Monday, February 28, 2011 The Trainer Who Loved Me (300 reps workout)

Since Zuzana and Freddy are in LA for the next 9 days, this whole week of workout has been scheduled in advance. Pretty much we'll be redo our older workouts (mostly bodyweight) and try to beat our personal best! I'm so excited for this and of course I was hoping in the back of my mind that Zuzana and Freddy would arrange a meet up with all LA bodyrockers. That would be SO AWESOME!

Today's workout was The Trainer Who Loved Me (new 300 reps workout) which I did in November.

Workout breakdown (Time Challenge)
1. Jump Up and Star Lift - 60 reps
2. James Bond Lunges - 60 reps (alternating legs)
3. Monkey business exercises - 60 reps (Do a pike press with bended knees and power up to jump knee tuck for 1 rep)
4. Side Crunches - 30 reps each side
5. Break dance Push Ups and Knee Tuck - 60 reps (I had to modify it to a regular push ups instead push ups with the knee tuck- heck Zuzana even had to modify to this one after doing the knee tuck push ups for 30 reps)
(I did this in ALL proper form, although had to take lots of breaks in between. I think this one was slowing me down the most)

I finished this in 31:53 (old record 40:09) !!! I beat my old time!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rest Day

It was an Oscar night, but not that I care. Btw Zuzana and Freedy are in LA now! *sigh* How I wish to meet them in person!

Saturday, February 26, 2011 You Push Me Workout

I was so pumped up when doing today's exercise, as if someone pushed me to my max.
Just like the title of today's workout. :)

Workout breakdown:
Set timer for 10 sec off /50 sec on for 15 rounds (15 minutes total)
1. Kick Over and Knee Raise (I did jump tuck instead) 18-14-15

2. Side Lunge Jump 44-35-34

3. Reptile Push Ups 14-14-14

4. Sandbag Clean and Squat (I used 20lbs backpack) 12-12-13

5. High Knees Jump Rope (no rope, I broke it so only regular high knees) 130-144-163

Phew, at the end of the workout, I was gasping for air and couldn't even talk, until I stretched and cooled down. I love today's workout!

Friday, February 25, 2011 On the Floor Abs Challenge

Set timer for 10 minutes countdown and do as many sets of these 2 exercises:
20 reps Mountain Climber - 14 sets
20 reps Toe Touch - 13 sets

Not sure if I did it right, especially the toe touch. I only did the toe touch without leg raise.


Thursday, February 24, 2011 Survivor Workout

I did my workout in the evening this time because I woke up late and I forgot to charge my timer the night before.

Survivor workout was quite fun. I wish I had Destiny's Child "Survivor" song played as my workout music to listen to.

Workout breakdown:
Part #1 & Part #3 - 10 sec off /50 sec on for 5 rounds (each part)
Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Left) 24 // 24
Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Right) 24 // 21
One Arm Press Up (alt. arms) 10 // 9
2 Kick Up and Breakdance Push Up 7 // 9
Pike Jump and Squat Jump 10 // 9

Part #2 - 5 minute time challenge
One Leg Squat and Jump Tuck - 33 reps (modified - holding on a chair)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 No Fear Exercise Challenge

Today was a short 10 minute exercise challenge. Do as many sets as possible of this sequence:
Ninja jump, jump up, clapping push ups.

I did 47 sets, with the modified clapping push ups (from my knees). Towards the end, my right elbow started to get hurt everytime I did the push up (even on knees- but I pushed as low as possible).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Quantum of Sweat Reloaded

We did another older workout - Quantum of Sweat which we did first time in November.

I forgot that I did this workout again in January, thus I tried to compare the scores with the first time did.

Surprisingly, I beat most of the scores -except the Reverse Push Ups & Kick Up. Other than that, I am pretty happy with my new scores!

Workout breakdown:
Set the timer 10 sec off / 50 sec on for 4 rounds for both of these sequences.
Part 1:
- One Leg Skipping (Left)
Round 1: 49 (old 34)
Round 2: 60 (old 45)

- Roll over Commando Push ups
Two knee tucks with two push ups count as 1 rep.
Round 1: 8 (old 7)
Round 2: 8 (old 7)

- One Leg Skipping (Right)
Round 1: 59 (old 31)
Round 2: 65 (old 40)

- Roll over Commando Push ups
Round 1: 8 (old 7)
Round 2: 8 (old 7 1/2)

Part 2:
- Low Jump Rope Jack
Round 1: 36 (old 20)
Round 2: 40 (old 30)

- Reverse Push Ups and Kick Up (Left)
Round 1: 11 (old 10)
Round 2: 10 (old 10)

- Low Jump Rope Jack
Round 1: 32 (old 27)
Round 2: 36 (old 28)

- Reverse Push Ups and Kick Up (Right)
Round 1: 10 (old 9)
Round 2: 8 (old 10)

I took as little break in between part as possible - pretty much my break was to move from the living room to the kitchen so I could do the reverse push up using the metal bar across my kitchen countertops.

Monday, February 21, 2011 I'm Crazy but You Like It Exercise Challenge

Today was a short 10 minute exercise challenge. Basically you start with half squat, jump up, drop down, roll over, do 1 knee hug, roll over, then power up to half squat again - This is one set.

I did total 65 reps for 10 minutes and continued with 40 reverse push ups to work my upper back more.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rest Day

After yesterday's activities, today was an active rest day for me. But I wasn't just sitting around the house. Cooking, cleaning etc took away most of my Sunday.

Saturday, February 19, 2011 Give Me a Reason Workout

Zuzana posted a motivation for all of us to think why we are exercising regularly. I think it's nice to read this kind of post. For me, it helps me to keep motivating myself to keep working out. She posted a video of Ginger Rogers, a 92 year old lady who did salsa dance. For a 92 year old woman, her moves are impressive! Go check it out on her Facebook!

I like today's workout title: Give Me a Reason Workout.

Workout breakdown:
Set timer 10 sec off / 50 sec on for 12 rounds.
1. Jump Lunges 25
2. Leg Raises (I did it on the floor) 16
3. Jump Lunges 21
4. Santana Push Ups and Leg Lift (alternating sides) 8
5. Jump Lunges 19
6. Chin Ups (I subbed with Reverse Push Ups) 14
7. Jump Lunges 17
8. Seated Bicycle 65
9. Jump Lunges 20
10. One Leg Deadlift with sandbag (Left) - I used 18lbs dumbbell 11
11. Jump Lunges 22
12. One Leg Deadlift with sandbag (Right) - I used 18lbs dumbbell 11

Without taking much break, I continued to 20 minute interval skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 40 rounds). Good sweaty Saturday morning indeed!

Now I'm off to have breakfast, grocery shopping and ice skating!

Friday, February 18, 2011 Sumo Squat and Step Up Exercise Challenge

Today was leg exercise challenge: 100 reps Sumo Squat and Step Up for each rep. I broke down to a set of 20 for each leg and finished this challenge in 19:46. Not bad but I was hoping I could keep it down 18 minutes.

Anyway, got a nice burn on my legs and thighs.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 Hot Warrior Workout

Today Zuzana chose one of her older workout from December: Hot Warrior Workout.

Workout breakdown:
10 sec off/50 sec on for 18 rounds

1. Forward & Backward Lunge Sandbag Lift (Left leg) - I used a 15lbs dumbbell
Each lunge counts as 1 rep
16-12-12 (old: 14-8-8 I used a pair of 8lbs dumbbells instead of 1)

2. Forward & Backward Lunge Sandbag Lift (Right leg)
13-11-12 (old: 8-8-8)

3. Core Splits - I substituted with Star Crunch as Zuzana showed in this new video
27-30-31 (old: 9-9-9 - I did a combo of leg raise, star crunch, butt lift)

4. Dynamo Push Ups
20-17-15 (old: 15-11-13)

5. Sleeping Crab (Left leg)
11-12-12 (old: 12-12-12 - all modified version)

6. Sleeping Crab (Right leg)
12-12-12 (old: 12-12-12 - all modified version)

I'd say I did beat my personal records at most - especially for dynamo push ups and sleeping crabs. In December, I had to do the modified sleeping crabs but now I could do the full version one. For lunges, I guess can't really compare since holding a dumbbell on each hand is different than holding one dumbbell. But I know I have to push myself harder next time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 10 minute dive bombers exercise challenge

Dive bomber, how challenging you are even doing it for a couple reps, let alone doing 10 minute Dive bombers.

Even though I could only do 10 dive bomber push up in proper form, I didn't give up and did the rest in modified form (on knees). In the end I did 54 dive bombers (10 reg, 44 on knees) and my shoulders and arms were on fire.

I won't give up. Later today I might wanna redo this challenge and push myself as much as possible in proper form and see how many I could do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Born this Way Workout

I have been having hard time to get up at 4:30am lately. Blame it to the weather!
Anyway today's workout was 20 minute interval strength training. Zuzana gave an option to do 12 minute (10 sec off/ 20 sec on for 24 rounds) interval skipping after finishing the main workout. Given the time strain I had this morning, I skipped it.

Workout breakdown:
Part #1 (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds - 4 minutes)
- Sandbag Sumo Squat (SB on Right shoulder) - I used 20lbs backpack
R1: 13-12 // R2: 13-10
- Plank Knee Touch
R1: 20-20 // R2: 21-20
- Sandbag Sumo Squat (SB on Left shoulder)
R1: 14-12 // R2: 11-10

Part #2 (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds - 4 minutes)
- Sandbag Left Arm Swing
R1: 15-14 // R2: 14-14
- Plank Side to Side Jump
R1: 30-29 // R2: 30-30
- Sandbag Right Arm Swing
R1: 15-13 // R2: 13-14

Part #3 (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds - 4 minutes)
- One Leg Squat & Side Kick (Left) -modified and more like half squat
- One Leg Squat & Side Kick (Right)-modified full one leg squat

After finished with Part #3, repeat Part #1 and Part #2 one more time.

I could do full one leg squat on my right leg, eventhough I still had to hold on to the chair. My left leg, on the other hand could only go as half squat with modified version.

Monday, February 14, 2011 Easy Does It Challenge

I kept my word and did 30 minute light/moderate skipping in the morning. Easy does it challenge? Not so much. I struggled quite a bit in the middle, probably more of the boredom.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No workout today

I decided to take today as my rest day. Tomorrow I might do the light 30 min skipping or other cardio. We'll see.

Saturday, February 12, 2011 400 reps Workout

Gosh!! This 400 reps workout was such a killer! Imagine doing 400 reps of variation of burpees!

Workout breakdown:
1. One Leg Burpee - 5 reps each leg
2. Burpee Knee Raises - 10 reps
3. Side Burpee & Knee Tuck - 5 reps each side
4. Burpee Step Up - 5 reps each leg
5. Burpee Roll Over - 10 reps
6. Sumo Burpees - 10 reps
7. Burpee Pull Ups - 10 reps
8. Half Burpee & Side Jump Over - 10 reps
9. 2x Jump Lunges & 2 Taping Push Up - 10 reps
10. Frog Burpee - 10 reps

I don't have a dip station (can't do the knee raises) and pull up bar (can't do the pull up) so I repeated 2 other burpee exercises to compensate that.

Round 1: I did 2x One Leg Burpee and 2x Side Burpee Knee Tuck
Round 2: 2x Burpee Step Up and 2x Sumo Burpee
Round 3: 2x Burpee Step Up and 2x Sumo Burpee (knee push up towards the end)
Round 4: 2x One Leg Burpee and 2x Burpee Step Up

I survived this brutal workout in 1:24:28

Gosh I think I'll feel the soreness on my shoulders, arms and legs tomorrow. My elbows start to feel hurt already, prolly form the push ups. Don't get me wrong, just because I started doing the push ups on my knees from Round 3 Sumo Burpee, I pushed as low as possible and could feel the burn on my shoulders. It's much better to switch to beginner's mode and do proper form instead of struggling doing the actual version thus sacrificing the form. I even had to modify the Jump lunges to step back lunge at Round 4, but I pushed myself to keep moving.

Friday, February 11, 2011 Touch It! Exercise Challenge

The stupid cold germs still didn't wanna get out from my body so I still had this somewhat runny nose and a little headache. However, I didn't feel any fever, body aching or coughing at all. Seems like my immune system is fighting hard to get rid of the germs.

I decided to give myself more sleep this morning and did today's exercise challenge in the evening.

Workout breakdown:
Set the timer for 10 minutes countdown and do as many sets of these:
2 sumo jump forward
Touch the ground
2 sumo jump back
10 sumo high knees

I did total 45 reps. It was a total thigh burn!

I supposed to continue with 20 minutes skipping afterward, but learning from my past experience, I better not raise my heart rate too high in the evening or I would have hard time going to sleep later. So I didn't do the skips.

Thursday, February 10, 2011 Hot Mess Workout

Today's workout was a total time challenge and I was covered with puddle of sweat just half way.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: 10 Get Ups (no hands assisted)
Part 2: Part 1 + 20 Backward Lunge & Sandbag Press (I hold a 15lbs dumbbell) - alt. legs
Part 3: Part 2 + 20 Sandbag Squat (I used 20lbs backpack)
Part 4: Part 3 + 10 Burpees
Part 5: Part 4 + 40 One Leg Toe Touch (alt. legs)

After completed Part 1 - Part 5 - stop the timer, reset and reverse the order (Part 5 - Part 1) to complete the whole thing.

My time:
Part 1- Part 5: 22:14
Part 5- Part 1: 21:47

For some reason I was a bit faster at second round. Zuzana mentioned that the reverse order was much harder but for me both were hard.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Tik Tok Exercise Challenge

I woke up with a scratchy throat (damn cold germs just don't wanna get out from my body) which almost made me wanted to skip today's challenge. Actually every morning I always feel this way but once I warmed up and got into the workout, I didn't feel like to quit.

Today's challenge was a combination of time challenge exercise combo and 4 minutes interval high knees jump rope.

Exercise combo:
1. Do a monkey push up
2. Jump tuck
3. Get into crab position
4. Do 10 kick up

Complete description, instructions, pictures can be found here.

Workout breakdown:
1. 10 sets exercise combo (4:00)
2. 4 min. interval high knees jump rope (10 sec off /20 sec on for 8 rounds)
3. 10 sets exercise combo (3:40)
4. 4 min. interval high knees jump rope (10 sec off /20 sec on for 8 rounds)
5. 10 sets exercise combo (3:26)

Total workout time: 19:07

I'm not sure if I got a little stronger or perhaps I didn't do today's exercise challenge hard enough. It seems like I beat Zuzana's time in all the exercise combo part. For one thing I know, when I did my kick up, my legs weren't all straight up - more like 45 degrees, but I did it as fast as I could while engaging my core.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Poker Face Workout

Another older workout that we did couple months back and I should say I beat MOST of my personal scores (except the Round Kick - this time I modified it to Side Round Kick with Front Kick instead of Knee Crunch).

Workout Breakdown:
10 sec off / 50 sec for 20 rounds
1. Surfer Exercise
11-9-9-8 (old 10-7-7-6)

2. Round Kick and Knee Crunch (LEFT Leg) - I modified this to Side Round Kick and Front Kick (try not to tap the hanging leg on the floor after the round kick - great for balance- could tap on the floor after the front kick- make it challenging by try to keep the active leg off the floor all the time - super tough!!)

3. Round Kick and Knee Crunch (RIGHT Leg)

4. 1-2-3 Push Ups
14-13-12-14 (old 10-11-11-11)

5. Ninja Jump and Sandbag Pick Up (I used 20lbs backpack)
7-6-6.5-7 (old: 5-5-6-5 (used 15lbs backpack)

Great sweat after a great 20 minute workout!

Monday, February 7, 2011 Medal of Honour Abs

Today's workout was an older one, Medal of Honor Abs which we did 2 months back.

My nasal was still feel a bit irritating, perhaps I'm in the initial stage of catching a cold. I could feel my body is fighting hard for it.

Workout breakdown: (10 sec off /50 sec on for 15 rounds)
#1. Elevated Leg Plank with Hip Circle 27-20-20 (old: 25-19-19)
#2. Super Star Body Spring 10-9-13(mod) (old: all mods I think 11-10-11)
#3. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift (LEFT) 7-8-8 (old: 8-8-7)
#4. Elbow Plank/Side Plank Lift (RIGHT) 8-8-8 (old: 6-3-6)
#5. Leaping Mountain Climber 40-40-40 (old: 37-30-34)

I know I didn't beat all of my personal records but mostly I think I did it. Super star body spring is still a challenging one so at the last round I had to do the step back version instead of jump lunges. At least for the first 2 rounds I did the full version.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New 300 reps workout

I think I might catch a cold (been sniffing and had dry throat for the whole day) but didn't stop me doing Zuzana's new 300 reps workout today. I had to modify some of the exercises because I don't have a proper equipment, thus explaining my time was pretty close to her.

Workout breakdown:
1 Side Lunge Knee Tuck (left leg)30 reps
2 Side Lunge Knee Tuck (right leg)30 reps
3 Plank Jump Push Up & Roll Over 30 reps
4 Side Crunch 15 reps on each side
5 Sandbag Swing 15 reps on each arm
6 Pull Ups 30 reps - I modified this to Reverse Push Ups
7 1-2-3 Up One Leg Half Squat (15 reps on each leg)
8 Hanging Knee Raises 30 reps - I modified this to Leg Raises
9 3 low jacks & Jump Up 30 reps
10 Triple Knee Tuck & Side Step Push Up 30 reps

My time 26:22

Saturday, February 5, 2011 Kiss My Tight Ass Workout

I couldn't wait for Zuzana to post today's workout so I just did one of her older one: Kiss My Tight Ass Workout.

It was a simple bodyweight interval workout and took only 18 minutes. Pretty brutal. I was in a pinch of time but I didn't want to miss any workout today.

Workout breakdown:
5 sec off / 40 sec on for 24 rounds
Obviously 5 seconds wasn't enough time for me to write down my reps for each interval, but roughly I could remember the range.
1. Dynamic squats 20-25 reps
2. Sumo Push Ups 10-12
3. One Leg Bridge (Left) 22-24
4. One Leg Bridge (Right) 22-24
5. One Leg Burpee (Left) 5-6
6. One Leg Burpee (Right) 5-6
7. Prisoner's Get Up 6-7
8. Triceps Leg Lift 10-15

Friday, February 4, 2011 Legs and Cardio Exercise Challenge

When I saw Zuzana posted Legs and Cardio Exercise Challenge, the first thing came in my mind was my legs would be super jello. After One leg squats challenge followed with more squats in Marine Corp workout, my front thighs were super tight and sore.

I almost wanted to give up today's challenge and slept in.

But I didn't - yay to me!

Workout breakdown:
Time Challenge:
Step Up and Lunge Back (Left) - 30 reps
Step Up and Lunge Back (Right) - 30 reps
Time: 5:31

4 minute interval skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)
I did High Knees Jump Rope - didn't really count the skips, roughly 40 something per interval

Workout breakdown:
Time Challenge:
Step Up and Lunge Back (Left) - 30 reps
Step Up and Lunge Back (Right) - 30 reps
Time: 5:51

4 minute interval skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)
I did High Knees Jump Rope - didn't really count the skips, roughly 40 something per interval

Workout breakdown:
Time Challenge:
Step Up and Lunge Back (Left) - 30 reps
Step Up and Lunge Back (Right) - 30 reps
Time: 5:54

Total workout time: 25:17

Sweats were pouring non stop after I finished everything! I pushed super super hard on the steps up though I stumbled a lot. My time was getting slower and slower but at least I managed to stay within 5:00 range.

After I finished the workout, I felt such a great accomplishment that I didn't give in to the "voice."

Thursday, February 3, 2011 Marine Corps. Workout

My energy level was a bit low today - not sure because of the super cold weather or because it was that time of the month.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1 - 4 minute interval training (10 sec off / 20 sec on for 8 rounds)
- Sandbag squat (Right shoulder) R1: 10 / 8 // R2: 11 /8
- Plank Jump and Push Up R1: 8 /7 // R2: 9 / 6
- Sandbag squat (Left shoulder) R1: 8 / 8 // R2: 8 / 8
- Plank Jump and Push Up R1: 8 / 8 // R2: 6 /6

Part 2- Time challenge - Do 5 sets of:
10 pendulums-roll over-1 walking push up-10 elbow plank jumps (side to side)-roll over- 1 walking push up - 10 pendulums
R1: 3:47 // R2: 3:41

Part 3 - 4 minute interval training (10 sec off / 20 sec on for 8 rounds)
- Sandbag mini squat (Right shoulder) R1: 19 / 15 // R2: 20 / 14
- Supergirl Push Up R1: 6 / 6 // R2: 6 / 6
- Sandbag mini squat (Left shoulder) R1: 15 / 14 // R2: 13 / 14
- Supergirl Push Up R1: 6 / 5 // R2: 6 / 6

As usual, Zuzana's workout always makes me pouring sweat. Marin Corps workout surely fun and challenging. The squats really killed my legs, especially they were kinda sore from yesterday's one leg squats.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Legs on Fire Exercise Challenge

Do 5 sets of:
- 10 sets of 3 one leg half squats & 1 leg pike press for each leg
- 4 minutes interval freestyle jump rope (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds).

I only managed to do 3 sets and that took me about 50:59 *sigh* and I even did the heavily modified version - holding on to my stairs handrail while doing the one leg half squat.

It was totally Legs on Fire Exercise!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Ass Busting Workout

I took a complete day off from workout yesterday since Zuzana didn't post any new workout prior. If I really wanted to I could always pick her older workout but I figured it has been a while since I took a complete break from working out.

So this morning I did Ass Busting workout. This workout is a combo of interval training and sort of time challenge.

Workout breakdown:
Do this whole circuit 2 times

#1. 2 minute interval (10 sec/10 sec for 6 rounds)
Jump Lunges and Mountain Climber (non stop)
Couldn't record the scores but average I did 10 jump lunges and 15 mt. climber. But after the third round and so I had to modify the jump lunges to backward lunge.

#2. 200 freestyle skips
R1 1:53 (100 regular/100 high knees)
R2 3:26 (100 scissors/about 50-60 jump rope jack/ regular for the rest)

#3. 2 minute interval (10 sec/10 sec for 6 rounds)
Jump Lunges and Mountain Climber (non stop)

#4. 5 minute interval training (10 sec off/40 sec on for 6 rounds)
- Sumo squat and lift (modified the lift to side leg lift instead)
R1 4-8-7
R2 9-7-6

- Reverse Push Ups
R1 13-11-10
R2 12-10-9