Tuesday, April 20, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 80 - Back & Biceps, and bye bye Ab Ripper X

Back and Biceps gave me a good sweat today, which means I know I pushed myself hard enough. Majority of the time I used 8lbs dumbbells, and some 5 lbs and 10lbs for lawnmowers only. 8 lbs is pretty tough for me, especially after going nonstop for 6 reps. Since my goal is lean muscles, I always try to hit 12 reps at least.
I thought I couldn't get up this morning because I had a little hard time going to sleep and it was a bit late too (maybe around 10:30 pm).

Abs went well and I did out most of the reps along with Tony and his gangs, except for the evil Oblique V-Ups. Also, I did the Cross Leg sit up instead of Wide Leg Sit up, Leg Climbs with only one reach as Audra did. I did 25 reps for the right side, but only about 15 good reps of the left side. To compensate that, I did 20 extra reps Mason Twist at the end. Guess what? Today is the last day of P90X resistance workout and that means no more Ab Ripper X after this. I kind of get tired of Ab Ripper X moves and need some time off from it. After doing Ab Ripper X for 3 months straight plus almost a year prior this Lean routine, I think I deserve it. It's time to search for other ab move variation, not just the ones doing the crunches on the floor.

I had my protein shake after this workout and I think I am still not fond of the protein powder taste, with the exception of soy protein powder. The only way I can drink the protein drink is to mix some mashed banana into it to cover up that "weird" protein taste. Speaking of which, I am running out of my protein powder. I still have the soy protein powder, but I figured its sugar is a little too much. 12 g of sugar for 3 scoops (30g) with only 14g of protein is a bit too much, compare to the regular 24g whey protein with less sugar. Maybe I should look into the unflavored soy protein?

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Pete said...

Hi Hattori,

I swear by Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard™ Double Rich Chocolate. My 1 scoop of protein power with 12 oz. of soy milk and it tastes like a delicious glass of chocolate milk. No weird taste at all.

120 calories
1 gram fat
3 grams carbs
24 grams protein

It is the best drink of my day.