Monday, July 26, 2010

Round 2: Day 84, 85, 86

Sorry some family matters happening and I haven't been able to update this blog as regularly as before. One good thing is this is the last week of my Round 2 P90X so I won't feel as much pressure on myself to complete the workout schedule. I know there's nobody that'll scold me for not completing it, but I just have that "guilt" if I didn't do the workout at it supposed to be.

Saturday, Day 84 - 6 miles run
Just ran outside of my house.

Sunday, Day 85 - Yoga X
Finished the whole thing.

Monday, Day 86 - Core Synergistic
Can this workout consider to be a full body workout? It ranges from cardio, weight resistance and some abs. One thing I don't quite like this one is quite random - sometimes you have to be on your feet again, sometimes you have to be back on the deck etc. Speaking of which, I can't even lift 5lbs dumbbells while doing Leaning Crescent Lunge. Anything to do with lifting weights in an angle is really a challenge for me..although I could lift 12 lbs for lawnmower.


Carl S said...

Final week!! You've basically made it! Keep it up!

You going round 3? or some other exercise routine?

Hattori said...

I might want to do my own exercise. Still focusing on weight training as I am still want to build some lean muscles and of course nice abs :)
I'm looking into the One hundred push ups as part of my resistance workout.