Sunday, May 9, 2010

Round 2: Day 8 - P90X ARX, Chest & Back

After putting off doing ARX for a week because of boredom, I decided to crank it up before starting Chest & Back. The outcome? Boy, I felt not much energy to keep up with the pace, especially after did Fifer Scissors. And I also still struggled with Obglique V-Ups ..BOOHOO!

After did Mason's Twist, I was already sweating. It's good in some ways, so I could skip the warm up for Chest & Back, especially the jumping ones and just did the arm focus warm ups. My right foot is getting better, but still feels hurt whenever I stepped on it. At least it won't stop me doing Yoga tomorrow.

I like Chest & Back workout and getting better at doing push ups, even though still on my knees. I could crank up 20 standard push ups, about 12 military push ups. For declined push ups, I just did push up from my toes. Not too good yet, I struggled a lot even doing the first 5 and could only get up to 8 max in decent form. I have small shoulders and arms so will take me a while to be able to do a regular push ups.

I planned to do second round of ARX after Chest and Back but I ran out of fuel. Maybe next time.

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