Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CrossFit Bodyweight Workout Angie

This morning workout was purely endurance and bodyweight strength training. I've been hesitating to pick CrossFit Bodyweight Workout Angie, especially when you have to do 100 reps for 4 different bodyweight workouts.

Aside from pull ups which I had to modify to reverse push ups (some call it bodyweight rows, inverted rows etc), I did everything in proper forms and guess what, squat was the easiest among all.
So my modified Angie looks like this:
  • 100 pull ups (I did reverse push ups with both legs bent) - broke it down into 10 sets of 10 reps 9:43
  • 100 push ups - broke it down to 4 sets of 25 reps (of course I took breaks in between 5-10 reps) 13:32
  • 100 sit ups- full sit ups broke it down to 4 sets of 25 reps 8:04
  • 100 squats - did in 30 reps increments 5:18
Total workout time 36:38
My upper body will surely feel it tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Bang Bang Workout -4

Alrite, my reps and time today were NOT TOO GREAT. Not sure if I miscounted last time, didn't push myself hard enoough today or I already maxed out my efforts on this workout.

Workout breakdown:
1. High Knees (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds
60-62-50-50-74-84-80-73 (old 3:80-90-88-80-74-70-65-64 // old 2: 55-50-46-44-47-53-46-40 // old 1: 50/51/48/44/46/44/44/47)

2. Leg Lift, Star crunch & Butt Lift (30 reps)
2:54 (old 3: 2:20 // old 2: 2:17 // old 1: no record)

3. Low Jack (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds
28-29-28-28-28-28-28-29 (old 3:28-28-28-26-27-26-26-26 // old 2: 27-27-27-23-26-25-26-26 // old 1: 18/21/20/20/22/22/22/22)

4. Side Plank Lift  (25 reps each side)
1:53 (old 3: 1:44 // old 2: 2:50 // old 1: no record)

5. Scissors (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds
55-58-56-57-58-58-58-59-56 (old 3: 57-60-58-58-58-54-57-56 // old 2: 50-55-57-50-53-49-50-49 // old 1: 42/49/41/50/50/48/48/53)

6. One Leg Bridge, Leg Lift & Toe Touch (25 reps each side)
3:06 (old 3: 3:01 // old 2: 2:55 // old 1: no record)

Total workout time: 19:54 (old 3: 19:07 // old 2: no-record // old 1: no record)

Strength training:
Reverse Push up (1 leg straight)
Leg Raises
Triceps Dips (1 leg assisted)

10 pistols (each leg)

Monday, August 29, 2011 Burn Fat and Tighten Your Butt Workout

After 2 days of no workout AT ALL, I started off with hitting this bun and legs burner workout! It's a time challenge workout but the good thing is I only need to complete the entire circuit (no repeated circuit). Sounds easy huh? Well not quite, especially the last part.

Complete this circuit:
30 X (2 walking lunges, 4 backward jump, half burpee with jump (no push up))
30 X (Steps up & one leg elevated squat)- each leg
2 sets (15 reps One Leg Bridge) - each leg
2 sets (30 seconds One Leg Wall Sit) - each leg

I completed this in 17:10. One Leg Wall Sit was such a killer and I wasted most of my time there. Next time I'll revisit this killer legs workout again!

Afterward I did some extra upper body strength training - assisted triceps dips, one leg bent reverse push ups, and leg raises.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Workout Schedule for Aug 29- Sept 2

Monday, Aug 29 Burn Fat & Tighten Your Butt Workout - Time Challenge

Tuesday, Aug 30 Bang Bang Workout (Beating old PR) - Interval Workout
10 pistols (each leg)

Wednesday, Aug 31
CrossFit Bodyweight Workout Angie (Metcon, Muscle Endurance)

Thursday, Sept 1 Try This At Home Workout (Beating old PR) - Interval Workout
10 pistols (each leg)

Friday, Sept 2 Saturday, Sept 3 1000 Skips (Beating old PR) - Exercise Challenge

Friday, August 26, 2011 Tik Tok Exercise Challenge - 2

My last workout of the week and I'm happy I stick to my own workout schedule.

Complete description, instructions, pictures can be found here.

Workout breakdown:
1. 10 sets exercise combo (2:47) (old: 4:00)
2. 4 min. interval high knees jump rope (10 sec off /20 sec on for 8 rounds)
50-48-43-40-36-19 (tangled rope)- 45-40
3. 10 sets exercise combo (3:03) (old: 3:40)
4. 4 min. interval high knees jump rope (10 sec off /20 sec on for 8 rounds)
5. 10 sets exercise combo (2:55) (old: 3:26)

Total workout time: 16:46 (old: 19:07)

Can you tell I'm super glad that I beat ALL my old PRs? And yes that includes the high knees skips because last time I couldn't even whip a single one!

Thursday, August 25, 2011 Perverted Punishment Workout

My upper back was still sore from 400 reps Burpee Workout on Tuesday and my legs were a bit tight from yesterday's squats. But those didn't stop me for sticking to this week workout schedule: Perverted Punishment Workout.

Complete 3 rounds of:
20 burpees (with push up and jump up)
50 side lunge jumps
50 jump rope jacks (I count 1 rep when my feet jump apart)
5 pull ups (subbed with reverse push up)
5 hanging knee raises (I did on the dip station) - Sean did knee raises, but in older video Zuzana did leg raises instead
10 ninja jump tucks

Time: 22:43

I'm happy enough I actually beat Zuzana's time as well! :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Drag Me to Hell Workout

After such a killer workout from yesterday, I took it a bit easy today by choosing this short 15 minute countdown workout. Make no mistake, Drag Me to Hell Workout still made me super sweaty and burned my legs!

15 minute countdown do as many rounds of:
20 prisoner squats and knee up
5 pull ups (I did reverse push ups)

Result: 10 rounds + 15 squats.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 400 Reps Workout - 3

Oh dear goodness, what in the world was I thinking scheduling this Killer 400 reps of Burpee workout? Well let's just say it was my pride thinking that I should be able to beat my old scores from the first time I did. I didn't count the second one, because I only did 2 rounds and did the other 2 on separate day. Granted this workout is one of Zuzana's longest and hardest...EVER...both physically AND mentally!

Since this time I had a dip station, I did this workout pretty close to what it's supposed to be. The only minor change was I did Reverse Push up in place of the Pull Up.

Workout breakdown:
1. One Leg Burpee - 5 reps each leg
2. Burpee Knee Raises - 10 reps
3. Side Burpee & Knee Tuck - 5 reps each side
4. Burpee Step Up - 5 reps each leg
5. Burpee Roll Over - 10 reps
6. Sumo Burpees - 10 reps
7. Burpee Reverse Push Up (in place of Pull Up) - 10 reps
8. Half Burpee & Side Jump Over - 10 reps
9. 2x Jump Lunges & 2 Taping Push Up - 10 reps
10. Frog Burpee - 10 reps

I paused my timer after completed 2 rounds for a bit and had a major mind battles in my head whether to call it a day or continued. I chose the latter and finished this brutal workout in 1:27:48 - 95% full push ups. I won't lie, I did 5 knee push ups at my 4th round of Sumo Burpees.

I'm well aware that I didn't beat my first PR but I'd say I performed a lot better by doing most push ups from my toes while that time I had to switch to knee push ups in the middle of 3rd round.

Also did you see that I was only 3 minutes behind while performing this workout almost in 100% forms? Gotta see the glass is half full instead of half empty, right? ;)

Monday, August 22, 2011 I'm Into You Workout -2

Yay, my first workout of this Conquering My Fear Week, I'm Into You Workout, which I did back in May 2011. Mind you, that time I couldn't even whip a single high knees jump rope thus I didn't bother to write down the reps. What was the point? I was switching between playground hops and regular skips.

So today I did all workouts properly (and yes including the high knees jump rope). Here are my reps for today:
10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds
High Knees Jump Rope 90-80
Crab-Pike Press 11-10 (old 9-10)
High Knees Jump Rope 65-60
Reverse Push Ups 18-15 (old 16-14)
High Knees Jump Rope 70-82
Side to Side Lunge with 20-22 lbs backpack 20-22 (old 21-23)

I might not mention this, but my skipping rope has weighted handles which might explain the burn on my arms doing so many high knees skipping after a while :D It's tempting to take out the weights from the handles but I resist! I want to improve my upper body strength as well so I'm keeping those weights in the handles!

Took a little break and proceeded with 15 minute countdown of upper body strength
10 leg raises (70 reps total)
10 triceps dips (one leg assisted) (68 total)

Then 10 pistols for each leg and I'm DONE FOR THE DAY with so much sweats!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Workout Schedule for Aug 22-26

Monday, Aug 22 I'm Into You Workout (Beating old PR) - Interval training
15 minute countdown of upper body strength
10 leg raises
10 triceps dips (one leg assisted)

10 pistols (each leg)

Tuesday, Aug 23 400 Reps Burpee (Beating old PR) - Time Challenge

Wednesday, Aug 24 Drag Me to Hell Workout - 15 min. Time Challenge

Thursday, Aug 25 Perverted Punisher Workout - Time Challenge

Friday, Aug 26 Tik Tok Exercise Challenge (Beating old PR) - Time Challenge + 4 min Interval Skipping

Friday, August 19, 2011 Six Pack Abs & Love Handles Series (Rock Hard Abs)

This is the last part of Six Pack Abs & Love Handles Series (Rock Hard Abs) and I was super happy with my time today! :D

7 rounds of:
5x (10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers)
5 hanging knee raises (I used my dip station)
5 ninja jump and half burpee (ninja jump-plank-jump forward-plank)

I completed this in 14:39!! It's Friday and I'll have active rest days over the weekends - maybe doing some short workout challenges.

Thursday, August 18, 2011 Fat Slaughter Workout

Got a good night sleep despite didn't have any dinner the night before, got up then proceeded with Fat Slaughter Workout. It was my first time doing it. Wanna see how I did?

Set timer for 15 sec off/30 sec on for 24 rounds. Do 6 consecutive interval for each exercise before moving to the next one.
Touch the Wall Squats 16-16-14-14-13-14
Sumo Push Ups 11-10-7-8-6-7
Jump Lunges 14-10-8-10-9-9
Reverse Push Up 10-10-8-8-9-8

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Six Pack Abs & Love Handles Series (Kiss My Abs Workout)

This is the second workout of Six Pack Abs & Love Handles Series - Kiss My Abs Workout. It was my first time doing it and although I had a high expectation of completing it under 20 minutes, it just didn't happen. No worries, there's always next time.

4 rounds of:
30 James Bond Lunges
10 Spiderman Push Up (aka Reptile Push Up)
10 Laying Knee Tucks & Back Extension
30 (x5) High Knees Jump Rope (total 150)

I finished it in 23:18. OMG I even beat Zuzana's old time 24:44! XD *squeee*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 Power Girl Workout - 2

Another older workout that I revisited this morning. About a year ago, I couldn't even do Beach Scissors in proper forms plus the push up was super lame as well. Not sure why my Fighter's Lunge numbers were seriously high, but then again, I'm pretty sure they weren't in proper form (not in deep lunge more like scissors lunge).

Set the interval timer for 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds
Surfer 7.5 - 6.5 (old 6-5)
Beach Scissors (R) 17-15 (old - modified 14-11)
Beach Scissors (L) 12-12 (old- modified 15-15)
Fighter's Lunge (L) 22-18 (old 26-28)
Fighter's Lunge (R) 17-16 (old 26-27)
1-2-3 Push Ups 11 -10 (old 7-8)

After a little break, I did 15 minute Upper body Training using my Dip station
10 reverse push up
5 seated pull up
5 one leg assisted triceps dips
5 leg raises

After completing one round, reverse the order and so on until the timer ends. Each round count as 1 set. I think I completed about 4 sets total.

Then I did 10 sets of pistols for each leg.

Monday, August 15, 2011 Six Pack Abs & Love Handles Series (Sexy Abs Workout)

This was one of workout that I did when I just started bodyrocking. I even did this workout twice. You can click to see it here and here.

Let me tell you, in those past 2 workouts, I didn't use ANY jump rope for skipping cuz well I didn't know how to do a jump rope - heck I even injured my back which left my back hurt for at least a month!

8 rounds of:
1. 20 reps Prisoner Squat with Knee up
2. 10 reps Santana Push Ups
3. 100 skips with Jump Rope
4. 20 reps Plank Knee tucks

How did I do? I finished it in 26:53 - all in proper forms and yes I used the jump rope for the skipping!
(old: 29:49 no jump rope, old: 34:37 - no jump rope)

Friday, August 12, 2011 1 Year BodyrockTv Anniversary- Beg for Mercy Workout

Beg for Mercy Workout is my FIRST workout every and I did it exactly one year ago. In order to honor the anniversary, I decided to revisit this workout again.

10 sec off/50 sec on for 15 rounds

1. Plank Jumps over the Sandbag (used my backpack) 14-10-10 (old 12-10-10)

2. Get Up (I did Prisoner's Get Up) 8-8-8 (old: hands assisted 9-10-8)

3. Elevated Push Up with Knee Tucks (used ottoman chair) 10-8-8 (old: Did regular push ups 17, 15, 15)

4. Side Step Up (bodyweight only) - LEFT 22-21-22 - used a folding chair
(old: did this incorrectly Took 2 front steps on the stairs, alternating left and right leg. Didn't use any weight 20, 21, 19)

5. Side Step Up (bodyweight only) - RIGHT 21-19-21 - used a folding chair
(old: did this incorrectly Took 2 front steps on the stairs, alternating left and right leg. Didn't use any weight 21, 21, 21)

If you are just looking the numbers, it might not mean that much. I mean I didn't add extra 10 reps for each of everything. The main important thing is I did all the workouts in proper forms while last year I am pretty damn sure that all my forms were pretty shabby.

So what do you think how I did?

Thursday, August 11, 2011 Sexy Monkey Workout

Original workout by

Workout breakdown:
3 rounds of:
100 skips
5 hanging knee raises (I did on a dip station)
100 skips
5 elevated push ups (I used a small ottoman chair)
100 skips
5 pull ups (I subbed this with reverse push up with a dip station)
100 skips
20 jump squats

Time: 22:09

I was aiming to finish this under 20 minutes but couldn't help it cause after tons of skipping I started to tumble a lot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 OMG Sexy Body Workout

When I woke up this morning, I felt sort of hungry and a bit exhausted and wasn't sure if I wanted to proceed with this planned workout. Not to mention I just woke up from a very intense nightmare. But after warming up with some skipping, double-under practice, lunges, squats I felt more than ready.

Set interval timer for 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds (12 minute interval training)
Front Jump Kicks 65-55
Walking Push Up & Plank Jump 13-12 (I did push up first, plank jump to left-push up-then side plank walk and repeat on other side)
Skater Lunge Jump (Left) 21-20
Skater Lunge Jump (Right) 20-19
Side Leg Lift & Butt Lift (Left) 9-10
Side Leg Lift & Butt Lift (Right) 9-8

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 Crazy Monkey Workout

This time I actually did Crazy Monkey Workout for real! It was an ok workout, great for the times that I didn't feel like spending too long working out.

Complete as many sets of this in 15 minutes:
4 hanging knee raises (on a dip station)
4 monkey squats
4 monkey dance

I did 33 sets + 4 knee raises + 4 monkey squats.

Plus 10 sets of pistols afterward (each leg) and other random stuff like pike press, dive bomber and practicing double unders.

Monday, August 8, 2011 Hotel Room Workout

Originally I was planning doing Hotel Room Workout while I was at the hotel over the weekend while attending the Ancestral Health Symposium. However lack of sleep and whacked meal time just didn't make this happen, although I actually packed my whole workout gear (notebook, pen, interval timer and workout clothes).

Anyway after 3 days of no proper workout (2 were actually more like an active rest and 1 was a complete rest), I decided to do it today.

Set an interval timer for 10 sec off/20 sec on for 24 rounds
(SB = 25 lbs backpack)
Squats (SB on L shoulder) 10-10
Dive Bomber Push Ups 5-4
Squats (SB on R shoulder) 10-10
Diagonal Knee Tuck Push Up 8-6
Squats (SB on L shoulder) 10-10
Triceps Leg Lift 13-16
Squats (SB on R shoulder) 10-10
Monkey Push up 6-7
Squats (SB on R shoulder) 10-10
Santana Push Up 5.5-5
Squats (SB on R shoulder) 10-9
Sumo Push Up 7-6

One note: I did diagonal knee tuck incorrectly. I thought I was supposed to keep my diagonal knee tuck hovering above the ground while doing the push up and I thought I wasn't good enough because I just couldn't lower myself much. After rewatching the video, I saw that I'm only supposed to crossed my other leg and still on the ground then do the push up. Now that I can do!

Afterward I just practiced my upperbody weight workouts: (proper reverse push up- meaning I used mainly my upperback muscles to pull myself up and relying less on my leg muscles), leg raises, triceps dips on the dip station.

Finished off with 10 Pistols each leg - altering each set.

Thursday, August 4, 2011 600 reps Sexier Body Workout -2

It's been almost a year since I did 600 reps Sexier body Workout so today I challenged myself to see how much improvements I've made.

Complete this entire circuit as fast as possible in proper forms
Half Burpee with Calve Raises – 60 reps
One Leg Push Ups – 60 reps (alternating legs)
Jump Lunges – 60 reps
One Leg Dead Lifts – 30 on each leg
Crunches with Leg Extensions – 60 reps
Prisoner Squat and Front Kick – 60 reps (alternating legs)
One Leg Tricep Dip – 60 reps (switching legs)
One Leg Jump – 60 reps total (30 on each leg)
Chest Lift _ 60 reps
Over The Chair Kick – 60 reps total (30 on each leg)

I finished this in 33:41 (old 38:33). For sure I completed everything all in proper forms. Even my prisoner squats, push ups and jump lunges were pretty deep.

Zuzana had a newer version of this 600 reps but I figured I'll tackle that once I could finish this workout under 30 minutes :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Death to Fat Workout

I was in a mood of short workout today because tomorrow I'll be doing a super killer one.

10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds (12 minute interval training)
High Knees Jump Rope 121-95-110
Reverse Push Ups 17-14-14
Ugi Pop (I used my stuffed backpack on the ground) 21-20-20
Ugi squeeze & Hip Thrust (I used 5-6lb ankle weight bundled in a bag) 23-26-28

I wasn't aware this workout involved reverse push ups. My upper back and arms were a bit sore from yesterday upper back challenge, and for sure today it would be even more sore.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Self Upper Body Strength Training -2

I felt like working out my upper body more so I gave my upper body strength training another try. Prior to this I had 10 minute brisk walk outside to soak up some more Vitamin D.

50-40-30-20-10 reps:
Reverse Push Ups on a dip station
Knee Raises on a dip station

I finished it in 19:47 (old 30:46)
10 Pistols afterward (each leg, alternating).

HOLY CRAP! Did I see it right? I totally beat my last week time by A LOT!

Let me analyze this a bit: First of all, for the reverse push ups, last week I think I shifted more of my body weight towards my upperback and less support from my bent legs. Today I guess it was more like 50/50? Definitely Knee raises were a bit faster today than last week.

Either way, that was one heck of PR!

Monday, August 1, 2011 300 reps of Brutality

So after 2 active rest days, I decided to tackle HARD first thing this week with Zuzana's new 300 reps of Brutality workout!

I seriously wanted to give up MILLION TIMES while doing it, and all those lunges really BURNED my legs a lot!

Workout breakdown:
5 rounds of this circuit:
10 reps Lunge Twist (with 21lbs backpack)
10 reps Dive Bomber Burpees
10 reps Jump Lunge & Twist (with 8lbs dumbbell)
10 reps Ugi Push Off (I did Knee tuck versions)
20 reps Sumo Squats (with 21lbs backpack)

Ok, 2 things that I did wrong. First, for Ugi Push Off, I just did bodyweight crossed knee tucks but then I made a mistake by jumping to plank AFTER 2 knee tucks instead of after each knee tucks. In the future I might want to do a Reptile Push Ups with Crossed Knee tucks.

Second, I did 6 rounds total instead of 5 rounds..haha

5 rounds - 29:12
6 rounds - 34:36

Phewwww!! My butt and legs will surely feel this tomorrow!

Oh plus 2 burpees for Erin, a fellow Bodyrocker who's currently fighting her cancer.