Wednesday, March 31, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 60 - Yoga X

Aah, the fated day 60 I have to take my progress picture. Unfortunately, I won't have the time until this coming Saturday, so stay tuned! I doubt there's much change from my day 30 picture.

Finished Yoga this morning and I was quite happy that I finally able to hold Half Moon pose a little longer, even though my other hand still touched the floor as an extra support (not barely touching the floor as Tony's gangs did) but at least I started to get a hang on it. Still no luck on Crane. Still have to work on my Chaturanga push up.

Breakfast was great. This time I mixed in 3 scoops of soy protein powder with a glass of plain soymilk. This time the chalky powder tasted stronger but I still finished it. I brought lots of food and snacks today.

Daytime food list:
2 slices of homemade whole wheat banana bread (not quick bread)
2 medium bananas
2 apples (sliced)
2 oranges (peeled)
1 cup low fat plain yogurt mixed with 3 scoops of soy protein powder (I might mix a bit too much, too chalky powder taste)
some left over whole wheat crackers - maybe eaten with the yogurt
White rice w/ braised soy sauce fish, boiled vegetables and tofu
1 soy protein bar (SoyJoy)
1 Kashi® GoLean® Protein & Fiber bar

Whew that's a lot of food! Let's see if I can finish them before getting off from work.

Of course I always remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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