Monday, May 17, 2010

Round 2: Day 16 - ARX, Chest & Back, Pilate Abs Halfway

I felt a bit wasted today, C&B totally kicked my butt! I didn't feel have much energy and strength to do the push ups. My numbers are a bit lower than last week. Blame it on my lack of protein consumption for the past couple days. Oh well, at least I still managed myself to do another set of ab exercises after C&B. I didn't finish cause of time crunch and did I mention I ran out of energy?

The jog yesterday was pretty good. I actually felt a bit sore around my midsection. Weird? Not really if you jog and twist your upper body a bit with the movement, you'll work your core as well. Try to jog and keep your stomach tight as much as possible, you'll feel it.

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Pete said...

Hi Hattori,

C&B was rough for me as well today. Maybe its just one of those days...