Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting ready to make a come back

Good news! My lower back pain is not as bad anymore and I could do more exercises though I still don't want to jump back to the high level intensity as yet! Don't want to prolong the recovery time..ugh!

That being said, I'd say thanks to lots of yoga and stretching that I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. And did I mention I could crank up 100 crunches on the stability ball? I might want to research more if I did the crunches on the ball correctly.

yesterday I did my own workout:

3 rounds of:
Push ups (about 20-25 reps)
Crunches on the ball (about 30-50 reps)
Squats with side twist (about 25 reps)
Balance Push Ups (about 10-15 reps)
Side Tri Rise (about 25 reps)
Attempted plank pike (not sure what it's called) I could only hold my balance for 10 reps - I couldn't do the pike up so I just rolled the ball like this:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Still alive

My lower back pain is still around but doesn't mean I'm just sitting around and do nothing. In fact I've been doing lots of yoga! Believe it or not, yoga helps ease up the pain. Also hubby got me a fitness ball so I've been doing crunches on it. And still working on my pushups as well!!

Dang, updating a blog w/ my crackberry surely painful!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lower back pain = overtraining?

According to this post on this blog:

Guess I'll take my rest day today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ab Focused Workout

5 min warm up & stretch

2 rounds of:
Bicycle Crunches (40 reps) -each turn count as 1 rep
Push ups (20 reps)
Lunge and Reach (courtesy of P90X) - Left(25 reps)
Lunge and Reach (courtesy of P90X) - Right (25 reps)
Oblique V ups (courtesy of P90X) - Left (25 reps)
Oblique V ups (courtesy of P90X) - Right (25 reps)
Steam Engine (or can be said standing crunches) - 25 reps (every right turn count as 1 rep)
Leg Climb (courtesy of P90X) - Left (25 reps)
Leg Climb (courtesy of P90X) - Right (25 reps)
1 minute Plank hold

Time completed: 31:05

Yoga for cool down and stretch (10-15 minutes)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bodyweight workouts with lower back pain still

My lower back pain hasn't eased up yet, but not as bad. I still can't bend down or leaning forward. However, anything with bending backwards eases up the pain a bit

Anyway, I did my own workout thing today after a little 5 minute warm up cardio (run in place, stretching, 100 times jumping jack)

2 rounds of:
Regular Push ups (20 reps)
Regular crunches (70 reps)
Side Crunches (70 reps)- right side
Side Crunches (70 reps) - left side
Wall Squat (1 minute hold)
Balanced push ups (push up with side plank) (15 reps)
Toe Roll Iso Lunge (25 reps) -right side
Toe Roll Iso Lunge (25 reps) - left side
Back Extensions 25 reps
Squats 25 reps

Time: 27:28

Finished up with Yoga (stretching):
Cat Stretch
Upward Dog

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back right aching continues

I might want to take today as my rest day. My right back is still aching, even more when I bend or leaning forward. I think it's my right waist. Still can't figure out how the hell jumping rope can cause this???

I might want to do some yoga stretching to ease up this pain (camel pose, standing forward bend, cat stretch etc).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Power Girl Workout with morning jump rope

I did some jump rope in the morning, didn't keep track how many skips I did. But for some reason, throughout the day I feel some aching on my right side back (around the waist area). Not sure if I pushed myself a bit too much while jumping rope or what. It hurts more if I try to bend down or anything to do with leaning towards the right side.

However, in the evening after I got home, I cranked up Power Girl workout by Zuzana.

The numbers are a teeny bit better than last time I did (especially doing these with the pain on my back right waist). Will post up the number later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

550 killer reps morning workout

I did this 550 killer reps workout in the morning. Unlike last time, I managed to complete the whole thing, though it was quite haphazardly towards the end. I couldn't do the full side plank rise, so I used my elbows to do it. It was still hard.

Time I completed this workout was 36:29.

Last time I only did up to side plank lifts and called it a day.

A little improvement: I did the walk up push ups on toes until 30 reps (with mini breaks in between) then went down on my knees to complete the full 50 reps. Last time I did only 20 reps and went down on my knees.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

P90X Yoga X

I felt I haven't done yoga forever so I did a full Yoga X. Namaste.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bunch of random workouts plus house cleaning

There was no particular type of workout that I did on this day. Did sweeping & mopping the floor plus vacuuming count? I'd say I got some core workout by pushing the heavy vacuum cleaner. And after all of those, I did a little workout circuit, couldn't remember exactly how many reps I did for these workout (alternating): jump rope skipping, push ups, sit ups, crunches for a total 25 minutes.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Ripped Abs Workout & Skipping

Today I think I did a bit better than last time:

12 rounds of 50 sec/10 sec rest interval:
1. Sumo Jump 10/9/9
2. 1-2 Reptile Push ups 10/10/10
3. Squat Side Hop 9/8/7
4. Seated V scissors 30/33/35

And I just bought a jump rope, and did as many skips as I could after the main workout. So all these time when I did 100 skips, I actually didn't use any rope. Yeah, kinda cheating. So I think it'll be a loooong way before I could actually do 100 skips for REAL.

For those who are in the US, Happy Labor Day weekend. Be safe.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

No workout

No time today.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Six Pack - Love Handles workout

Completed in 27:36.

A little better than last time.

Drenched in sweat. I took as little break as possible in between exercises.

Yoga for 10-15 minutes for relaxation and flexibility.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Power Girl Workout

I felt a bit of under the weather. My throat has been bothering me since yesterday afternoon. It feels hurt and dry, blame it on the rice cereal that I had with yogurt yesterday afternoon. Maybe too much of cereal and too little yogurt. My throat is pretty sensitive to dry stuff, hopefully that's the case. I can't afford to catch a cold now :(

Anyway, today's workout was another one from Power Girl (or Boy) Workout.

Power Girl (or Boy) Workout breakdown:
12 minutes long, 50 sec interval with 10 sec rest. Total 6 workouts - 12 rounds.
1. Surfer 6 reps / 5 reps - not sure if I did it right but still boost up my heart rate.
2. Beach Scissors (Right side) - 14 reps / 11 reps - I did the modified version with the elbow down
3. Beach Scissors (Left side) - 15 reps / 15 reps - I did the completely modified verson - elbow & hip down.
4. Fighter's Lunge (left side) 26 reps / 28 reps
5. Fighter's Lunge (right side) 26 reps / 27 reps
6. 1-2-3 Push Ups 7 reps / 8 reps - totally fail on this one

Then I did side crunches and regular crunches - 70 reps each.

25 push ups

Yoga for cool down.

Not quite great with today's workout but still better than nothing.

Btw, today at work there were some kind of health fair where they offered glucose, cholesterol and body fat check for free. My glucose and cholesterol were in good range. First time I got my body fat check (they used the skin caliper thing) and turned out mine was 19%, which according to the chart I fell into the athletic category. Hm, I secretly kinda proud of it. Ok enough ramblings.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rest day

Yesterday's workout kicked my butt. I think I might sprain my right shoulder a bit when doing the push ups. My glutes are a bit sore but thankfully my knees are not hurting as I thought they would be from the squats. My back is kinda sore, especially when I try to raise my arms up.

So today would be a total rest day, but still eating clean :)