Thursday, June 30, 2011 WOW Booty! Workout - 2

The first time I did this workout was way back in December 2010.

So how did I do? Eh....truth to be told I didn't actually beat my last PR (personal record).

Workout breakdown (interval & time challenge workout)
Part 1: Interval
High knees and drop down (5 sec off / 10 sec on for 16 rounds)

(old 30-25-30-28-30-27-28-20-20-20-25-20-20-20-20-20)

Part 2: Time Challenge
30 reps of:
Pick up a sandbag/backpack (I used 14-15 lbs backpack filled with bunch of stuff) from your RIGHT side foot across to the LEFT shoulder.

Jump feet apart

Squat until thighs parallel to the ground

Drop the sandbag/backpack on the LEFT side foot

Drop to plank

Do 1 push up

Jump up

My time: 5:58
(old 5:52)

Part 3: Interval
Repeat part 1
(old 34-25-30-26-30-20-28-22-20-20-25-22-23-25-24-21)

Oh well, not too bad either. For sure, this time my high knees were actually high for the entire 4 minute interval. Getting up back from the belly was the toughest part, especially when I tried to write down the reps within 5 seconds.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 360 Reps BadAss Workout

It was a total badass workout this morning! Since I still want to take care of my lower back which just recently recovered from the pain, I was on and off using weight/backpack for any exercises using sandbag.

Workout breakdown:
Complete the entire circuit as fast as possible
50 reps sandbag squat & Leg Lift (alt.legs) - I was using 15lbs backpack but abandoned it in the end
15 reps Scorpio push ups (each leg)
30 reps burpee and Knee raises (no push up burpee version)
25 reps hanging leg lift (each leg)
50 reps sandbag clean/deadlift & backward lunge (alt leg) - I was using 15lbs dumbbell at first half
50 reps plank jump and stretch
50 reps flying jump lunges
50 reps sandbag squat & Leg Lift (alt.legs) - bodyweight only

I completed this in 37:42. Not too shabby but I'll do this workout later in the future with at least 15lbs backpack.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Pound Melting Workout

So if you think I took days off completely from working out then you're totally wrong. Yes I didn't actually do a full workout but I didn't neglect light stretching and some yoga. Just because my lower back pain was acting up again (probably from the hip thruster from Wild & Free Exercise Challenge) I can't stand not doing any Light yoga and stretching are much better than nothing.

Today I decided to do Pound Melting Workout, a new interval workout Zuzana had. As I want to listen to my body, I decided not using any backpack/sandbag for the lunges and squats. But I still kept proper form and did the squats correctly (stick my butt out more and keeping my back straight and weight on my heels).

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds
Reptile Toe Touch Push Up 12-9
Sandbag Side Lunge Knee Up (Right) 26-25 (bodyweight only)
Sandbag Side Lunge Knee Up (Left) 26-22 (bodyweight only)
Crab Fighter (Right) 12-8
Crab Fighter (Left) 8-9
Sandbag Squats 22-22 (bodyweight only)

And I continued with my own routine- more bodyweight exercises such as reverse push up, leg raises, triceps dips, 5 reps of One Leg Squat (each leg) and Yoga Crane.

It's good to be back working out again.

Friday, June 24, 2011 Wild & Free Exercise Challenge

I took a complete day off from workout yesterday to ease up my sore legs from my 5 One Leg Squat (each leg) practice I did the day before. When I got up this morning, I was determined to do this Wild & Free Exercise Challenge.

Workout breakdown
Complete 10 rounds of this circuit as fast as possible
25 Sandbag Swing (each arm) - I used 17.5lbs dumbbell and moved down to 15lbs at 7th round
100 high knees skipping

The biggest challenge of this workout wasn't really the workout itself, but more of my own mental challenge of boredom and this usually happens when I'm doing only 1-2 exercises in high rounds. Today was no exception. I had to stop the timer by the 5th round, stretched up a bit and continued with the rest of it.

Total active workout time according to my timer was 40:15.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 Take Me Exercise Challenge

I sat way too much today trying to finish off my stuff so I did this quick 10 minute burpee jump lunge before having my lunch.

I did 48 sets - a little disappointed cause I was at least aiming for 50 but oh well, next time. And I proceeded with my daily practice of 5 One Leg Squat (each leg) plus Crane! :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Poker Face Workout 4 (100%)

This would be my fourth time doing Poker Face workout (you can read my previous scores here, here and here), but the difference is this time I actually have the dip station do do the Round Kick and Knee Raise instead of just front kick or other exercises.

Workout Breakdown:
10 sec off / 50 sec for 20 rounds
1. Surfer Exercise
13-9-8-9 (old March:13-10-9-10 old Feb: 11-9-9-8)  (old Dec 10-7-7-6)

2. Round Kick and Knee Raise (RIGHT Leg)

2. Round Kick and Knee Raise (LEFT Leg)

4. 1-2-3 Push Ups
12-13-10-10 (old March 15-15-13-13 old Feb 14-13-12-14) (old Dec 10-11-11-11)

5. Ninja Jump and Sandbag Pick Up (I used 20lbs backpack)
6-6-6-6 (old March 7-7-7-7 (20lbs backpack) old Feb 7-6-6.5-7 -used 20lbs backpack) (old Dec: 5-5-6-5 (used 15lbs backpack)

Ok I know, my new scores seem lower than previous one, but at least I know this time I pushed harder and I did the actual knee raises which exhaust my arms so my 1-2-3 push ups were lower. For some reason, surfer felt tough today, probably I was low in energy. Oh well, I'll tackle this next time!

Monday, June 20, 2011 Rock N No Rolls Workout

I came across with one of Zuzana's older workout and decided this would be my workout of the day.

Workout breakdown:
4 minute interval for each workout below (10 sec off/50 sec on for 4 rounds)

10 High Knees & Drop down 7-7-7-7
Side to Side Pike Jump 53-33-32-34
Reverse Crunch (I did Leg Raises using the Dip Station) 16-11-13-11
Side Step Up (Alt leg after 1 interval) 23-19-17-18
Supergirl Push Up 13-10-10-9

Btw wonder what I did over the weekend? I practiced high knees jump rope and finally I got it! Super happy about it so I did 20 minute freestyle skipping yesterday to practice more. Now my calves are crying :D

Friday, June 17, 2011 See Your Abs Workout & Pump It! Workout

I was super happy that finally I got my dip station yesterday so today I decided to do TWO workouts that involve using dip station.

After 5 minute cardio warm up (skipping, half burpee, high knees, air squats etc) I did See Your Abs Workout.
Workout breakdown:
Do 3 rounds of the following circuit
4 minute interval high knees skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)
(I alternated between high knees and regular skipping and didn't bother counting cause I pushed myself super hard that I could barely catch my breath let alone counting)

20 reps Knee Raises on the Dip station

Then I proceeded to Pump It! Workout
Workout breakdown
10 sec off/ 50 sec on for 12 rounds
Sandbag Squats (I used 20lbs backpack) 18-16-13-14
High Knees Skipping (I altered between regular and high knees) 71-63-60-64
Reverse Push Ups 13-13-10-11

It felt a bit different doing reverse push up with dip station vs the metal bar across my kitchen counter top. Probably just the grips. Anyway, I need to use less of my leg muscles and emphasize more using my back muscles to do reverse push ups.

Thursday, June 16, 2011 Dead Man Burpee Challenge

A workout challenge from Zuzana: try to complete 100 burpees within 10 minutes. Watch the video for the proper form.

I completed 92 reps. So darn close!! But I gotta give myself credit for doing this challenge in empty stomach and no dinner the night before. Plus my buns and thighs were still sore from the unassisted one leg squat that I've been practicing lately.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Modified Hot Burn Workout

Another one of Zuzana's older workout, Hot Burn Workout which she did way back in 2009 while she was in Malta. I modified the workout slightly to make it a bit more intense (not saying that her original one wasn't- I just felt a bit pumped up this morning). You can view the original workout here.

Modified Hot Burn Workout:
Complete 5 rounds of this entire circuit as fast as possible in proper forms
50 freestyle skips
5 Reptile Push Up (each side)
50 freestyle skips
20 Deadlift (I used 35 lbs backpack)
50 freestyle skips
20 Laying scissors and toe touches

For freestyle skippings, I altered between regular, side to side, scissors and jump rope jack for every single one.

My time: 23:12.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Death By Workout

I know I started slacking off with my morning workout schedule lately, so today I tried to squeeze in my workout of the day before lunch. When you know you're not gonna be anywhere for the rest of the day other than staying home, it's easy to just want to workout later of the day because the body feels more flexible and no need to warm up too long.

I picked one of Zuzana's older workout, Death By Workout which she did way back in 2009. This was my first time trying it and thought it shouldn't be too hard but I was wrong. At the beginning, I was aiming to finish this within 15 minutes but that didn't happen.

Workout breakdown:
Complete 15 rounds of
30 side jump lunge with touch down (alt. sides)
3 plank, push up and plank jump combo
3 side plank steps
3 plank, push up and plank jump combo

I completed it in 20:02. Not bad. Will do BETTER NEXT TIME!

Monday, June 13, 2011 Amazing Fat Burner Workout

Today's workout was a combination of interval training and time challenge. Since we got no breaks for the interval training, no scores recorded.

Workout breakdown:
Part #1 4 minute interval training (9 sec / 6 second for 16 rounds)
High Knees
2 commando push ups

Part #2 Time Challenge
Complete 12 sets of
10 sandbag squats (I used 20 lbs backpack)
4 reptile & one leg push up combo

I completed Part#2 in 13:08

Total workout time: 17:08

Saturday, June 11, 2011 Fat Destroyer Workout 2

Since I've been sitting on my ass for almost the entire day, I decided to doFat Destroyer Workout. The first time I did this was way back in December.

Workout breakdown:
10 sec off/50 sec on for 20 rounds.

1. Sandbag squat & Twisted Knee Up (alternating sides)- used 20lbs backpack
20-14-15-14 (old 18-10-10-9 with pair of 10 lbs DB and down to 8 DB)

2. Triceps Push Ups & Leg Lift (alternating legs)
18-14-13-12 (old 10-10-9-7)

3. 1 Leg Get Up and Knee Up (Left) with 20 lbs backpack
15-11-13-13 (old 10-10-10-10)

4. 1 Leg Get Up and Knee Up (Right)
13-13-12-12 (old 12-10-10-10)

5. Burpee with Knee Raises (I did Jump Tuck instead because I don't have a dip
7-6-7-7 (old 7-7-6-6)

By the end of this workout, I was totally drenched! Felt good though, especially that I mostly beat my old scores!

Friday, June 10, 2011 365 Reps Belly Blaster Workout

As I thought I might wanna do this workout tomorrow, I busted my ass and did it before dinner. Glad I did, because it became the highlight of the day.

Workout breakdown:
Complete the entire circuit with proper forms (Time Challenge)
30 reps Sandbag Squat & Back Lunge (I used 20 lbs backpack)
30 reps Triple Knee Tuck/ 1 Leg Push Up Combo (each push up counts as 1 rep)
30 rep Sandbag full body workout (20 lbs backpack)
30 reps Forward and Backward Lunge (each leg)- Had to drop the backpack to 15lbs - each lunge count as 1 rep
30 reps seated pull ups
30 reps sandbag squats (15lbs)
30 reps side plank jumps (each side jump count as 1 rep)
30 reps lift split (aka Core splits)- I subbed this with Star Crunch
30 reps pendulum
15 reps One Arm Press Up (each arm)
30 reps Mountain Climber
5 reps Ninja Jump Tuck

I completed this workout in 32:01. Not too shabby huh?

Btw I finally ordered a dip station, which should arrive sometime next week.

Can't wait to use it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011 10 minute Burpee Reptile Exercise Challenge

Do as many Burpee reptile as possible within 10 minute countdown.

I did 88 reps.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Survivor Workout 2

This was my second time doing Survivor Workout, which I did sometime back in February.

Workout breakdown:
Part #1 & Part #3 - 10 sec off /50 sec on for 5 rounds (each part)
Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Left) 26 // 24 (old 24 // 24)
Backward Lunge and Kick Up (Right) 23 // 21 (old 24 // 21)
One Arm Press Up (alt. arms) 11 // 11 (old 10 // 9)
2 Kick Up and Breakdance Push Up 9 // 8 (old 7 // 9)
Pike Jump and Squat Jump 9 // 9 (old 10 // 9)

Part #2 - 5 minute time challenge
One Leg Squat and Jump Tuck - 37 reps (modified - holding on a handrail but squatted all the way down) (old 33 reps - modified - holding on a chair)

After cooled down and stretched a bit, I continued with my own workout challenge
As many sets as possible in 10 minutes:
10 reverse push up (I straighten one leg to make it more challenging)
10 sit ups
10 jump tuck

Result? I did 6 sets total.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 Give Me Everything Workout

The second bodyrock workout for this week was Give Me Everything Workout. I love this short and intense 12 minute workout!

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds
One Leg Deadlift (Left) 14-10
One Leg Deadlift (Right) 14-12
Jump Rope Jack 49-50
Knee Raise on Dip Station (I subbed it with Knee Hugs) 25-25
Jump Rope Jack 48-40
Breakdance Push Up 10-11

For One Leg Deadlift I used one 15lbs dumbbell and I had enough trouble to keep my balance already.

Then I did my own upper body strength training workout
3 rounds of:
12 dumbbell overhead press (I used a pair of 8lbs)
12 Dumbbell deadlifts (I used a pair of 15 lbs)

Plus I did 5 Assisted One Leg Squat (each leg). I'm planning to do this everyday so one day I'd be able to do unassisted One leg squat.

Monday, June 6, 2011 LA Hard Body Workout

It felt so GREAT to finally back on my workout groove so I did 12 minute LA Hard Body Workout this morning!

Workout breakdown:
Set the interval timer for 10 sec off/30 sec on for 18 rounds
Alter High Knees Skipping before each exercises below
High Knees Skipping (I'm working on it to get it smoother!)

Ball Chopper 15-16-16
Reverse Push Up 11-12-11
123 Sumo Jump Up 8-8-9

I kept in mind to focus on my form rather than speed. Numbers do not determine anything if I didn't maintain proper form.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

40 minute Yoga

I would say today would be my last active rest day and will be back bodyrocking tomorrow again! My lower back felt TONS better and the pain is getting lesser and lesser. This morning I decided to take care of myself and did 40 minute yoga. I made up most of the sequence (strength, flexibility, balance etc) and got a good sweat.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Self 12 minute Exercise Challenge

I don't want to push myself too hard yet so today I just did my own 12 minute exercise challenge:
10 reps push ups
10 reps reverse push ups
10 reps pike press

I completed 5 sets and felt great. Better than sitting around on my ass for the entire day.

Friday, June 3, 2011 Amazing Abs Workout

So I took 2 days off until my lower back pain less painful. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't only sitting on my ass the whole day and ate crap. In fact I did some stretches and light yoga on and off throughout the day.

This morning when I woke up, my lower back pain was a lot better so I did Amazing Abs workout.

The workout was only 12 minutes long and I focused more on my forms rather than aiming for the highest reps.

Part #1 3 minute interval (10sec /10sec for 9 rounds- no rest)
Maximum efforts of Kick Ups and Mountain Climber Peaks back to back non stop

Part #2 6 minutes interval (10 sec off/30 sec on for 9 rounds)
Side Plank and Knee Tuck (Right) 7-6-5
Side Plank and Knee Tuck (Left) 7-6-6
Prisoner's Get Up 6-5.5-5

Part #3 3 minute interval (10sec /10sec for 9 rounds- no rest)
Maximum efforts of Plank Jumps and Knee Hugs back to back non stop

Afterward I did some upper body strength training like pike press, push ups (triceps style) and dumbbell overhead press (used a pair of 8lbs DB) for 3x3 and 5x5