Friday, May 21, 2010

Round 2: Day 20 - Reverse ARX, Shoulders & Arms, 8 min crunches

I did P90X Ab Ripper X in the reverse order and it made me almost crashed. I was a bit fatigue during halfway (Hip Rock and Raise). Who can guess In and Outs (not the fast food chain) can be so challenging if you do it as the last part of the Ab Ripper X. Shoulders and Arms was quite challenging but I still finished everything. I don't have heart rate monitor but I could feel my heart was beating pretty fast after I finished every weight lifting. Majority of the moves I used 8lbs dumbbells, 10lbs for one or two and blue resistance bands for most triceps and shoulder flys.

I was debating whether I should do another ab workout, whether ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs, or the Pilate Abs that I only did halfway. In the end I just did a bunch of crunches for 8 minutes. I was totally out of energy and didn't think I could crank up another 15-20 minutes abs.

Morning beach jogging time tomorrow if I can get up early enough or just around neighborhood area.

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