Monday, March 15, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 2: Day 44 - Cardio X Crunch

I had to cut down some of Cardio X sequence this morning because I got up super late!!! The funny thing was I didn't even hear my cell phone alarm went off (did a check and the alarm was ON). Apparently my insomnia last night came back again and I remembered tossing around until 1:30 am.

So I did Cardio Crunch, meaning I skipped the Yoga part for the heck of it but focusing on my forms for the rest of the workout. I just hate it to take off/on shoes before/after yoga. I tried to do yoga with shoes on but it wasn't working. My shoes are a bit too bulky for those vinyasa poses. I also skipped the Dreya Roll because of my current condition, I can't do any inverted movement. Either way, I still got good sweat.

Breakfast wasn't that great. I had the almond milk mixed with cocoa powder and some flaxseed meal. And I brought some sweet bread and 2 pieces of Chinese pineapple cake.

Lunch will be good. I got a balanced meal of protein and veggies and just a bit of white rice. Grabbed 2 apples and 1 pack of blueberry, might spread it as part of my afternoon snacks.

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