Friday, April 23, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 83 - Kenpo X

Why did I almost want to sleep in this morning instead get ready to do Kenpo?
Because the weather was so cold and it was still dark. Who wants to get up and do exercise, instead just snuggle under the warm blanket?

Anyway, I BEAT THAT! Kenpo X was fine, but like I said before it starts to bore me and I might not include this workout in my next round. Maybe I will do it once in a while when I feel like I want to punch & kick someone do some fun cardio.

Rest day tomorrow and it'll be RECOVERY WEEK!!
Tomorrow night I'll have a get together with my friends at some Thai restaurant.

Happy Weekend everyone and try to eat clean :)

1 comment:

Carl S said...

You're basically done! 7 days of rest-week. No problem! Just watch out for Core Synergistics. Victory is within your grasp!