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm ALIVE and STILL kick ass!

Holy moly, I haven't updated this blog for a while (like more than a week???)

Anyway, good news is my lower back pain is ALMOST GONE...*almost*'s still there and I still can feel it when doing certain move. For the past 1 1/2 week I've been doing LOTS of yoga and core exercises with the stability ball.

I'm not particularly doing P90X Yoga style, though most of the poses and sequence are taken from there. Btw, K (my hubby) told me a little tips for get the most out from Yoga - deep breathing throughout the whole thing and hold the poses longer.

When you breathe in always breathe using your stomach instead of breathe into your chest. So when you breathe in, your stomach is supposedly going out instead of going in. And when you breathe out, you supposed to suck in the stomach. Do those while holding the yoga pose and I guarantee you'll be dripping in sweats in about 15 minutes, especially when you're doing the moving asanas.

And today I decided to get back to Zuzana's workout again.

I picked The Best Ripped Ab workout (50 sec /10 sec interval) - 3 rounds
1) Sumo Jump Squat and Leg Lift (17/12/10)
2) 1-2 Reptile Push Up (11/12/10)
3) Squat Side Hop and Side Lunge (8/8/8)
4) Seated V-Scissors (41/36/38)

Compare to last time, my score is actually not bad!

And following after that, I did 30 mins yoga, with the breathing technique I discussed earlier. Boy, the sweat just continued. LOVE IT!