Sunday, May 2, 2010

Round 2: Day 1 - Interval Jog, partial P90X Chest & Back, Abs

Woke up today around 7 am and it was overcast. It wasn't too cold nor too windy so I decided to go outside and did my cardio workout. I did a mixture of jogging, running, fast walking. I only did around 3 miles for 30 minutes if my knees and feet weren't acting up (heck I might want to do 6 miles if I wanted too but I don't want to get injured) :( I need a good pair of running shoes.

Back home, I decided to crank up the first set of P90X Chest and Back. Since I already sweating with my outdoor cardio workout, I skipped the warm up.

The decline push up is an impossible for me to do. Instead I modified to a regular push up on my toes instead on my knees.

After I finished the first set, I was debating whether I should continue with the second set or not. Heck, I skipped the 2nd set and did Ab workout (not Ab Ripper X - gotta take a break from it for a bit). I did ChaLean Extreme Abs workout for a change. Boy, I thought I could go through it, but she did a lot of push ups in this workout and I am still bad at those. Not to mention already did lots killer push ups from Tony's Chest & Back.

No choice instead go on the knees. In fact, the crunches are nice change for my abs. I might want to do another abs later today. Felt lots of burn in my abs while doing these crunches. Guess after doing lots of Fifer scissors and others form ARX, a nice good old fashion crunch kicked my abs in surprise.

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