Friday, July 23, 2010

Round 2: Day 82 & 83

Day 82 - ARX, Back & Biceps
Again, I had to workout in the evening right after work and before dinner. In some ways I started to miss my morning workout. True I had to drag my ass from the bed and it was still dark outside. But the payoff of get it done without interfering with my daily schedule was priceless. I've been going to bed quite late for the past 2 days and I don't want let it disrupts my usual 10pm bed time. Anyway, this will mark the last resistance workout for this round. Recovery next week and I'll be done with Round 2.

What's next? I dunno. I might want to break away from structured workout DVD (and from Tony) for a bit. But doesn't mean I'll just lead back to my sedentary lifestyle. I'll still do short workouts daily (30 min jog outside my house, some abs workouts, yoga, weight lifting, total body workout etc, you name it). I'll use whatever moves I've learned from P90X and do them in different ways. Kinda like improvise my workouts. Also I'm very interested to do this one hundred push ups program.

Day 83 - Rest

Totally needed.

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