Monday, September 30, 2013

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps & 20 min HIIT spin bike

Warm up:
Rhomboids Ex 2.5lbsx15@each
Prone Rear Delt Raise 5lbsx15

BB Incline Chest Press (45 deg)
15lbsx15- warm up
3x20lbsx 8 - felt heavy but doable

BB Incline Chest Fly (45 deg)
10lbsx 15- praticing mov'ts
10lbsx 12- ok weight/ felt light not much tension on chest?
10lbsx 12

Note: palm facing each other or palm facing fwd and should done Incline Chest Flys prior Incline DB Chest Press

BB Front Shoulder Press
3x40lbsx 8- heavy but doable

Note: need to keep wrists in neutral posit'n

DB side Delt Raise

BB Close Grip Bench Press
3x40lbsx12- hard last 2 reps

BB Lying Overhead Triceps Ext.
20lbsx 12- hard last 2
20lbsx15- hard last 3 reps- triceps shaking!

20 min HIIT spin bike

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glutes & Legs & Kettlebell

BB Glute Bridge
135lbsx12 - butt burn

BB Deadlift
100lbsx6 - not sure form ok so moved back down on next set

BB Front Squat
3x55lbsx10- toes slightly pointed out- felt more natural than all straight front

BB Split Squat
45lbsx12@each- quad burn
45lbsx 12@each - tighted butt to get more force - quad & bit butt burn

Butt Blaster

KB class
Windmill 3x22lbsx3@each
Hand to hand Swing 2x30lbsx15@each

15 min AMRAP
Double Half snatch 20lbsx10
Renegade Row 22lbsx5@each
One arm clean & jerk 22lbsx5@each

Got 5 rounds

Sled push 3x185lbsx20 yards (2-3 min rest)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back & Biceps

BB Pendlay Row
45lbsx 12
3x50lbsx8- felt heavy & focused on getting full ROM

Bent Over Row w the Machine (wide grip)
2x10lbsx10 - focused pulling from lats
10lbsx8- hard last2

One Arm DB Row

Band Assisted Pull Up (ovhand grip) w thin dk blue band- resting 1 min
5reps- 4- 4

Alt DB Biceps Curls

DB Hammer Curl
10lbsx10- hard last 2 reps
10lbsx 8

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bodyweight Legs Workout

Shoulder & Feet Elevated One Leg Hip Thrust (shoulders on 4 risers & legs on 1 riser)- rest pause method - booty burn!

One Leg Shoulder & Feet Elevated Hip Thrust (shoulders on 4 risers & legs on 1 riser)- rest pause method
3x15@each- resting 10 sec per set

Note: butt burn for entire time, except felt a bit on quads at end of 3 reps

Bodyweight Squat (feet fwd shoulder width apart)
3x10-12 - focused keeping knees outward- below parallel squat - need to do more!!

Bulgarian Split Squats (4 risers)
12x @each

Note: elevated foot on toes instead whole foot planted - can't balance w foot planted

Side step up (6 risers)
3x15@ each - rest 10-20 sec per set

Bodyweight One Leg RDL (positioning into Warrior 3 yoga)
3x15x@each - standing right leg had more balance

Standing Cable Hip Abduction

Standing Cable Hip Adduction

Standing Cable Straight Back Leg Raise

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Glutes & Legs

BB Hip Thrust -4 risers
45lbsx20 warm up
65lbsx 20 warm up

Bodyweight Skater Squat (- just above parallel- right side had no balance)

DB One Leg RDL
25lbs x 12@ each
25lbsx 10@each

Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat (4 risers)
3x12@each - burn on hip flexor & quads, not much on butt ( elevated foot resting on toes instead entire foot)

Cable hip abduction

Cable hip adduction
3x10.5lbs x15@each

Monday, September 23, 2013

Back & Biceps

BB Pendlay Row / Hyper Ext 20x (used 5 lbs plate for 2 sets)
3x40lbsx12 - no racking the bar on way down cuz no squat rack available

One Arm DB Row (no rest/switching sides only)
20lbsx12- ok weight
3x25lbsx8- tough weight esp for right arm to get full ROM - focused pulling elbow back & keeping shoulders down

Seated Cable Row
20lbsx 12
20lbs x 10
20lbsx 10

V- up abs: 3x15 ( core was sore!)

Chin up practice - could do partial unassisted chin ups

Alt DB Curls
10lbsx 12 @each
2x10lbsx10 @each

DB Hammer Curl
10lbsx 10- tough last 2
10lbsx 8

DB side curl

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + KB

DB Incline Chest Press
15lbsx 15 warm up
3x20lbsx10- felt good- weights manageable to keep good form

BB Front Shoulder Press / lying leg lift& butt lift 15x
3x35lbsx10- good weight

DB Pron Rear Delt Raise / leg extension
3x5lbsx12/ 3x30lbsx10 - burn by last 2 reps

Close Grip BB Bench Press
3x40lbsx12 - good weight

Seated DB Ovhead Tris Ext
10lbsx15- felt too light
3x12lbsx12- good weight for triceps pump last 2-3 reps

DB Skull Crusher (one arm)
3x5lbsx15@ each - no rest just switching sides

Cable Hip Abduction

Cable Hip Adduction

KB class
3 circuit
1 arm swing 10x35lbs @each
1 arm clean 10x22lbs @each
1 arm jerk 10x22lbs @each
1 arm snatch 10x 18lbs @each
One leg RDL 5-8x 35lbs @each
Chin up - max rep -4-5 reps w thin band

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Glutes & Legs Workout

BB Glute Bridge
95x20 warm up
115x20 warm up
125x15 - felt light
3x135lbsx12- rest pause method (NEW weight YAY!)

BB Deadlift
100lbsx8 (NEW weights YAY!)

BB Front Squat
55lbsx12- ok weight
60lbsx10- hard last 2 (NEW weight YAY!)
60lbsx10- hard last 2

BB Bulgarian Split Squat (off 12" box)
20lbsx12 @each tried to balance

I had to use the light BB (about 20lbs by itself) for this BB Bulgarian Split Squat. Not sure if I'm ready for 45lbs BB. I am still not balance enough doing Bulgarian Split squat, even with my own bodyweight. Let me know your thoughts.

HIIT sled push-7 rounds (160lbs first 3 rounds, 135lbs for the rest of the rounds)
(17 mins total) 2-3 min rest/45sec-1min effort)

Butt Blaster 3x30lbsx15@each

Leg Extensions - I tried to do a couple reps but I didn't feel like I did it right so abandoned it altogether. I might be too tired already.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back, Biceps & Light Glutes

BB Pendlay Row
4x45lbsx12- hard last 2-4 reps

One Arm DB Row

Hyper Ext 3x20

Seated Cable Row / V Up Abs 15x
20lbsx12- felt light
3x27.5lbsx 8 - heavy

DB Alt Biceps Curl
3x10lbsx10@each- tough last 2reps

DB Hammer Curl (I used this video as guidance)
3x10lbsx8 - hard last 2

DB Side curl (video reference from here - this guy has quite good tutorial videos, including how to use a machine! I think you sent me one of his demo on Triceps Ext before)
3x5lbsx10@each - right biceps felt more burn than left? -I am not sure the exact name of this move so I just copied his term.

Standing Cable Hip Abduction

Standing Cable Back Leg Raise

Standing Cable Hip Adduction

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & Standing Cable Glutes

DB Incline Press / V up abs 15x
1x15lbsx 15- warm up
3x20lbsx10- tough last 2- powered thru all reps

Standing DB One Arm Front Shoulder Press
3x15lbsx8@each - left arm felt weak so could only did 8 reps

5lbs plate Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x5lbsx12 - minimal rest

BB Close Grip Bench Press
3x40lbsx12- felt heavy / last 2 were tough - felt tris pumped

One Arm DB Lying Ovhead Trisceps Ext
3x5lbsx15 @each - tris burn & pumped esp last 5

Bodyweight Bench Triceps Dips (feet elevated)

Standing Cable straight leg back raise
15.5lbsx15@each- good weight

Standing Cable Hip Abduction

Standing cable Hip Adduction
3x12.5lbsx15@each - adductor burn & pumped!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Glutes & Legs Workout

BB Hip Thrust (rest pause method)
1x95lbs x 15 - warm up
3x95lbsx12 (short rest-15-20secs)

Rest/Pause method per Bret's instruction video- minute 13:23

Standing Hip Abduction

DB Squat/ DB One Leg RDL (hold 2 DBs)
15lbsx15/15lbsx12 @each
15lbsx15/15lbsx15 @each
15lbsx15/15lbsx12 @each

DB Step Up (hold 2 DBs)
15lbsx15@each (5 risers)
15lbsx12@each (6 risers) - better burn on quads & side glutes
12@each (6 risers)
10@each (6 risers)

Hyper Ext 3x20

Monday, September 16, 2013

Back, Biceps, Core & 20 minute steady state spin bike cardio

BB Pendlay Row
4x45lbsx12- hard last 2 to get full ROM

Front elbow plank w leg lift 3x15@each

One Arm DB Row (no rest just switching sides)

Seated Cable Row / front plank w knee tucks 15x@each
4x20lbsx12- hard last 2 reps

Hanging Knee Raise (overhand grip)
3x15 (contracting lats & pull using core not momentum)

DB Alt. Biceps Curl
10lbsx12 @each
10lbsx10@each - tough last 2
10lbs x10@each

20 min Steady state cardio on spin bike

My legs and calves were a bit tight this morning so I decided to do some steady state cardio on the spin bike. It made it feel a bit better. Usually I am not a fan doing a steady state cardio on a machine but today I just felt like doing it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Light Glutes & KB class

DB Incline Press / v up abs 20x superset
1x15lbs x 15- warm up
3x20lbsx10- good weight

BB front shoulder press / Hyper ext. 20x superset
3x30lbsx12- powered up entire reps

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise

BB Close Grip Bench Press (minimal resting)
1x30lbsx15- too light
3x35lbsx15- good weight

EZ Curl Bar Lying Ovhead Tris. Ext (minimal resting)
1x15lbsx15- too light
3x20lbsx15- ok but right tris felt more burn while left didnt- imbalances?

Butt Blaster (no resting just switching sides)
3x30lbsx15 @ each - super butt burn by last 3- powered thru kicking & little pause on top

Standing Cable Hip Abduction
3x20lbsx15 @each - good weight

Standing Cable Hip Adduction

KB Class
1 arm press 5x 22lbsx 5 @each
15 min AMRAP
KB Swing 15x44lbs
OH squat 8x20lbsx8 @each
1 arm clean & jerk 8x22lbsx8@each

Got: 3.3 rounds

Battle rope 3x45sec (15sec jump jack/15sec rope slam/15sec waves)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Glutes, Legs & HIIT sled push

BB Glute Bridge / Standing Hip Abduction 20x @each
95lbs x 20 - warm up
115lbs x 15 - warm up
4x125lbsx15- feet need to be closer to feel more on glutes

BB Deadlift
95lbs x 10- focused on keeping arch back - felt heavy
95lbs x10

BB Front Squat
3x55lbs x10- hard last 2 reps

BB Split Squats
2x45lbsx12@each- right side felt hard (right leg on rear side)
45lbsx10@each - had to reduce reps to make sure right side could keep up

HIIT (sled push) (40 yards - 5 rounds) -abt45-49 sec per round/ resting abt 1 min)
3x 160lbs x 40 yards
2x 135lbs x 40 yards

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back & Light Glutes

BB Pendlay Row - focused on shorter rest & a bit more aggressive tempo
45lbs x 10
50lbs x 8
50lbs x 8
50lbs x 8

One Arm DB Row (no rest just switching sides)
20lbs x 15 @each
3x25lbs x 10@each - tough last 2

Hyper Ext: 3x15- felt burn on upper butt

Seated Cable Row (shorter rest, more aggressive tempo)
20lbs x 12
20lbs x 10 hard last 2
20lbs x 8 hard last 2

Standing Cable Hip Abduction
3x15lbsx15 @each - no rest just switching sides

Standing Cable Hip Adduction
3x10.5lbs x15 @each

Standing Cable Back Leg Raise
14lbs x 15@each - felt light
3x15.5lbs x15@each - good weights

Close Grip Chin Up practice (resting 45sec-1 min)

Hanging Knee Raise (rest 45sec-1min)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chest, Triceps & Core

DB Incline Press / V up abs 15x
3x20lbs x 10 -tough last 2

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise / plank w leg lift 15x @each
5lbs x 15
5lbs x 12
5lbs x 12

Close Grip Bench Press / rev crunch 15x
3x20lbs x 20 - light weight

BB lying Ovhead Tris Ext. / bicycle abs 30x
3x20lbs x 12 - tough last 2 reps

Push ups (resting 45sec-1 min)
10 - 10 (8 on toes/ 2 elevated on bench). - 10 ( 7 on toes/ 3 elevated on bench)

Stability ball roll outs 3x12

Hanging knee raise (resting 30-40sec) 3x12

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glutes & Legs & Core

Weighted One Leg Hip Thrust w 3 risers / Standing Hip Abduction 20x @each
10lbs plate x 15@each- ok weight
15lbs plates x 12@each - tried to push from glutes
20lbs plates x 12@each - tough last 2
20lbs plates x 12@each

DB Squat (hold 2 DBs on side) / BB One Leg RDL superset
20lbs x 12 / 30lbs x 12 @each
20lbs x 12 / 30lbs x 12@each
20lbs x 13 / 30lbs x15@each

DB Side Lunges (hold 1 DB)
15lbs x 15 @each - tough last 3/ might need to stick to 12?
15lbs x 12 @each - better set
15lbs x 12@each

Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat (foot on bench)
2x10 @each - right side felt weaker
1x12 @each- better set

Close Grip Pull up practice / hanging knee raise (resting 1 min)

5x / 12x
3x / 10x
4x/ 12x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back & Light Glutes

BB Pendlay Row / V up abs 15x
45lbs x 12- hard last 2
45lbs x10- hard last 2
45lbs x 12- hard last 2

DB One Arm Row (no rest just switching sides) focused on aggressive tempo
20lbs x 12 @each
2x20lbs x 10@each - tough last 2

Seated Cable Row / straight leg bicycle 15x@each

Standing Cable Hip Abduction

Hanging Knee Raise (rest 1 min)

Standing Cable hip adduction

Standing Cable back leg raise
1x12.5lbsx 15@each - felt too light
2x14lbsx15@each- good weights

Monday, September 9, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps & HIIT

I felt super good today, even could power thru the HIIT!

For the Incline DB Press, I watched a video said that to set the incline to the lowest one so it will work more on the chest than shoulders. it actually worked quite well. I even pushed up to 12 reps on my last set!

DB Incline Press /V up Abs 15x
20lbs x 10 - good set
20lbs x 10 - hard last 2
20lbs x 12 - hard last 2

BB standing shoulder press / reverse crunch 15x
3x30lbs x 12 - powered thru entire reps

Prone Rear Delt Raise / hyper ext 20x
3x5lbs x12 - tough last 2 to get full ROM

BB Close Grip Bench Press / fire hydrant 15x @each
3x30lbs x 15 - aggressive tempo

DB lying ovhead tris ext (hold db w 2 hands) - keeping db behind head entire time
3x10lbs x15 - tris burn

HIIT spin bike
2 min break until min 15 (started min 2)
3 min break for the rest intv (started min 18)
2 min break at last intv
Total: 9 rounds

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Glutes, Legs and KB class

BB Glute Bridge / standing hip abduction 20x @each
115lbs x 15
3x125lbs x12

BB deadlift
95lbs x 10
95lbs x 8
100lbs x 6

BB front squat
3x 55lbs x 10 - hard last 2

BB Split Squat
45lbs x 12 @each
45lbs x15@each- tough last 3
45lbs x 12@each - tough last 3 esp on weaker side

Butt Blaster
3x30lbs x15 @each

KB Class
20 min AMRAP
TGU 1x @each
Goblet squat 10x
1 arm jerk 8 @each
KB swing 10x

Got 4 rounds
2 rounds 20lbs for upper/40lbs squat (hold 2 20lbs KB) / 44lbs swing
2 rounds 22lbs for upper

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back & Light Glutes

BB Pendlay Row / v up abs 20x
1x45lbs x 15
3x45lbs x 12

One arm DB Row (no rest just switching sides)
1x20lbs x 15 @each -practice moves
3x20lbs x 12@each -hard last 2 reps

Butt Blaster
3x30lbsx15 @each - butt burn last 3-5

Assisted Pull up- resting 1 min
8 - med thin band
5 - thin band
4.5- thin band

Hyper Ext. /push ups
20x / 10x
20x / 8x - hard last 2
20x / 8x- hard last 2

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chest, Shoulders,Triceps & Light Glutes

Gosh it's been SUPER HOT and HUMID down here. I don't usually turn on AC but I had to for the past couple days at night just to cool down the bedroom or else I can't sleep. My sleep hasn't been great lately anyway but good thing it didn't impair me that much.

DB Incline Press / V up Abs 20x
20lbs x 10- hard last 2
20lbs x 8-hard last 2
20lbs x 10- tough last 2

BB standing front shoulder press/ hyper ext 20x
3x 30lbs x12- focused on explosive movts

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise /RKC plank hold as long as capable of
3x 5lbs x12

BB Close Grip Bench Press / abs straight leg butt lift 15x
3x30lbs x15

BB Lying Ovhead Tris Ext. / bicycle abs 30x
3x20lbsx15- tough last 2-5 reps

Standing Cable hip abduction

StandingCable hip adduction
3x10.5lbsx15 @each

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glutes & Legs Workout

Today I did most big lifts that I didn't get to do on Sunday. Boy today's workout felt super hard for some reason. It could be because I'm already on the 4th day without any carbs. Plus in the middle, I felt stomach discomfort. Not to mention I had quite poor sleep last night because it was so darn hot and humid. I woke up a couple times because it felt super stuffy and no breeze at all. However, despite all of those, in the end I powered thru the entire workout!

BB Glute Bridge / standing hip abduction 20x@ each
2x95lbs x20 - warm up set
3x115 lbs x15 - rough last 3 reps

BB deadlift
85lbs x 10- light
95lbs x8- mod heavy/ checked form making sure arched back
95lbs x 10- ok

BB Front Squats / v up abs 20x
55lbs x 10
55lbs x10- tough last 2-3 reps
55lbs x10

BB Split Squats
45lbs x 12 @each - stepping back left leg had more balance - felt burn on glutes of the rear leg
45lbs x 12 @each
45lbsx 12@each

Well everything felt tough today!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back & LIght Glutes Workout

BB Pendlay Row / V up abs 20x
45lbs x 15 - got full ROM entire reps
3x45lbs x 12- only managed to 12 - last 2 were tough to get full ROM

DB One Arm Row
25lbs x 12 @each
25lbs x 10 @each
25lbs x 10@each - last 2 were tough,didn't get full ROM

I think I'll stick to 25lbs for now and will record another video when I'm doing it again.

*No rest, only switching sides

Seated Cable Row / weighted sit up 10x (11lbs med ball- no weight on last set)
3x 20lbs x 12 - kept shoulders down & pull from lats - no rounding shoulders

Question: 20lbs is the weight on each side so total weight is actually 40lbs. Should I write it as 20lbs or 40lbs?

Standing Cable Hip Adduction
3x10.5lbs x15@each

Standing Cable leg back raise
3x12.5lbs x15@each - powered thru all sets

Pull up practice - resting 1 min
4 - 3.5 - 3

Monday, September 2, 2013

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

DB Incline Press / Butt Blaster superset
15lbs x 15 - warm up set ok weights
20lbs x 8 - felt hard / 30lbs x 15@each
20lbs x 8 - rough last 2 / 30lbs x15@each
20lbs x 10 - rough last 2 / 30lbs x 15@each

BB Standing Front Shoulder Press / ab splitter 10x
30lbs x 15
35lbs x 12- tough last 2
35lbs x 12 - tough last 2
35lbs x 12 - tough last 2

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise / Clamshell
3x 5lbsx12 / 3x15 @each

BB Close Grip bench Press / reverse crunch 12x
2x30lbs x 15 - weight felt light
3x35lbs x 15 - good weight - felt triceps burn last 5

EZ Curl Bar Lying Ovhead Triceps Ext / weighted sit ups
3x 15lbs x 15 - focused on keeping elbows in / 3 x 10 lbs x 12

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Glutes & Legs Workout with some improvisation at hotel gym

No squat rack so can't do BB deadlift nor front squats! Improvised a bit. Bike was being used & i dislike using treadmill & elliptical so will save HIIT cardio tomorrow at KB gym! Will write about vegas on my blog after i got back :)

BB Glute Bridge
95lbs x 20 warm up
105lbs x 20 warm up
125lbs x 15 x 3

DB Squats / DB One Leg RDL superset
20lbs x 15 x 3 / 15lbs x 15 x 3 @each

DB Step ups
15lbs x 12 x 3 @each leg - tough sets