Wednesday, February 29, 2012

4 Minute AMPRAP Workout

4 minute AMPRAP (rest 20 sec in between each exercise)
Ninja Jump Tuck 35
Sandbag Squat & Shoulder Lift (25lbs sandbag) - 37 (modified to regular SB squat towards the end)
Reverse Push Up 41
Forward/Backward Lunge (alt.sides) 40 (each side fwd/back lunge count as 1 rep)

And of course 50 Burpees for the day (Day 44) - done in the evening after came back from work.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Short Interval Circuit Training

Do each 4 exercises below in 10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds
Freestyle skipping
25lbs Sandbag clean, press, squat and rows
Leg raises on a dip station
Competition burpees

I did extra 10 burpees afterward to compensate 50 Burpees for 50 Days Challenge (Day 43) - with actual push ups, not competition style.

It surely feels good to do my own composed workouts.

Saturday, February 25, 2012 Hot Quickie Workout 2

Today would be a busy day since we had to run lots of errands going to 3 different markets and other stuff so I made today as a quick workout day by picking another older Zuzana's workout: Hot Quickie Workout.

15 minutes AMRAP:
5 jump lunges
5 reverse push ups
5 jump squats
5 push ups

Result: 14 rounds (I was 2 push ups away from completing 14 rounds sharp). Just a bit short from my last PR but for sure my forms were strong and solid, especially the push ups!

Friday, February 24, 2012

ATF: Strength Training and ZWOW 6

Angry Trainer Fitness Strength Training
3 rounds:
15 reps sandbag press up
15 reps Santana plank (without weight) – each side
15 reps sandbag squats
15 reps sandbag bent over rows
15 reps sandbag deadlift

Time: 16:39 with 25lbs sandbag. I paused the timer when resting between rounds.

10 minutes AMRAP
10 sets of 3 sumo squat pulses + 1 jump up
8 side burpees (alt. sides)
6 jump lunge and kick up

Result: 4 rounds
Modification: modified side burpees to regular burpees because it was a bit harsh on wrists.

7 minute AMRAP burpees from CrossFit (competition style) - part of 50 Burpees for 50 Days Challenge Day 42
Result: 60

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick Circuit Training

I crafted my own workout for today and it wasn't too shabby. This might become my TO GO circuit whenever I'm pressed in time.

Part #1: 12 minute interval (10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds)
Jump Lunges 30-31-30
Dive Bomber Push Up 10-8-7
Prisoner’s Get Up 10-10-9
Diagonal Knee Raises 22-21-20

Part #2: 3 minute sandbag strength Training
Sandbag row, clean, and press up (do not drop sandbag on the ground for the entire 3 minute)
Result: 21 sets with 25lbs sandbag

50 Burpees for 50 Days Challenge Day 40

Saturday, February 18, 2012 Make Me Proud Workout

Original workout:

3 Rounds:
20 sets 1 Mountain Climber + Kick up (alt sides)
5 reps single arm reverse push ups (I did 10 regular reverse push ups)
20 sets side shoulder sandbag lift+ squat + plank jump
10 sets triceps dips & Knee raise

I did 10 regular reverse push ups
Reduced the sandbag from 25lbs to 15 lbs on 2nd round
I did one leg assisted triceps dips

Time 20:00

50 Burpees per day for 50 Days Challenge Day 37

Friday, February 17, 2012


Original workout: Zuzana Light

10 minutes AMRAP
10 biceps curls + shoulder press (with a pair of 8lbs dumbbells)
30 medicine ball mountain climbers (regular mountain climbers)
10 sumo deadlift and high pull (with 25lbs sandbag)
5 competition burpees (tummy on the ground version)

Result: 4 rounds + 8 curls Sweat Another Day Workout 2

Original workout:

First PR

Workout breakdown:
Combo #1: Interval training 10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds
Side Lunge Jump
#1. 24-22-23-22-21-21-21-20 (old 23-24-22-20-17-16-17-19)
#2. 23--23-22-21-21-21-21-21 (old 24-22-18-19-15-16-20-17)

Combo #2: Sandbag Rows and Cleans - 20 reps
I used 25lbs solid sandbag
#1. 2:03 (old 2:04 subbed with 10lbs DB rows & press)
#2. 1:43 (old 2:37 subbed with 10lbs DB rows & press)

50 Burpees per day for 50 Days Challenge Day 36
Did it in 10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds interval
5-5-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4 and made up the last 8 afterward.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Cut Cheese Workout- 3

Original workout:

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: 4 minute interval training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
Plank Jump & Reptile 15-14-12-10-11-10 (old: 15-14-11-10-10-10 )

Part 2: 5 reps of slow motion Diamond Push Ups
Slow motion down and power up = 1 rep

Part 3: 4 minute interval training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
Leg Lift & Toe Touch* 18-18-18-17-18-17 (old: 20-17-13-14-14-12)

Part 4: 5 reps of slow motion Reverse Push up/ Pull Ups
Power up & slow motion down = 1 rep

Part 5: 4 minute interval training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
Sumo Squat & Leg Lift with Sandbag (25 lbs sandbag)
12-11-10-9-8-9 (old: 14-13-11-10-11 (15lbs backpack) )

I did single leg toe touch and leg lift instead of BOTH legs lift toe touch

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ATF: Ass Kicker Workout

Original workout from: Angry Trainer Fitness

Typically weekdays are for my 50 Burpees per day for 50 Days but this day I just had to do a workout in the morning and I picked a quick workout from Angry Trainer Fitness.

Workout: 10 sec off/ 20 sec on for 10 rounds (Do the entire circuit 2 times minimum to alter the other side). I did 4 rounds total.
2x (half squat and altering lunge forward) + push up 3-3-3-3
Dumbbel Swing (I used 15lbs dumbbell) 12-11-12-10
Side Plank & elbow knee tuck 9-8-9-8
Plank jump + push up 5-5-5-5
Backward lunge & Knee up Jump 9-9-10-9
Swiss ball diagonal roll in (I did regular straight roll in) 7-5-6-7
1 arm dumbbell clean and press up 4-4-5-5
Rocking Abs 13-15-15-16
Bird Dogs 9-7-7-7
Burpees 4-5-5-5

I missed doing a workout in the morning!

Sunday, February 12, 2012 Fast Burn Workout and Hot Body Workout

As I thought I've done ALL Zuzana's older workout, I missed this one!

50 sets Climber Lunge (1 Jump Lunge + 2 Mountain Climbers)
100 Pike Jack Jumps
50 sets no name Abs exercise (Start with lie down on floor with both legs extended to the sky, lower them, then rise them again, bend the knees, rotate towards to the side, extend them and bend them- reverse the movement to come back to starting position- this all count as 1 rep)
100 Kick Ups (no jump)

Time 17:13

And I re-did Hot Body Workout since last time I set the timer wrong. I didn't bother to count the reps and just pushed myself to the max!

In case you're wondering, weekdays are 50 Burpees per day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Seems like every Saturday would be ZWOW workout day for me.

I love to be able to follow along with her doing the warm up, workout and cool down. Makes it like I am training with her directly in my own living room.

3 Rounds for time:
50 pendulums
20 burpees
50 Kettlebell swings (I used 12lb dumbbell)
10 push ups, twist and toe touch
5 overhead squats (holding 10 lbs metal bar)
2 minute free style skipping

Time: 28:30

Friday, February 10, 2012 Inspired Workout

Interval workout: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds (inspired from

Sandbag Side Shoulder Lift 9-8-7
One Leg Push Ups and Side Hop over SB 6-7-7
Squats 23-25-25
Star Jumps 15-16-15

Then I did another Hot Body Workout but unfortunately, I set the timer wrong:
5 sec off/ 15 sec on for 15 rounds (originally 5 sec off/55 sec on for 15 rounds)
Side Lunge Jump 16-15-15
Reptile Push Ups 7-8-8
V crunch 14-13-13
Prisoner Squats 11-11-11
Knee Raises 9-9-10

Sunday, February 5, 2012 Get These Abs Workout and Half Sweat is Sexy Workout

Another day for double workouts.

First: 2 rounds of Sweat is Sexy (originally 4 rounds)
10 One Leg Jump Up (each leg)
20 Sandbag Full Body (Sandbag side lift and row)
20 Crossed leg burpee
20 snowboarder
20 one leg bridge & star crunch (alt.sides)

Time 17:10

I was going to do all 4 rounds but then I got a little fatigue so I stopped after 2 rounds.

SB= 25 lbs solid sandbag

Second: Get These Abs Workout
#1. 15 sets of 2 jump squats, 1 jump tuck & 3 push ups
Time: 3:55

#2. 6 sets of 10 kick ups & 10 Mountain Climber Peaks
Time 2:29

#3. 4 Sets of 10 One leg pike press & 1 leg jump (each leg)
Time 8:18

#4. 20 Breakdance push ups
Time 2:16

Instead of posting video, why don't I post a video of myself doing these workouts? :D

Saturday, February 4, 2012

ZWOW III Challenge and Domino Workout

Saturday morning means 2 workouts! I got a nice 9 hour sleep last night so it's time to crank up my morning workout!

First ZWOW III Challenge: (I'm really hoping she could start a blog soon!)
Pyramid style workout. Perform 5-10-15-10-5 reps of each of this move for time:
One Leg Lunge Jump (each leg)
One Leg Elevated Lunge with weight (each leg)
Push Ups & Chest Lift
Skaters Jump (1 rep count towards 1 side only)

I used a pair of 8lbs dumbbell for the first 5 reps of first 2 ladders then I just did the elevated lunge with my own bodyweight only.
Time: 15:00

Second Domino Workout
10 sec off / 50 sec on for 12 rounds
Square jump & half burpee 12-9
Backward Lunge & Swing 19-16
2 Side Plank Jumps + 2 Knee Tucks Combo 7-7
Triceps Dips & Knee Raise 9-8
Side Lunge Jump & Press Up 20-25
Pike Press & Push Up 6-6

For the swing, I used 8lb dumbbell, did 1 leg assisted triceps dips, used 8lb dumbbell for the side lunge jump and press up but ditched it completely on second round.

Friday, February 3, 2012 Shake It 250 reps Workout -2

If you think I've been falling off the workout wagon for this week, you totally don't know me. I made slight changes to my workout routine lately. Instead of struggling and rushing to squeeze in a workout in the morning at 4 am Monday-Friday, I decided to just use those days to fulfill my 50 Burpees for 50 Days Challenge. I could always do 50 burpees in the evening when I just got back from work and before having my dinner.

So I'm currently on Day 28. Interestingly enough, yesterday I had extra energy so after I finished my 50 burpees, I decided to do 5 minute Knee Raise Challenge and cranked out 105 knee raises on a dip station.

Another interesting thing, today I ACTUALLY WOKE UP at 4:30 am WITHOUT an alarm. For some reason, I had this urge to do a workout and I picked Zuzana's "last" Workout: Shake It 250 reps The last time I did this was back in November 2011.

This time I used a solid 25lbs sandbag and finished this challenge in 17:10.

I'm supposed to fulfill my 50 burpees for today, but since I did a workout and the workout itself had some burpee (without push up version), I think I'm gonna cut mysel a bit slack today.

Besides, work was a bit crazy today and I didn't even leave until 2pm. It was supposed to be a half I didn't really have any lunch.

But hey, who cares right? It's not like anyone reading this blog anyway..HA!