Monday, February 22, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 23 - Core Synergistics

I got myself a set of resistance band yesterday and was going to try it on Core Syn today. However, I don't quite understand how to use them. The set comes with three color resistance bands (red, blue and black). I decided to try the red one, thinking it might be the lightest. When I tried to do the "Lunge and Reach", I felt the band isn't long enough for me to do the reaching as Pam did. Got scared the band might break and snap at me in the end I ended up with my bottle water.

I still need to get a thicker mat for doing floor workout. Banana roll and superman-banana are painful to do on a tile floor with 2 thin mats :(

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Anonymous said...

Watch the DVD. It should show how to use the resistance bands. Good luck.