Monday, May 3, 2010

Round 2: Day 2 - Fountain of Youth (One on One Tony Horton Yoga)

Guess what? I think my body already accustomed to get up super early to do workout, even though I am not in any P90X workout schedule anymore. And today I did One on One with Tony Horton, Fountain of Youth Yoga.

How nice it is to do Yoga less than 1 hour and still got some good sweat from it? Fountain of Youth Yoga is a nice substitute for P90X Yoga X. It has less poses, however, you need to hold them a little longer and what's more fun than doing chair pose for 3 times? And doing plank to chaturanga sequence is no a walk in the park (at least for me!). And Tony showed his impressive skill to do airborne when transitioning to plank. Instead of jump your feet back, or stepped back, he raised up his legs a bit on the air and landed his feet softly at his back. How cool is that?
Fountain of Youth only takes 48 minutes. Basically the firs 30 minutes you did the Vinyasa sequences with some familiar poses from Yoga X: Sun salutation, warrior poses, chair pose, side angle pose, Half moon etc. My sweat started to drip around my face by the time I was in the first 15-20 minutes. Tony didn't spend too much time explaining the poses as he did in Yoga X. And he hold the poses a bit longer as well.

Overall, I like Fountain of Youth Yoga for its short time, but I miss those balance poses (tree, royal dancer, standing leg extension, wheel, table) and some of the stretches (cobbler, seated twist (not sure what exactly it's called), frog, lotus pose, fetus pose). He didn't spend much on the abs either (no boat poses and touch the sky).

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