Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kettlebell Circuit Workout & Core

KB Circuit
4 rounds
Db KB Cleans 10x
Db KB Half Snatch 10x
Db KB Jerk 10x
Band assisted pullup 10x
Side plank walk 10@each

Cleans,snatch,jerk no putting bells down (20lbs -> 18lbs last set)
Pull up (4x lt band -> 5-6x med band)

Core stuff - 3 rounds
Iso Side plank hold 20 breaths @each
Iso Plank hold 20-30 breaths

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Here's today's lower body workout. BAHT style for Deads and Back Squat - total killer..especially with superset. I totally understand now why only 4 sets and 4 exercises.

Hip Thrust only went regular set going heavy and after did heavy set I even didn't have much energy to do burn out sets but still did. Super hungry also!

I managed to do 15 reps with 120lbs - very hard last 5 reps though. I had to paused 1 sec at bottom before powering up. I might be able to squeeze one more rep but my form might erode. Geez even 2 sets DL warm up already taxing my cardio.

Various glute Mobility Warm up

BB Deadlift / DB Rev Lunge & Knee Up (weight on @side)
85lbs x 15 -warm up / 5lbs x 15@each
95lbs x 15- warm up / 10lbs x 15@each
115lbs x 15 / 15lbs x 15@each
120lbs x 15- ok weight / 15lbsx15@each

BB Back Squat / DB RDL
45lbs x 15 / 25lbs x 15 warm up (hold 1 weight plates)
55lbs x 16 / 50lbs x 15 (hold 2 weight plates) -warm up
65lbs x 16 / 35lbs x 15 (hold 2 DBs)
75lbs x 15 / 35lbs x 15 (hold 2 DBs)

BB Hip Thrust (4 risers) /heavy band standing side hip abdct
165lbs x 15 - iso hold
185lbs x 12hard last 2 reps
205 x 12- controlled eccentric
215 x 8 - iso hold
185lbs x 13- no iso hold -tired!

Seated One Leg Curl

One leg Lying Leg Curl
30lbs x 12@each (last 4 reps moved down to 20lbs)
20lbs x 15@each

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back, Shoulders & Arms

Did similar rep range/sets style as my Tuesday lower body - heavy weights with high reps.

I took weights that I usually could do for 8-10 and pushed through 15 reps. Only main lifts - did 2 warm up sets for each main lifts and 2 working sets - trying out BAHT style. Very minimal rest other than switching/loading weight plates and recording my sets on my phone.

Such a killer! Hammer Shoulder Press destroyed me. Same as Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown. BB Row - I think I might skimp the last 2-3 reps to get full ROM.

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

Standing DB Bent Over Rear Delt Fly / DB Chest Fly
3x7.5x15/ 3x7.5lbs x 15

BB Row
45lbs x 15- warm up
55lbs x 15 - warm up
60lbs x 15- hard last 2-3 reps
60lbs x 15 - hard last 5 reps (singles)

Hammer Wide Lat Pulldown
25lbsx 18 - warm up
35lbs x 17 - warm up
45lbs x 15- hard last 3 reps
45lbs x 15 - hard last 3 reps

Seated DB Shoulder Press (palm facing fwd)
12.5lbs x 18 - warm up

Hammer Iso Shoulder Press (weight @side)
15lbs x 16 -warm up
17.5lbs x 15 - hard last 5 reps
17.5lbs x 15- hard last 5 - almost failed last rep

Standing DB Lateral Delt Raise / Reverse Hyper on 9 risers
3x7.5lbsx20 / 3x20

Seated DB Overhead Triceps Ext / seated DB hammer curl
3x 12.5lbs x 15-20 / 3x 10lbs x 12

Core & Light Glutes
One Leg Hip Thrust (6 risers)
3x15@each (iso hold top last reps)

Elbow Side Plank Lift

Plank side walk
2 x 20 total

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout (heavy weights - high reps)

Basically today's workout were taking most of heavy weights that I usually do 10-12 and pushed to 15 or even a bit more if I still could have some in tank left but still could execute in proper form.

So I tested BAHT style set for my front squat. Holy crap, burning like hell but I got to get it over fast too..ha! Looks like 75lbs is my 15 hard reps.

Hip Thrust killed me. I had to lie there a bit after the lift to get over my little light headed..haha. People around me might wonder what the hell I did.

First time trying Rack pull. It's ok. Better than nothing and i didn't feel like doing Leg Press today.

Various Mobility Warm up

BB Front Squat (non stop - rest only changing weight)
45lbs x 15 - warm up
55lbs x 15 - warm up
65lbs x 17- pushed last 2!
75lbs x 15- hard last 5 reps

BB Hip Thrust (5 risers) - iso hold on last rep/heavy band walk
155lbs x 16- hard last 6 reps
165lbs x 15 - hard last 4 reps
185lbs x 12- hard reps -singles last 4 (had to adjust padding in middle rep)

BB Rack Pull / weighted bulg split squat (weight @side)
115lbs x 12 / 5lbs x 15@each
115lbs x 12 / 5lbs x 15@each
115lbs x 15 / 5lbs x 15@each

Seated Leg Curl / bodyweight side lunge 20 total
2x55lbs x 15 / 2x20
60lbs x 12 - good weight / 20x

19 sets total!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kettlebell Interval Circuit

Today's KB was great. No weighted leg stuff for me. Butt is so sore probably from yesterday heavy BB Hip Thrust 205lbs for 10 reps on 5 risers. I usually do 8 for that but I pushed that last 2 & also kept butt tension entire time esp on the eccentric move.

Btw glad to hear you had a great run yesterday. It always motivating more to have a workout companion :)

Oh another thing: I PR on my half snatch! I could half snatch 25lbs for at least 8 reps on left!

45"on / 20" off x3
Double KB cleans (22.5lbs)
Double KB Jerk (22.5lbs->18lbs)
Push up & Side plank hold
1/2 TGU (L) 18lbs
1/2 TGU (R) 18lbs
1 Arm Half Snatch (L) 25lbs->22.5
1 Arm Half Snatch (R) 25lbs
KB Sling Shot 22.5-25lbs.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout

No BB squats (again) - all squat racks were taken so had to improvise with DB Squats. Not bad. A pair of 25lbs DB did a good job with the burn for all 3 sets of 15.
Just total 12 sets today.

Various glute Mobility Warm up

BB Sumo Deadlift
75lbs x 15 - warm up
95lbs x 15- ok
115lbs x 10- grip

BB American Hip Thrust (5 risers) /heavy band walk
145lbs x 15 - iso hold
185lbs x 10- hard last 2 reps
205 x 10 - controlled eccentric

One leg Lying Leg Curl / DB Squats (hold 2 DB-weight@each)
30lbs x 12@each /25lbs x 15
30lbs x 12@each / 25lbs x 15
30lbsx 12 @left ( moved down to 25lbs last 5 reps @left -25lbsx 12@right / 25lbs x 15

One Leg DB RDL (hold 1 DB)
25lbs x 12@each
25lbs x 15@each
25lbs x 15@each

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Back, Shoulders and Arms plus core stability finisher

Various Mobility Warm up
Stability ball roll out, core stability drill, etc

DB Prone Incline Rear Delt Fly / Incline DB Chest Fly
5lbs x 15 / 7.5lbs x 15
2x 7.5x12-15 / 2x12.5lbsx12

BB Row / heavy bands side walking 20@each side
50lbs x 15 warm up
60 x 12 - struggled last 2
60 x 12 - struggled last 2

Wide Lat Pulldown / Standing side Hip Abdct 20@each
45lbs x 10
45lbs x 12 - struggled last 2
45lbs x 10

Machine assisted Pullup (started off w less assistance then more assistance)
25lbs x 7> 35lbs x 4 -> 45lbsx4

One Arm Alt DB Arnold Press / reverse hyper on bench
2x12.5lbs x 15@each (seated)/ 2x20
12.5lbs x 15@each (standing) / 20

Standing DB lateral delt raise / bench one leg hip thrust
3x7.5lbsx15 / 3x12@each

Bench Close Grip Push Ups / standing alt DB Side curl
10 / 7.5lbs x 15 - too light
10 / 12.5lbs x 12 - good weight
10 / 12.5lbs x 12

Alternative DB Side Curl video reference (17:07):

Core Stability
10 elbow side plank walk @each
30 breaths V up ab iso hold
10 elbow front/back walk @each
30 breaths v up ab iso hold

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Various Mobility Warm up

Laying Leg Curl (warm up)

BB Deadlift
100 x 15 warm up
120 x 8
120 x 8

BB Front Squat / plank knee tuck
45lbs x 12 activation
80lbs x 8/ 20 total
80lbs x 9 / 30 total

Various glute activation

BB Hip Thrust on 5 risers/ seated heavy band hip abduction 20-30
155 x 12
165 x 12
185 x 8
185 x 10- 4 singles

BB RDL / Weighted Bulg Split Squat
3x80lbs x 12 / 3x10lbs x 12@each

Weighted 45° Hyper Ext
2x25lbs x 20

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kettlebell Penthalthon and Circuit Training

KB Penthalton (5 min each / 3min rest)
One Arm Cleans (10kg) - got 80+ (max score is 80+) - meaning I could use more weight next time
One Arm Long cycle press (10kg) - got 36 - good weight (max score 60?)
One Arm Half snatch (8kg) - got 40 - ok weight (max score 60)
One Arm Clean & jerk (10kg) - got 52 - ok weight (max score 80)
First time doing sport style KB - not bad. Will definitely do these again to see how I'm doing. Eric I might screw up the max scores so feel free to chime in if I got it wrong.

Then I joined 9am crew for this bootcamp circuit:
Station Rotation (1 min each / 30 sec rest) x 3
360 mace
KB Sit Up
Med Ball slam
Crawl & sandbag drag
Kb Farmers Walk
Sled Chest Press
KB Sumo Deadlift

Another accomplishment: I tried to jump on a pull up bar and low and behold I could pull myself up!!!! - Tried it a couple times and after a while my grip got jacked up! haha but I was very happy that I got a taste on how to pull myself up without any assistance, although I can't do that yet from a dead hang. It's still a progress! Now my lats start feeling them!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Front squat:
Felt strong! I could do 2 sets of 10 now - with the depth like I did in the video.

Plate Loaded Squat Press
Is this the same machine as Leg Press? Both other Leg Press machines were being used so this was the only one left.

Various Mobility Warm up

BB Front Squat / Elbow side Plank Walk
45lbs x 12 warm up
80lbs x 10 / 20@each
80lbs x 8 /10@each
80lbs x 10 / 10@each

BB Hip Thrust on bench / seated heavy band hip abdct 20-30
135 x 12 - activation
155 x 10
165 x 8
155 x 10
145 x 12 -
135 x 15 - singles last 5

Plate Loaded Squat Press (weight on @each side)
75lbs x 12
80lbs x 12
85 lbs x 12

Lying Leg Curl / Bulgarian Split Squat
55lbs x 15 / 12@each
55x 12 / 12@each
55 x 12 / 12@each

Weighted 45° Hyper Ext
2x25lbs x 20

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back, Shoulders and Arms

Rear delt flys / peck deck flys
3x40lbs x 12 / 3x 55lbs x 12

BB Row / double bands walking front & side
50lbs x 15 warm up
60 x 10
60 x 12- struggled last 2
60 x 10

One Arm DB Row / single leg hip thrust
3x30 lbs x 10each /3x 15@each

Standing DB Arnold Press / bench close grip push ups
12.5lbs x 12 / 3-5
12.5lbs x 12 / 5
12.5lbs x 10 / 5

Standing BB Front Shoulder Press
40lbs x 8
40lbs x 10 (push press last 2)
40lbs x

Machine assisted Pullup (started off w less assistance then more assistance)
25lbs x 6 -> 35lbs x 4 -> 45lbsx5
25lbs x 5 -> 35lbs x 4-> 45lbsx 5

Machine assisted chin ups (started off w less assistance then more assistance)
20lbs x 6 -> 30lbsx4->50x5

Standing DB Lateral Delt Raise / Standing DB Hammer Curl / stability Ball glute bridge
3x7.5lbs x 15 / 3x10lbs x 12 /2x20

Core & Abs
3x10 breaths Chaturanga hold
3x10 @each elbow plank walks
3x10@each superman plank

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Today's workout wasn't too snazzy. My right foot (see attached picture) felt some sharp pain when I did the deadlift or whenever I tried to shift most of my weight to the right or pressing my entire foot on the ground, which was most proponent when doing the deadlift.

Once in a while, I do feel it when I walk or stepping using my right foot or whenever I shift most of my weight there.

Hip Thrust - OK. I was going to do pyramid but then I started having cramps so no pyramid.

And I wasn't dare enough to do squats so no squatting and focused more on hammies and lunges.

My stomach was eating up itself since I woke up. I thought it got a bit better after I had 1 Tbsp coconut oil upon waking up with my hot tea but then in the middle of workout it started out again. Usually it felt better after I had whey but not today. Stomach felt better and not eating itself after I had my solid fat/protein meal 30 minutes later.

Oh well overall today's workout was quite light for lower body.

Various Mobility Warm up

BB Deadlift / standing side hip abdct 20@each
45lbs x 15 - mobility warm up
95lbs x 12- warm up
120 x 8 - base right foot felt hurt when pushing it down
110 x 8 - had to stop- bottom right foot felt pain when shifting weight on

BB Hip Thrust on 5 risers /seated heavy band hip abdct 20-30
135 x 12 - activation
3x165lbs x 10

BB RDL / Plate Rev Lunge
3x75lbsx12 / 3x25lbs x 15@each

Laying Leg Curl
3x55lbs x 12 (moved down to 52.5lbs last 3 reps 3rd set)

Leg Extension
1x60lbs x 15
2x65lbs x 12

Monday, June 2, 2014

20 minute interval high knees jump rope HIIT

1 minute max effort high knees jump rope / 1:30 rest (with 30 Mt. Climbers so not exactly 1:30 resting the whole time) x 8 rounds

I am super happy I could do unbroken high intensity high knees jump rope for most of my entire 1 minute! Roughly about 120-150 skips!

Then 3 sets of double band sumo and monster walk to burn some bootay!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

HIIT Circuit

3 Rounds (1 min each) / 30 sec rest
Hand to Hand Jerk (22.5lbs)
Sled wrestling (130lbs)
Tire Flip (120lbs)
Mace Grave Digger (30 sec@each)
KB OH Situp (22.5lbs)
Freestyle Battle Rope
KB Bear Crawl (54lbs@each)

Band Assisted Pullup practice
2 sets
Thin band 6x --> med band 6x

Exact same workout as May 18, 2014.