Monday, April 12, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 72 - Cardio X

I woke up way before my usual 4:30 am alarm went off, meaning I got enough sleep! Checked the time and it was only 3 am!!! That was way too early to start a workout. So I tried to go back to sleep, and it wasn't happening. I was totally awake and finally I decided to jump out from the bed and got ready around 4:25 am. I turned off the alarm so I won't wake up K, my hubby.

After drinking a couple glasses of water, I was thinking if I should try to eat 1/2 of banana so I won't feel crashed later. But, surprisingly, I felt energetic and didn't feel I will crash at all. So I went on did the workout in empty stomach.

I got a really good workout. I wasn't even that tired after 2 Plyo sequences. Usually, I would feel a bit of drained after those, but not this time! Maybe having 9 hour sleep on Saturday night helped me a lot.

After the workout, I had my recovery drink and finally I found a decent taste of protein powder! I mixed Jay Robb™ Brown Rice Chocolate Protein Powder with my almond milk and a medium banana in Jay Robb™ shaker cup. It was pretty good! I finished all of them, but had to dig out the banana pieces at the bottom of the cup because they weren't mashed by the wire whisk "blender ball". But it was all good!

I finished workout before 6 am! Woot!

Anyway, gotta get ready to go to my 8-5 office job.

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