Monday, June 21, 2010

Round 2: Day 51 - Fountain of Youth Yoga

I didn't feel like doing a long workout today.

I didn't feel like doing 90 minutes Yoga.

So I popped in One on One's with Tony Horton Fountain of Youth Yoga.

A nice 46 minutes of yoga, a streamline version of P90X Yoga X. Still broke some sweat. I feel good now.


Carl S said...

2-3.5mph = walk
3.5-4.5mph = brisk walk (power walk)
4.5-6mph = jog
6mph+ = run

(by no means are these any official standards - I doubt you'll see these in any fitness rulebook, but it's a general guideline)

5.2 miles - nice!

Pete said...

Hi Hattori,

How do you like One on One? Is it really worth the big price tag?

BTW... I found out that my IT Band was causing the pain in my knee. Hopefully, a foam cylinder, targeted stretching, and some ice will allow me to run a little more.

I can't get past 3 miles without my knee being thrown off for a few days.

Hattori said...

Hi Pete,

I only have Fountain of Youth Yoga and I'd say you don't really need to get One on One Yoga since basically you can just do the first 46 minutes of Yoga X, then jump to Yoga Belly and end with some stretching. Not sure for the other ones though.

Just take it easy on your run. I also sometimes feel something on my left shin whenever I ran a bit too long.