Friday, July 29, 2011 Booty Meets Abs Workout

Last night I was debating whether to revisit the old time challenge 600 reps Sexier Body Workout or do this 12 minute Booty Meets Abs Workout.

I guess you should know which one I chose and I'm glad I chose the right one because today just wasn't my day (other stuff but I won't elaborate it here).

10 minute warm up: brisk walking for 0.6 miles

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10 sec off/30 sec on for 18 rounds
Side Lunge Jump (with 8lbs dumbbell) 23-22-21-22-23-23

Passing Ball (with weighted stability ball) 6-6-5.5-5-4.5-5 (I counted passing the ball from hand-leg-hand as 1 rep instead each passing)

One leg Elevated Push Ups (I used my small ottoman chair) 10-9-9-9-9-8

5 Minute double under practicing afterward.

Thursday, July 28, 2011 Sweet Punishment Workout

For some reason my inner thighs have been pretty sore for 2 days straight. Not a bad thing, but I just couldn't think of which exercise that worked up my inner thighs to be this way. The closest I could think of either 10 pistols that I started doing or the Mountain Climber Sprints from this workout.

Today I picked Sweet Punishment Workout, one of Zuzana's older workout which I haven't tried in the past.

Workout breakdown:
Part#1: Interval Training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
Backward Lunge and Jump Up (alter leg after each interval) 14-13-12-11-11-12

Part#2: Time Challenge
3 rounds of this entire circuit
10 Reptile Push Ups
30 One Jump Forward + 2 Jump Back
20 Side Crunch (each side)

My time: 14:20 - Not too far behind from Zuzana's (14:09)

Then I proceeded with my own practice:
5 minute Double Under practice
10 Dive Bomber Push Ups
10 Pistols (each leg - altering)

Btw I'm starting to think of a 30 day workout challenge for me. Nothing big, but it would be something like practicing some of exercises that I am still struggling for the entire 30 days. It could be just a small reps but I'll try to keep it as consistent as possible. I'll post more details about this later after I have it all figured out.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Self Upper Body Strength Training

I created my own exercise challenge focusing my upper back and abs today.
50-40-30-20-10 reps:
Reverse Push Ups on a dip station
Knee Raises on a dip station

I finished it in 30:46

And I concluded with 10 unassisted pistols (each leg, altering).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 Cherry Boom Boom Workout -2

I did this workout back in January 2011, but at the time I had to modify anything with dip station to something else so today's scores might not exactly to beat the old ones since today was the first time I actually did the workout accordingly.

View the original instructions at

Workout breakdown:
Set the interval timer for 10 sec off / 50 sec on for 24 rounds:
1. Mountain Climber Sprints (basically plank with speedy knee tucks): 88-60-61-70 (old 96-60-65-57)

2. Single Leg Raises
16-16-15-17 (old: 25-30-26-25 -(I modified this by lying down on the mat and to make it extra challenging, I kept the legs off from the ground about 1 inch when switching) - this reminds me a lot of P90X Ab Ripper X Fifer Scissors)

3. Mountain Climber Sprints 64-64-67-63 (old 58-52-54-60)

4. Sandbag Squats & Kick
(I used 21lbs backpack) 17-17-16-16 (old 15-16-17-16 - 15lbs backpack)

5. Mountain Climber Sprints 63-61-64-70 (old 57-60-56-54)

6. Triceps Knee Raises
9-8-7-7 (old 11-11-11-12 I modified this to Triceps Dips with Double Knee Tucks)

5 minute practicing double unders afterward.

Monday, July 25, 2011 Sweat is Sexy -3

This would be my third time doing it (first time was in Nov 2010, second Dec 2010)

First time wasn't really count cause I didn't do jump up after the push ups and I used a pair of 8lbs dumbbells. So I was aiming to beat my second time.

Workout breakdown (Repeat 4 times)
1. One Leg Jump Up (10 reps each leg)
2. Sandbag Full body Exercise (20 reps) - I used 21 lbs backpack this time
3. Crossed Leg Push Ups and Jump (or Crossed Ankle Burpee) (20 reps -alternating legs)
4. Snowboarder - 20 reps
5. One Leg Bridge and Star Crunch (20 reps - alternating legs)

My time was 33:52 (old 31:22)

Ok as you can see, I didn't beat my old time, which kinda disappointed me a bit. But here's the thing.

On my optimist side: I did all the workouts in proper forms - even the push ups were deeper for sure than last time and for the Sandbag Full Body Workout (or Sandbag Dragon Lunge as Zuzana recently renamed it), I hold the backpack side ways instead of the back handles- which slowed me down more because I had to bend my legs more to put the bag on the ground.

On my pessimist side: A little voice inside telling me that I'm plateauing.

I'm working hard to side with my optimist side.

Sunday, July 24, 2011 Butt Buster -2

First time did this back in November 2010. See the entire explanation on

Workout breakdown:
Set the interval timer to 10sec off /30 on for 18 rounds.
1. Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (Left side) 19-14-15 (old 22/17/12)

2. Elevated Leg Lunge Jump (Right Side) 15-16-18 (old 18/18/14)

3. Elbow Plank Side Hop 29-27-26 (old 25/25/25)

4. Exploding Star 12-14-12 (old 11/11/10) - honestly, I didn't squat all the way down towards the end of the rep- more like half squats.

5. Pendulum 44-40-35 (old 27/29/27)

6. Ab Buster Exercise 22-25-25 (old 40/47/40 - I might count each side as 1 rep and when I re-watched the video again, only 1 side counts as 1 rep)

In the end, I got these on both of my elbows.

I should call this workout Elbow Buster.

Then I did 4 minute interval high knees skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)

Then I practiced doing double unders until I couldn't do anymore.

Saturday, July 23, 2011 Stronger and Hotter Workout

My left neck was a bit stiff from yesterday's elevated pike presses but it didn't stop me from doing Stronger and Hotter Workout!

Workout breakdown:
Part#1: Set an interval timer for 10 sec off/50 seconds on for 12 rounds
Sandbag Dragon Lunge (alt. sides) 12-10-9.5
Crossed Leg Burpee 9-9-8
Sandbag Squats (Right shoulder) 24-20-20
Sandbag Squats (Left shoulder) 20-21-19

I used a 20 lbs backpack in place of the sandbag.(Note to self: I might want to use a pair of 15lbs dumbbell next time for the dragon lunge since 20 lbs backpack was a bit too light for the rows).

Part#2: Time Challenge
15 sets of:
2 jump squats + 1 jump tuck + 3 halfway push up + power up to a squat
My time: 3:08

5 minutes practicing double unders afterward.

10 pistols (5 assisted, 5 unassisted for each leg) later of the day.

Friday, July 22, 2011

CrossFit Bodyweight Workout: Modified JT

I have been having trouble to fall asleep and stay asleep for the past 3-4 days so I took a day off from working out yesterday. Last night was a bit better, although I still got up around 3 am to use the restroom, but at least when I woke up at 7:30am I didn't feel tired so it might be a good time to do my morning workout.

My initial plan was to do CrossFit Bodyweight Workout JT (had to modify them) and then Stronger & Hotter Workout. Nope, it didn't happen.

CrossFit Bodyweight Workout JT (Modified)
21-15-9 reps for time:
Handstand Push Ups (modified to Elevated Pike Press - I used 3 tier step stool, and I put my feet on the second tier)
Ring Dips (modified to One leg assisted Triceps Dips on the dip station)

Sounds easy huh? NOT AT ALL! At the last round, I sprained my upper left back. I quickly stretched up my neck so at last I still be able to turn my head to left side otherwise I'll be super stiff for the entire day. This also made me not continue with - although my ego really wanted to do it but I rather not further added more injury to myself.

How's my modified JT?


Lots of room to improve! Push ups became so difficult after all of those upper body workouts!

Then I finished off with 10 Pistols (5 Unassisted, 5 Assisted each leg).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Grab Your Balls Workout

The title of this workout made giggle a bit when I first read it. I had to modify some of the workout because I don't have the fitness ball aka Ugi ball. It costs way too much ($128.00 for 8lbs and not including shipping?!) (even more than the dip station!) and I would never justify myself to spend my moola on it.

So I used one 15lbs dumbbell and my weighted stability ball instead.

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer 10 sec off/50 sec on for 18 rounds
Wood Chops (Left) - 15 lbs dumbbell 18-15-14
Wood Chops (Right) - 15 lbs dumbbell 14-14-13
Burpees (with 15 lbs dumbbell) 8-6-6
Sprint Lunges - with stability ball 30-28-29
Ball Climbers (holding 15 lbs dumbbell) 25-25-28
Toss & Catch (with stability ball) 16-22-19

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CrossFit Bodyweight Workout: Modified Cindy

I've been wanting to do CrossFit bodyweight workouts for a long time but have been intimidated by the amount of intensity they have. Plus I don't have a pull up bar, so I have to modify any pull up exercises to reverse push up (aka bent over row). Today's bodyweight workout Cindy was no exception.

CrossFit Bodyweight Workout: Modified Cindy
20 minutes AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible):
5 pull ups (I did reverse push ups with a dip station)
10 push ups
15 squats

I completed 9 rounds + 3 reverse push up! Dang I was this close completing 100 push ups!

Monday, July 18, 2011 What's My Name Workout -2

This was my second time doing What's My Name Workout, and I am proud to say I beat my old PRs!!

Workout breakdown: Do the entire circuit 3 times
20 reps roll it hard core exercise (using stability ball)
20 reps of (10 sandbag mini squats + 1 jump tuck) - I used 15 lbs backpack
40 reps of broomstick exercise (20 reps each side- alternating side)
4 minute interval high knees skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)

My time:
Round 1: 10:01 + 4 min skips (old 13:41 + 4 min skips)
Round 2: 10:23 + 4 min skips (old 12:16 + 4 min skips)
Round 3: 10:03 + 4 min skips (old 10:27 + 4 min skips)

High Knees skipping counts (I tripped quite a lot actually) - I didn't count my skips last time cause it wasn't exactly high knees skips.
Round 1: 60-37-35-32-48-40-43-35
Round 2: 55-40-37-42-41-38-40-38
Round 3: 46-40-46-37-35-34-45-46

Grand total workout time: 42:28 (old: 48:24)

Friday, July 15, 2011 Dirty Bit Workout -2

Not sure if I should take today's workout as my new scores to beat next time since the first time I did it wasn't completely correct (I didn't count the skipping cause I didn't do the actual high knees - more like playground hop style and I figured I think I cheated a bit doing the reverse push up by using my leg muscles to pull myself up rather using my upper back muscles).

Workout breakdown:
Set the interval timer for 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds.
Do high knees skips/skipping at every 50 sec interval in between other exercises.

High Knees Skipping 127-84
Backward Lunge with Sandbag (I used my 15 lbs backpack) 21-20
High Knees Skipping 87-92
Reverse Push Ups 14-13
High Knees Skipping 64-84
Monkey Push Up & Jump Up 14-12

Yes I realized I lightened up my backpack a bit cause I want to be a little more careful with my lower back (don't want to experience that pain again!) - I rather focus on proper forms first before upping my weight.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crazy Chick Workout ( Inspired)

I was going to do Crazy Monkey workout but decided in last minute to modify it a bit to give myself a bit more challenge.

Part #1: 15 minute time challenge
Do as many sets of:
10 Knee raises (on a dip station)
10 Reverse Push Ups
10 Dancing Crabs

I completed 7 sets + 10 knee raises

Part #2: 4 minute interval high knees skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)
I didn't count the skips, but I was out of breath a lot and my arms were burning from the upper body challenge from the previous workout.

Good sweat, good day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 Marine Corps. Workout -2

The first time I did this was way back in February, which about 5 months ago so I figured I might give this a try to beat my old PR. Results? Hmm..I did beat some but not all of them...roughly they are pretty similar. I used my 15lbs backpack for the squats which I struggled a lot to place them on my shoulder thus wasted my time just adjusting it. Next time I might use a 15lbs dumbbell for practical purposes.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1 - 4 minute interval training (10 sec off / 20 sec on for 8 rounds)
- Sandbag squat (Right shoulder) R1: 10 / 8 // R2: 11 / 9
(old R1: 10 / 8 // R2: 11 /8)
- Plank Jump and Push Up R1: 9 / 7 // R2: 8 / 7 (old R1: 8 /7 // R2: 9 / 6)
- Sandbag squat (Left shoulder) R1: 9 / 8 // R2: 8 / 8 (old R1: 8 / 8 // R2: 8 / 8)
- Plank Jump and Push Up R1: 8 / 7 // R2: 6 /7 (old 8 / 8 // R2: 6 /6)

Part 2- Time challenge - Do 5 sets of:
10 pendulums-roll over-1 walking push up-10 elbow plank jumps (side to side)-roll over- 1 walking push up - 10 pendulums
R1: 3:38 // R2: 3:30 (old R1: 3:47 // R2: 3:41)

Part 3 - 4 minute interval training (10 sec off / 20 sec on for 8 rounds)
- Sandbag mini squat (Right shoulder) R1: 20 / 15 // R2: 20 / 14
(old R1: 19 / 15 // R2: 20 / 14)
- Supergirl Push Up R1: 7 / 6 // R2: 7 / 5 (old R1: 6 / 6 // R2: 6 / 6)
- Sandbag mini squat (Left shoulder) R1: 16 / 18 // R2: 16 / 15
(old R1: 15 / 14 // R2: 13 / 14)
- Supergirl Push Up R1: 6 / 6 // R2: 6 / 5 (old R1: 6 / 5 // R2: 6 / 6)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 300 rep Nightmare Workout

Today I wanted a longer workout so I picked one of Zuzana's older workout: 300 rep Nightmare Workout. I've come across to this workout but chickened out after I saw there was One Leg Squat involved. So since I've been practicing unassisted One Leg Squats every couple days, I know it's time to stop chickening out and tackle this workout!

Workout breakdown:
3 rounds of
20 snowboarder
5 pull ups (I did reverse push up with the dip station)
10 Side V crunch (each side)
10 dive bombers
10 leg raises (on dip station)
10 One leg side lunge and back lunge jump (each leg)
5 One leg burpee & Santana-Zuzana Push Ups (each leg)
5 One leg squat to Roll Back (each leg)

One leg burpee and One leg squat definitely slowed me down the most. For one leg squat, it actually easier to go down than getting up. I had to assist myself a bit to get up, especially on my left leg. Regardless, I kept a consistent pace - it took me about 11 minutes per round, so I finished this entire thing in 33:31 - keeping good forms.

Monday, July 11, 2011 Sexy Legs Challenge -2

I woke up with sore right neck that I figured today I'd just do lower body workout to give my upper body one more day rest. After flipping around my workout book, I decided to revisit Sexy Legs Challenge, which I did way back in January 2011.

Workout breakdown:
Note: Do interval skipping before doing each lunge.
Lunge (Left foot forward) 2:30 - P1 51 (old 48) // P2 51 (old 46)

5 minutes interval skipping (I did mixture of regular, high knees, scissors, side to side and jumping jack rope) 10 off/20 on for 10 rounds
P1 45-41-22-36-37-21-35-51-25-52 (old 53-39-30-29-30-40-33-34-40-43)
P2 50-40-50-25-42-21-40-35-32-46 (old 46-40-24-40-45-40-36-34-40-42)
P3 52-42-47-20-36-40-16-36-42-43 (old 53-36-40-40-40-40-42-40-32-43)

Lunge (Right foot forward) 2:30 - P1 54 (old 45) // P3 52 (old 45)

Granted my skipping scores weren't exactly a lot better compare to last time, but at least for sure this time I did high knees skipping correctly and I kept everything as intense as much as possible. Lunges were definitely a lot of improvements!

Saturday, July 9, 2011 Best Ripped Abs Workout - 4

It's been a while since I did this workout and when I saw Nina, one of bodyrocker tweeted that she planned to do this one, I knew I should revisit this workout :) What could be more motivating having someone who also doing it at the same time (sort of), even though my booty and legs were still crying from yesterday's workout.

The last time I did this was back in November 2010, so now it's a good time trying to beat my old records.

Workout breakdown (set timer 50/10 for 12 rounds)
1. Sumo Jump Squat & Leg Lift 18-19-16 (old 17/16/12)
2. 1-2 Reptile Push Ups 13-11-11 (old 13/12/9)
3. Squat Side Hop and Side Lunge 11-11-11 (old 10/9/9)
4. Seated V Scissors 60-50-50 (old 50/45/47)

After this, I did some strength training such as triceps dip (one leg assisted), leg raises, seated pull up, reverse push ups.

Friday, July 8, 2011 Cardio Legs & Core Workout

I don't think I pushed to my max for today's workout but nonetheless, I'm glad that I kicked my own ass to do it.

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10 sec off/30 sec on for 36 rounds
Low Jack Jump Rope 32-22-28-24-24-26-25-21-25 (total 227)
One Leg Dead Lift (Right) 8-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7 (64)
One Leg Dead Lift (Left) 6-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7 (62)
Jump Lunges 15-15-17-16-15-14-15-15-15 (137)

For the dead lift, I used 20lbs dumbbell and I focused on my form instead of rushing through the reps. It's far more important to keep proper forms. Jump lunges are still super tough for me but I did try my best to keep going.

And prior lunch, I practice 5 reps of One Leg Squat on each leg. My legs are totally dead for today for sure.

Thursday, July 7, 2011 Sweet Body Burn Workout

Even though Zuzana posted the workout of the day, I decided to do Sweet Body Burn Workout, one of her old workout from 2009. Not sure why, when I saw this, I've been itching to do it.

Workout breakdown:
Do 2 rounds of this entire circuit:
2 rounds of (60 One leg Skips (each leg) + 3 explosive push ups aka clapping push ups)
10 sets of (Jump Up & 5 steps up on each leg)
3 explosive push ups
30 Jump Lunges & Touch Down
5 reps One Leg Pike Press (each leg)

I was interrupted by a phone call towards the last round of Pike Press so gotta paused the timer a bit.

Total time: 21:03

After rewatching the video, I realized I did the box jump and knee up a bit differently. Apparently, I was supposed to jump then do 5 steps up on each leg FIRST before doing another jump. What I did was I did the jump before switching the legs, so I did extra jumps than what it supposed to be :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Summer Abs Workout -2

Zuzana renamed this exercise to Teenage Dreams Workout as she mentioned Katy Perry is currently her favorite singer (me not so much). Anyway, the first time I did this workout was back in April, when I didn't have the dip station. So today I decided to do this workout entirely as it's supposed to be

Workout breakdown:
Part #1: 5 rounds of this entire circuit (Time Challenge)
10 reps of slide under with sandbag (I used 15lbs backpack)
10 reps of sandbag sit up (I used 15lbs backpack)
5 reps of rolling knee tuck and push up with stability ball
10 reps of diagonal knee raises (last time I subbed this with leg raise and toe touch)

I finished in 13:36 (a bit better than last time 15:47!)

Part #2: 4 minute interval training (5 sec off/25 sec on for 8 rounds)
High knees 84-65-56-60 (old 80-56-53-45)
Pendulum 32-21-22-24 (old 34-22-23-23)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 Transform Booty Workout

I had to go to downtown LA for an appointment this morning so I decided to do Transform Booty Workout to squeeze in a short and intense workout. Originally, I was planning to do Zuzana's older workout, Sweet Body Burnout, a time challenge workout, but figured I might not have enough time to do it.

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10 sec off/30 sec on for 18 rounds
High Knees Jump Rope 70-80-64-57-50-55-71-60-68 (total 575)
Sandbag Squats (15lbs backpack) 11-11-13-12-12-12-11-12-12 (total 106)

Monday, July 4, 2011 Enjoy the Burn Workout - 2

Since Zuzana hasn't updated workout schedule for this week, I picked up one of the older workout which I haven't done for ages, Enjoy the Burn Workout. The first time I did this was way back in October 2010, when I was only bodyrocking for about 1 month.

Workout breakdown
Set interval timer for 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds
1. Santana Push Ups (Left side) 8-9-8 (old 6/6/5)
2. Half Burpee 14-11-11 (old 14/12/13)
3. Santana Push Ups (Right side) 9-7-7 (old 6/7/6)
4. Jump Lunges 23-20-23 (old 21/23/25 modified step back version)

I wish I pushed myself harder for the half burpee cause I knew I could do more than that!
Anyway afterward I moved on bodyweight strength training
3 rounds of:
10 slow reverse push up
10 slow squats
10 slow leg raises

I should start doing more bodyweight strength training after any interval workout to increase my endurance.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 Fierce Workout

After debating for the entire day whether to skip or do Fierce Workout, I'm glad I chose the latter.

Workout breakdown:
4 rounds of this entire circuit:
20 reps jump squat and touch down
15 reps skater (each leg)
20 reps reptile
20 reps one leg hop kick

I completed this in 16:29 - was aiming under 15 but those skater and one leg hop kick surely required LOTS of balance!

Saturday, July 2, 2011 Booty Shaping Workout

I'll be super busy today, cooking food for tonight's potluck at a relative's place so this short 12 minute workout just perfect for me.

But make no mistake. I started to add some running prior the workout, like for about 1 mile which today I finished in 9:14. Next time I should just do a sprint for 5 minutes (interval)- but we'll see. The weather has been pretty gorgeous in the morning and I need some sunlight for Vitamin D anyway.

Ok how did I do today?

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10sec off/30 sec on for 18 rounds for this entire circuit.
Commando Push Ups 16-11-10-10-9-10
Sandbag Squat & Push Kick (15lbs backpack) 13-14-14-15-13-14
Single Knee Tuck 16-16-11-13-13-12

Friday, July 1, 2011 Sexy Beast Workout - 3

This would be my third time doing Sexy Beast Workout and hold and behold I performed very well today and beat my old scores!! :D I'm too lazy to post my old scores so feel free to see the first time scores in here, second here)

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10 sec off / 30 sec off for 6 rounds EACH of this workout below. Each workout should take a total of 4 minutes.

Part 1: Dynamic Squats

Part 2: Reverse Push Ups - using the dip station this time

Part 3: Dive Bomber - all proper forms

Part 4: Prisoner's Get Ups

Prior this workout I did 10 minute brisk walk outside to get some Vitamin D as my warm up and post workout I practiced pistols for 5 reps on each leg plus yoga crane.