Sunday, April 11, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 70 - Rest & Day 71 - Chest & Back, Abs

I combined yesterday and today's post since not much to report yesterday.

Chest & Back went well, still have to work on my push ups and I think I could increase the weight for the weight lifting. 8 lbs dumbbells are a bit easy for me now, so the next time I do my own resistance training, I'll use 10 lbs instead.

I didn't follow the Abs Ripper X video anymore as I started to get really bored with it I couldn't even want to do it. Instead I just mixed up a bunch of abs moves from yoga, core and ARX and did my own sequence. I did it in fast pace and only took me 10 minutes and I was sweating and my heart rate was pretty high. I should have done it a little longer, but I was a bit in a pinch to go for a grocery shopping at this market before it gets too crowded.

Here's my food list from earlier for today:
1 packet of Jay Robb™ Egg White Protein powder (strawberry flavor) mixed in a glass of water.

I still haven't acquired the taste of any protein powder (except for the soy protein). It has that weird after taste, not sure if all of them are like that, or is it because of the brand. I know Jay Robb™ protein powder uses stevia as the sweetener, which is a natural sweetener, unlike the usual sugar substitute or aspartame. However, I still find it tastes like those artificial sweeteners. I'm still searching for the protein powder with a taste I like, otherwise, I might stick with soy protein.

Post workout:
1 glass of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® with 3 scoops of Genisoy Chocolate Protein Powder

Breakfast (after come back from market- about 10:15 am- a bit late I know)
1 piece of naan bread with 3 small cubes of cheddar cheese - so good!
1 Bear Naked GrainOla Fruit & Nut bar
1 cup of tea

Lunch & Dinner will be posted later today.

I'll be doing cleaning today as part of my weekend chores. Might have to do the whole house since I skipped yesterday. Usually I break it into two days. The lower floor on Saturday and upper floor on Sunday. But yesterday I just didn't feel doing it and slacked off.

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