Monday, February 1, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 2 - Cardio X

Funny I had a dream that I got up late to do my 2nd day of P90X workout LOL...and good thing is it actually WOKE me up FOR REAL. I checked my cellphone and good thing the alarm hasn't went off yet. It was 5:20 am and my cellphone was set to 5:30am.
I thought to myself, ok got up on my own 10 minutes earlier than the alarm, not bad. After I got up, washed my face, brushed my teeth and drank some water, I went down to the living room area and set up everything.
Since my living room area is all tiled, I need to use double mats as my cushion to do the floor workouts (superman banana & dreya roll). Also I found it annoying to do yoga in the beginning of the workout cause I had to take off my socks and shoes. Yeah, it's weird that I can't do yoga with shoes on. I finished the entire Cardio X at around 6:35 am. Perfect timing to get ready to go to work. I figured 5:30 am might not be early enough for me to do other workout programs since they're mostly about 1 hr - 1.5 hr long (yoga X). So I might have to get up at 5 am most of the time.. oh well hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

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