Wednesday, March 17, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 2: Day 46 - Yoga X

The weather starts to warm up since a couple days ago. I started to break some light sweat prior the Vinyasa sequence. By the time I reached Warrior 3, I was dripping in sweat already.

If you've been following my blog (sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my blog haha), my parents are currently staying at my place for 3 weeks. They've been seeing my food intake and said that I don't consume enough carbohydrate. It's true that I don't eat much white rice, as I keep hearing bad impressions about it. However, I'm confident enough that I eat enough food throughout the day. I don't eat a big meal at one time, but spread out my meal by snacking healthy stuff like fruits and some crackers. Not sure how I explain this to them. Just because they don't see me eat a big meal, they assume I don't eat enough. Don't get me wrong, they are happy to see me exercise and it's a good thing that I am healthy but getting too skinny. From their observation, my workout looks very intense, thus they keep telling me to eat more.

I try not to argue too much with them, especially I haven't seen them for 3 years. But I do want to give a better picture on what I eat throughout the day. I might start documenting my food intake again. It's been pretty busy days for me that I don't have time to take every single picture of my food.

Enough for my rants. Tomorrow is Legs & Back, and Abs. I might be wrong with ARX. Today I feel something on my upper abs, perhaps from ARX yesterday. I did it with my shoes on. It did the trick!

EDITED (MARCH 17, 2010)
Here's my daytime food:
After workout : the usual "recovery drink/meal"

2 bananas (I only had 1 for breakfast and took home the other one & 1 whole wheat french roll -not pictured)

White rice, boiled broccoli, 1/2 piece of salmon steak - boy this kept me full for almost the whole afternoon.

Afternoon snack:

I didn't find a chance to take picture of my dinner. Kinda awkward to do it in front of my parents.


Peter Leshkevich said...

Hi Hatorri,

I am glad that you are enjoying your parent's stay. I could only imagine their impressions of the program. Before P90X I would eat two BIG meals per day. Now I eat six or seven small meals. I eat more, but it is in healthier portions. Try to explain how small meals affect metabolism. Keeping a food log for one week might just do the trick.

I think that white rice has been one of the hardest things for me to give up. I wish it was part of the diet!

Keep up the great work. I am reading.

Hattori said...

Yea I'm trying to explain about the small meals thing, but still they are not content that I don't eat enough rice in my diet. Explaining on how bad rep that white rice doesn't help either.

It's hard for me to give up white rice also, especially it's a staple food for Asians. Brown rice is very costly, so I try to substitute the carbohydrate portion with wheat bread, potatoes and other whole grains.