Thursday, February 4, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 5 - Legs & Back, Ab Ripper

Today I woke up waaay earlier than my alarm clock but had to go back to sleep again. It was 1:30 am!! Oh wait...maybe I shouldn't be too proud of waking up before my cellphone alarm. This morning, I woke up LATER than my cellphone alarm. It was 5:15 am, and I nearly jumped out from my bed, wondering why the hell I didn't hear my cellphone alarm. It turned out that I forgot to turn it on..DOH!

After getting ready, I was dreading that I couldn't do both Legs & Back and continued to Ab Ripper due to the timing. However, I still managed to do both. Here's why, I skipped some of the Legs & Back exercises, especially the pull ups. I don't have any pull up bars nor resistance band so those workouts are meaningless to me. Btw, I guess Legs & Back will be in my least favorite workout, along with the other weight lifting workouts. My knees are pretty weak, so I try not to do deep squats as it'll put more strains on my knees. I think I got this knee problem since I tried to do the squat from Core X. Despite my arbitrarily, I still managed to break some sweats from this Legs & Back.

Ab Ripper felt so much tougher after I worked on my legs alot. Speaking of which, I felt more burn on my legs & thighs than my abs doing the bicycle moves and crunchy frog. Anyone noticing this or perhaps I didn't do those right?

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