Friday, April 9, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 69 - Kenpo X

As many other P90Xers, I agree that this workout is the easiest among other P90X cardios. I had to go on faster pace in order to get my heart rate up. Actually the Saunders Cycle warm up is tougher than the workout itself. Same thing with the jumping jacks and x jumps in between. My heart rate only goes up when I do kickings, not so much on punching (unless I go really really fast nonstop that almost lost the sequence), and not at all on the blocks- especially star blocks. Up until now, I still don't get what's so intense on the star blocks.

Image is from Jay Robb™ website

After workout, I had my soymilk mixed in with 3 scoops of Genisoy chocolate soy protein powder and the last Jay Robb™ Yammit Almond Energy Bar. Since I am not a big fan of sweets, this bar is way too sweet for me, also too chewy. It has some weird taste in it I can hardly describe.

Image is from Jay Robb™ website

Among Jay Robb™ bars, the Peanut butter is still the one that I like. Other flavors not so quite.

Wow, it's already Day 69, and going to 70s soon! Can't believe I've come this far!
Rest for me tomorrow or Stretch if I feel really like it.

Happy Weekend!

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