Monday, March 29, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 58 - A Semi-Quiet Cardio X

Just as the title, I had to jump a little quieter this morning so I won't disturb my uncle who's sleeping at the other side of the living room. In fact, Tony always encourages us to land softly on our ball feet, right?

Despite that, I was still drenched in sweat, so it was all good.

This week, I am back to my regular weekday routine again (wake up at 4:30 am and finish workout before 6:30 am then shower and go to work- same old stuff).

Last night I had a get together with my other relatives and had a potluck dinner. Everything was homemade, most of the dished were vegetarians. Only our dishes had meat in it. It was pretty tiring yesterday, even though we had 3 people preparing the dish, still it took us the whole day to cook everything, including our own lunch.
But anyway, everything was good and everyone was happy. :D

Back to work now, same old job, same old work politic craps, same clueless people, same paycheck..but what the heck, it pays all my bills..haha.

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