Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back, Shoulders and Arms

My today's upper body workout. The beauty of not having to rush things around. I had a little trouble falling asleep last night and even was wide awake a bit earlier than 4am without any alarm. But I laid down half asleep until 6am then did the usual morning stuff before gym.

I implemented the machine assisted pull up as my trainer DebbyK suggested. In between my upper body sets, I sneaked in some pull up stuff with the machine. I used less assistance. Not sure the weight since the top 5 weight stacks above 10lbs weight stack weren't labeled so I just indicated how many weight stacks that I was using. I did total 15 reps of machine assisted pull up (overhand grip).

And as usual I also sneaked in some bodyweight leg stuff (6 sets hammies/posterior chain moves and 3 sets quad centric moves)

Tomorrow I might actually go to one of those Zumba classes at LA Fitness. Should be something fun and different to do on non weight day as now I have the time.

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

Standing DB Rear Delt Flys
5lbs x 20
7.5lbs x 15
7.5lbs x 15

BB Row / Incline One Arm DB Chest Press
55lbs x 12 / 15lbs x 12@each
65lbs x 10 / 25lbs x 8@each - not too good set so decided to move down weight on next set
70lbs x 8 / 20lbs x 10@each

Machine assisted pullup
5 stacks+5lbs x 2

Wide Lat Pulldown / seated DB shoulder press / machine assisted pullup
55lbs x 8 / 20lbs x 8 / 4 stacks x 2
55lbs x 8 / 20lbs x8 / 4 stacks x 2
55lbs x 8 / 20lbs x 8 / 4 stacks x 2

Seated DB Arnold Press / Bench Reverse Hyper 20x
20lbs x 8
20lbs x 5- left arm gave away-might be too heavy

Seated One Arm DB Arnold Press / Bench Reverse Hypers 20x
15lbs x 12@each

Machine Assisted Pullup
4 stacks x 3
3 stacks x 2
2 stacks x 2

Standing DB Lateral Delt flys / BB Lying ovhead Tris Ext / One leg hip thrust (feet & shoulders elevated on 5 risers)
3x7.5lbs x 15 /3x 20lbs x 15 / 3x12-15@each

Standing DB alt front delt raise / DB Alt biceps curl / curtsey lunge
7.5lbs x 20 @each /10lbsx12@each / 12@each
10lbs x15@each / 10lbs x 12@each / 12@each
10lbs x 15@each / 10lbsx12@each /15@each

2 rounds core:
Elbow side plank lift 10@each
RKC plank till fatigue
Hollow rock hold & side roll hold till fatigue @each

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility warm up
Med band clams
Fire hydrant circle
Donkey kick
Bird Dog

BB Back Squat
65lbs x 12 - warm up
75lbs x 10 - felt good form
75lbs x 10
75lbs x 8

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) / free standing med band side hip abdct 20@each
215lbs x 12
235lbs x 12
235lbs x 12
235lbs x 12

One Leg Press (weight @each)
3x10lbs x12@each

Lying One Leg Curl/ plate Walking lunges
20lbs x 15@each / 25lbs x 24 total reps
25lbs x 15@each / 25lbs x 24
25lbs x 15@each / 25lbsx24

Straight Legs Cable Pull Through
12.5lbs x 20
14lbs x 20
15lbs x 20 - ok

45° One Leg Hyper Ext

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kettlebell Circuit Workout

3 rounds
KB Swing 20x
TGU 1@each
1 arm snatch 10@each
1 arm clean & Jerk 10@each
Bodyweight squat 10
KB One Arm Row 10@each
30" battle rope

18-22.5lbs for snatch,TGU & Long cycle
Used 44lbs swing
25lbs row

Sledgehammer 10@each
Sled push & pull - 4 rounds (135-155lbs?)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility warm up (at home)
Med band clams
Fire hydrant w med band
Donkey kick w ankle weight
One Leg glute bridge on ball
Band RDL

BB Deadlift
95lbs x 12- warm up
120lbs x 10
125lbs x 8
125lbs x 8

BB Front Squat / BB one Leg RDL
3x75lbs x 8 / 3x40lbs x 12@each

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers. / standing band hip abdct
205lbs x 12 / back kick 20@each
225lbs x 10 / back kick 20@ea
245lbs x 10 / side 20@ea
205lbs x 15/ side 20@ea

Seated Leg Curl /2 DB Side Lunges (dB eac hand)
3x60lbs x 15 /3x 15lbs x 12@each

Weighted 45° Hyper Ext

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back, Shoulders and Arms

Here's today's Upper body workout. Mainly did machine stuff with some free weights for shoulder isolation and arms in the end. Plus squeezed in some core stuff too.

As usual, did some light leg stuff in between upper body sets.

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

Peck deck rear delt flys/ peck deck chest fly
25lbsx 15 / 30lbs x 15
35lbs x 15 / 40lbs x 15
45lbs x 15 / 55lbs x 15

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown / standing side hip abdct 20@each
50lbs x 12
50lbs x 10 - hard set
50lbs x 12-hard last 2 rep

3 reps machine assisted pullup last 2 sets (30lbs->25lbs)
Seated Cable Row / One leg hip thrust
3x27.5lbs x12 / 3x12@each (pause method)

3 reps machine assisted pullup (20lbs)

Hammer Iso Shoulder Press (weights@each side. / One Leg RDL w reach out (standing to Warrior 3 Yoga pose type)
15lbs x 12 / 12@each
2x17.5lbs x 10- hard last 2 reps /2x12@each

Push ups / Skater squat
3x5 (hold 1 sec bottom) / 3x10@each

Standing DB Side Delt Flys / alt dB hammer curl
3x7.5lbsx20 / 3x10lbs x 15@each

3 Rounds core:
Side elbow plank lift 12@each
Full plank & knee tuck 20-30 total

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility Warm up
Band American Deadlift
Stability ball one Leg glute bridge
Stability ball hamstring curl
Fire hydrant circle
One Leg Hip Thrust

One leg lying ham curl

BB Hip thrust (on a low platform-maybe equal to 2 aerobic risers) / heavy band standing hip abct 20@each
135lbsx 20 - warm up
225x 12
235lbs x 12
235 x 12
235 x 12

BB Back Squat / 15-20 V up abs
55lbs x 15
65lbs x 12 - below parallel
70lbs x 12 - below parallel
70lbs x 11- below parallel -hard last rep

Leg Press (weight @each side) / bike abs 20
3x120lbs x 10

60lbs x 15
2x70lbs x 15

One Leg Ext

45° one Leg Hyper Ext
10 extra rep on right side

Kettlebell Circuit Workout

3 Rounds Circuit:
Push ups 10x
Figure of 8 to hold 20x total
Kb Swing 20x
1 Arm Half Snatch 10@each
Windmill 5@each
1 Arm KB Row 10@each
Knee to Elbow 15-20

Used :
18lbs for figure 8 & windmill
22.5lbs for half snatch
25lbs for row
35lbs for swing

KB Figure of 8 photo montage:

KB One Arm Half Snatch photo montage:

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Hip Thrust was quite tough in the beginning until I got my mind and body connection going!

Apparently 80lbs is my current 8 rep max Front Squat. I feel I could keep my form better with Front Squat than Back Squat.

BB Sumo Deadlift
65lbs x 12 - warm up
100lbs x 12 - warm up
120lbs x 12
125lbs x 10 - left grip weaker last 2 reps
130lbs x 8

BB Front Squat
65lbs x 12 - warm up
75lbs x 10- hard last 2 reps
80lbs x 8- bar positioning on left was a bit off
80lbs x 8 - better set - hard last 2 reps

BB Hip Thrust 5 risers/ seated double band hip abdct 20x
165lbs x 12
205lbs x 12
225lbs x 10
205lbs x 15 (pause rep last 3 reps)

Lying ham curl /1 DB Bulg SS on ham curl pad
60lbs x 15 / 12.55lbs x 12@each
60lbsx 13/ 15lbs x 15@each
60lbs x 12 / 15lbs x 12@each

Cable Hip Rotation - first time trying just for finisher
2x12.5lbs x20@each

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back, Shoulders & Arms with light legs workout

I think I maxed out my machine assisted pull up..haha. I could barely pull myself up towards the end even after added more assistance.

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

Bent Over DB Rear Delt Flys
5lbs x 20
2x7.5lbs x 15

BB Row / Standing Heavy Band Hip Abduction 20@each
45lbs x 15 - warm up
55lbsx 15
65lbs x 12
70lbs x 8
70lbs x 10

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown
47.5lbs x 15
50lbs x 12
52.5lbs x 10- hard last 2 reps --> new weight record!
45lbs x 14- burnout set

BB Incline Chest Press
40lbs x 15 - grip too narrow
2x40lbs x 12- wide grip- better chest activation

Machine assisted pull up / Curtsey Lunge
25lbs x 7 -> 45lbs x 7 / 12@each
25lbs x 5 -> 45lbs x 5->55lbsx
5 /12@each

Note: 2nd set very fatigue

Seated DB Arnold Press (DB @each hand) / 45° hyper ext
15lbs x 12/ 15
15lbs x 15 / 15
15lbs x 12/ 15

Seated DB Overhead Triceps Ext / Incline One Arm DB Curl
15lbs x 15 / 10lbsx12@each
15lbs x 15 / 10lbs x 12@each - too hard to keep good form
15lbs x 15 / 7.5lbsx12@each

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Glutes & Legs

I didn't feel too energetic, nor in a mood of doing anything heavy so I kept things lighter with more reps. Not in the mood of doing any BB Squats either so did Plié Squat holding 1 DB horizontally. Totally quads and butt burner!

Mobility Warm up

One DB Plié Squat / One leg hip thrust on bench 12-15@each
20lbs x 15 - warm up
40lbs x 15 - warm up
55lbs x 12
65lbs x 12

BB Hip Thrust on bench / Seated heavy band Hip Abduction 20-30x
155lbs x 12
185lbs x 10
205lbs x 8 - hard set
165lbs x 13- started felt on hammies & adductors

Note: BB Hip Thrust on a bench is harder as I can't get my butt touching the floor without feeling a bit too uncomfortable.

Leg Press (weight @each side)
100lbs x 12
110lbs x 12 - hard set struggled last 2 reps
120 lbs x 10

One DB One Leg RDL / One DB Side Lunges
35lbs x 15@each / 20lbs x 15@each
45lbs x 12@each / 25lbs x12@each
45lbs x 12@each / 25lbsx12@each

Lying Leg Curl
65lbs x 12
65lbs x 12 ( used 60lbs last 5 reps)
60lbs x 12

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kettlebell Circuit Workout

KB Interval 45" on / 20" off x3
1 arm swing to snatch (L.)
1 arm swing-snatch (R)
Burpee no push up
Push up
Dbl KB Alt floor press
Fwd & backwrd walking lunges
Alt one KB Row

Used 18-22.5lbs KB for most
25lbs for row

Heavy KB Swing 5x44lbsx15

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Glutes & Legs (burnout med rep/heavy)

BB Deadlift
100lbs x 12 - warm up
120lbs x 12 - warm up
125lbs x 12
125lbs x 8- hard - felt form might erode if pushed more

BB Back Squat
55lbs x 12 - warm up
65lbs x 12 - warm up
85lbs x 12
90lbs x 10- hard still had 1-2 reps in tank

BB Hip Thrust 5 risers/ side heavy band walk 15@each between sets
205lbs x 12
215lbs x 12
225lbs x 10
205lbs x 13

BB RDL / Weighted Bulg SS (weight @each side)
80lbs x 15 / 5lbs x 12@each
85lbs x 12 / 5lbs x 12@each
85lbs x 12 / 5lbs x 12@each

Lying Leg Curl
60lbs x 15
60lbs x 12
60lbs x 12

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back, Shoulders and Arms with Light Glutes/Legs

Today's upper body workout with some light legs (focused on posterior chain such as One Leg Hip Thrust, Standing Side Hip Abduction, One Leg DB RDL) and a set of Skater squat towards the end.

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

Incline DB Rear Delt Flys / incline DB chest flys
3x7.5lbsx20 / 3x10lbs x15

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown/ standing side hip abdct 20@each
45lbs x 15- ok
50lbs x 12
50lbs x 12 - hard last 2-3

One Arm DB Row / Seated One Arm Arnold Press
3x25lbs x 15@each / 3x20lbs x 12@each (moved down to 15lbs last 5-6reps)

Note: So I tired out using 20lbs DB for single Arm Arnold Press - my left hand managed to do 5-6 reps before I had to switch down to 15lbs to finish off the reps - total 12 reps. My right obviously could do more but I'll use my weaker side as my max reps for now.

Incline DB Chest Press (DB @each) / one leg hip thrust (paused top method)
20lbs x 15 / 12@each
20lbs x 15 / 15@each
25lbs x10- hard last 2 esp left / 15@each

Note: I could do 25lbs DB Chest Press for at least 10 reps! :)

Incline Overhead Ez Curl Bar Triceps ext / Standing ez curl bar biceps curl
20lbs x 15 / 20lbs x 15
20lbs x 17 / 20lbs x 12
20lbs x 15 / 20lbs x 12

Note: I was going to try Incline Biceps Curl but realize I need to use a pair of DB not EZ Curl Bar..LOL so I had to do standing EZ Curl Bar Biceps Curl instead.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility & bodyweight warm up

Lying Leg Curl
50lbs x 15
55lbs x 12
60lbs x 12

BB Front Squat / DB RDL
55lbs x 17 / 40lbs x 15 - warm up
75lbs x 12 / 40lbs x 15
80lbs x 10 / 60lbs x 15
85lbs x 8 / 80lbs x 15 (40lbs@ each hand)

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) / standing heavy band hip abdc 30x
205lbs x 15
225lbs x 12
235lbs x 12
195lbs x 20 - hard last 5 reps

One Leg Press (weight @each side)
No weight x 15@each - testing
5lbs x 15@each
10lbs x 12@each
10lbs x 12@each

Note: felt a lot on ham/butt- right leg felt a bit burn above knee cap/tip of quad

Machine assisted pullup (started less assistance to more)
25lbs x 5 --> 45lbs x 7 (12 reps)
25lbs x 6 --> 45lbs x 8 (13 reps)
45lbs x 12 - straight pump up set

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kettlebell Circuit

45" on / 20" off -3x interval
KB swing*
1 arm jerk (L) 22.5lbs
1 arm jerk (R)
Windmill (L) 15lbs
Windmill (R)
Push up to superman plank
KB Ab crusher (hollow rock to 4 Russian twist)

Sled Push 4x 200lbs x 20 yards

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout (high reps heavy weights)

BB Sumo DL
65lbs x 15 - warm up
105lbs x 15 - warm up
120lbs x 15 - a bit easy
125lbs x 12- challenging but doable - still have tank left for 3 more reps possibly but firm might erode - grips might losing it

BB Back Squat (nonstop reps)
75lbs x 15
80lbs x 12
85lbs x 12- hard last 2 reps

Note: BB Back Squat form might not be perfect so need to back off the weights.

BB RDL (focused PPT on top)
3x80lbs x 12 - need better left grip endurance

BB Glute Bridge / stabding heavy band hip abdct
145lbs x 25
215lbs x 15 - might not get much full ROM
215lbs x 15 - better set
195lbs x 20- hard last 5 reps

Lying One Leg Curl
3x25lbs x 12@each

One Leg Extension
25lbs x 12@each
25lbs x 15@each - skimped ROM last 2-3 on left leg
25lbs x 13@each

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back, Shoulders and Arms

I mainly used machines for today's most upper body except some DB Arnold Press and some shoulder isolations.

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

Incline DB Rear Delt Fly
5lbs x 20
2x7.5lbs x 15

T Row Bar (with ab pad)
25lbs x 15 - warm up
30lbs x 12
35lbs x 10
40lbs x 8

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown
45lbs x 15- hard last 3 reps
45 x 15 - hard last 2-3 reps
45 x 12

Push Ups / one leg glute bridge on ball
3x10 / 3x12@each (iso hold top)

Standing DB Arnold Press / stability ball leg curl
12.5lbs x 15@each / 12
2x15lbs x 12@each / 2x12

Standing DB Lateral Delt raise / cable pull through
3x7.5lbsx20 / 3x 12.5lbsx15

Note: Tried this cable pull through - mimicking KB swing but it just wasn't the same but got nice stretch on my hammies.

Standing DB Front Delt Raise / DB Alt Curl
3x7.5lbs x 15 / 3 x 7.5-12.5lbs x 10-12

Some quick core stuff

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Glutes & Legs

I was not so energized this morning - more like mentally I think and I was going to take it easy.

Tried out BB Pliét Squat (with bar on back)- not bad. I think I could only squat in wide stance like this with back squat style- Front squat I need to keep my feet no wider than shoulder width or even narrower to get full depth.

Then head over to Hip Thrust.

Low and behold: because of my bad math, I actually Hip Thrusted much heavier than I thought, even with the warm up set -LOL! I was thinking I loaded 165lbs as my activation set and added 10-15 lbs from there. Towards the end, I was like, hey I didn't start off 165 but 185lbs! (2x45lbs + 2x25lbs + 45lbs bar = 185lbs) - Hahahaha!! I was so glad I actually did those for 8-10 reps!

Leg Press - I went up to 120lbs (weight on each side) and got 10 reps! My left foot cramped up a bit afterward that I had to stretch it out. These were hard sets!

Then some little accessories and finished off with some bodyweight back workout.

Mobility & bodyweight warm up

BB Pliét Squat (wide stance)
45lbs x 15 warm up
65lbs x 15
75lbs x 12
85lbs x 10

Lying Leg Curl
60lbs x 15
60lbs x 12
60lbs x 12

BB Hip Thrust (5 risers)
185lbs x 15
205lbs x 12
215lbs x 10
225lbs x 10
225lbs x 8

Leg Press (weight @each side)
100lbs x 15 - challenging set
110lbs x 12 - hard last 2 reps
120lbs x 10

Note: left foot felt tight- cramped- need to massage/stretched

BB Single Leg RDL / Weight plate Side Lunges
40lbs x 12 @each / 10lbs x 15@each
40lbs x 12@each / 10lbs x 12@each
40lbs x 15@each / 10lbs x 12@each

Reverse Body Rows (at squat rack)

Now my booty will surely feel it, especially the side glutes!