Monday, December 31, 2012

LBKC 2012 New Year's Eve Kettlebell Workout

Last workout of the year 2012, so it gotta be bad and I planned to be a bad ass and pushed myself to my limit!

Good thing I got permission to work from home so I could sneak out in the morning to the class and nobody would notice anyway..haha. Fair enough, when I came back, nobody called me asking where I was. Besides most people started off late. Very few of them are super early birds like me!

Ok on to the workout!

#1 KB Jerk practice
10 reps each hand (12lbs KB)

#2 15 min AMRAP:
  • 1 rep each side Turkish Get Up + Windmill Combo (12lbs KB)
  • 10 rep each side double KB cleans (2x12lbs KB)
  • 8 reps each side Romanian Deadlift with 2 KB (2x25lbs KB)
  • 8 reps Pull ups (assisted with thick band - 75% off bodyweight)
Completed 4 rounds + 1 set Turkish Get Up + Windmill combo

#3 Abs
10 sets of:
Jack Knives + Russian twists combo (with 12lbs KB)

#4 Sled Push!
I did 4 laps of 275lbs sled push!! (1 minute rest after 1 lap)

1 lap = 20 yards.

275lbs! That's 2 3/4 of my bodyweight! If I had more time, I didn't mind to do at least 300lbs. Maybe it's not a good idea, I might break my legs...haha!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

LBKC Sunday Kettlebell Workout

PART#1: 3 Rounds (1 minute rest after the whole circuit)
Interval 30 sec on / 15 sec off - 8 Rounds
  • Double Half Snatch (2x12 lbs KB)
  • Goblet Alt. Reverse Lunge (25 lbs KB)
  • Burpee (w/ push up no jump up)
  • Double KB swings (2x18 lbs KB)
  • Double KB Push Press (2x12 lbs KB)
  • Double KB Bent Over Rows (2x22 lbs KB)
  • Chest Press V-Ups (12 lbs KB)
  • Dynamic Squat (12 lbs KB)

My reps as I remember:
  • 7-7-7
  • 13-14-14
  • 7-7-7
  • 15-18-19
  • 7-8-7
  • 8-8-8
  • 9-10-11
  • 15-13-16

PART#2: 500m rowing
First time doing this, my time was 2:19 (next time I will have to beat that)

PART#3: Abs
2 Sets:
10 crossed abs on bosu ball (each side)
10 hanging knee raises (on a pull up bar)

I was so beat so I didn't do HIIT Rowing like I did last week.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lower Body and HIIT Cardio

Lower Body:
  • 3x15 Bulgarian Split Squats (R/L) - 25lbs DB (hold at opposite side of leg)
  • 30x DB Swing (25lbs)
  • 3x20 Romanian Dead Lifts (R/L) - 25lbs DB (hold at opposite side of standing leg)
  • 30 DB Swing (25lbs)
  • 3x20 Goblet Squats (30lbs DB)
  • 30 DB Swing (30lbs DB)
  • 3x20 One Leg Elevated Bridge (R/L) - leg on a chair
  • 30x DB swing (30lbs DB)
HIIT Cardio 1 minute rest /30 sec MAX effort - 8 Rounds
High Knees/Run in place

I was so gassed out after 30 sec! Energy level was fine but I think I was more battling with my laziness or a bit unmotivated to workout today. Blame it to the dark, gloomy, rainy and cold morning!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Glute & Hamstrings Workout

3 Rounds:
  • 20x SB elevated shoulder hip thrusts
  • 20x DB walking lunges (each leg)
  • 20x elevated flutter kicks (each leg)

Flutter kicks:

Elevated Hip Thrusts (I used sandbag)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Upper Body Conditioning Workout

Part #1 - warm up
3 Rounds:
1 minute plank diagonal knee tucks

Part #2:
2 Rounds:
  • 5 min. turkish get up (switching side after 1 rep) - used 15lbs DB
  • 20x 2 hands DB swing (25lbs DB)
  • 5 min One Arm DB rows (1 arm - switch after about 8-10 rep each arm 17lbs DB)
  • 20x skater hops & jump (each side)
  • 5 min one arm DB Push Press (switch after about 8-10 rep each arm) 15lbs DB)

Round 1: Round 2:
  • 5 turkish get up (R/L)
  • 12-10-8-8 (R/L)
  • 12-10-8 (R/L) + 3 L
  • 5 turkish get up (R/L)
  • 12-10-8-6 (R/L) + 4 L
  • 12-10-8-6 (R/L)

Monday, December 24, 2012

LBKC 2012 Christmas Eve KB Workout plus HIIT Rowing

Today's workout was a beast! My upper back is already toast from yesterday and Friday's TRX rows so it was quite challenging for me, especially the pull ups, even though it was assisted with a thick band that supposed took off 75% of my bodyweight!

2 Rounds:
  • 20 One Arm Jerks (each side) - 15lbs KB
  • 40 Sumo Deadlift 53lbs KB
  • 40 Russian Wiper 15lbs KB
  • 20 One Arm Thruster (each side) 15lbs KB
  • 40 2 Arm KB Swing 25lbs KB
  • 20 Pull Ups (thick band assisted)
  • 20 Box Jumps (20" box)

  1. For jerks I did Push Press since I haven't learned it yet
  2. Russian Wiper: Lie down, hold KB over head and to leg lifts
  3. One Arm Thruster: Basically squat and press up
  4. Box Jumps: I did step ups

Then after finished with 2 rounds circuit:
80 yards overhead walking lunges (10lbs plate)

Result: 34:13

The best record was 24:02.

Then I did HIIT Rowing (1 minute rest / 30 sec MAX effort for 8 Rounds). I think I almost ran out of my gas. My rowing wasn't as great as yesterday. It could be because of the longer and tougher workout prior.

And I have nice gifts on my palm hands: calluses!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

LBKC Sunday Kettlebell Workout

My trainer was late today because he got a ticket. I almost thought if for some reason he couldn't show up, I was so ready to make up my own workout especially I had full access to all of these weights!

Anyway glad everything is ok.


Part #1: 3 Rounds circuit
  • 1 minute Turkish Get Up (30 sec each side) - used 12lbs KB
  • 30 sec Goblet Squats (used 30lbs KB)
  • 1 minute One Arm Clean and Press (30 sec each side) - used 15lbs KB
  • 1 minute One Arm Rows (30 sec each side) - used 18lbs KB
  • 30 sec Mountain Climbers (I sprinted thru this!)
Rest 1 minute and repeat the entire thing for 2 more rounds!

Reps I managed (as much I could remember):
TGU about 2-3 each side
Squats about 10-12
Clean & Press about 8-10 each arm
Mountain Climbers - didn't count!

The key here is not putting down the KB when switching sides. I wish I could go to 15lbs for the TGU but for the time being, I'll stick to 12lbs until I build my shoulder strength, especially my left arm.

Part #2: 5 minute snatch practice (used 12lbs & 15lbs KB)

Part #3:
30 sec off / 30 sec active 3 Rounds
  • Burpee (no push up) KB High Pulls (used 30lbs KB)
  • Close grip push up (hands on KB)

Reps I managed (as much I could remember):
Burpee High Pulls about 8-10
Close grip push up about 5-6

Afterward I went to the gym area and did HIIT Rowing
(1 minute rest / 30 sec all out for 8 Rounds)

Result: 1.6k row - not bad!

Hmm can I say that I actually kinda like rowing? Maybe it's too early to say that since I haven't tried to row 1k all at once!

Overall today's workout was AWESOME and I'm glad I finally didn't chicken out picking up my weights! I could still feel some soreness on my upper back from Friday's TRX rows and I think today it will be a bit more sore from those close grip push ups!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Legs, Abs and Cardio HIIT

It's the day after my Carb Nite so I need to workout hard today!

  • 3x12 DB Squat & Back Lunge (each side) - with 25lbs DB
  • 2 minute ball plank hold
  • 4x12 One Leg Deadlift (each side) - with 25lbs DB
  • 1 minute crossed elevated knee tucks
  • 4x12 DB walking lunges (with 25lbs DB on one hand, 10lbs on others, switched side after one set)
  • 1 minute side crunch (each side)
  • 3x12 DB side step ups
  • 1 minute weighted jack knives (started with 12lb DB then dropped the weight)
  • 4x12 SB elevated glute bridge

HIIT Cardio (1 minute rest / 30 sec on for 8 rounds)- Run in place!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Kettlebell Workout

I am just so happy that I took a day off from work so I could head up to LBKC for the kettlebell class. :D

Warm up:
20 KB Swing (I used 25lbs KB)
3 x Get Up and Sit Up (each side) (with 12lbs KB)
(Hold the KB overhead with one hand, lie down, get up to sit up position and slowly lower down without other hand' assistance).

3 Rounds:
8 One Arm Dead Snatch (each side) - with 12lbs KB
10 One Arm Back Lunge Pulse (each side) - with 12 lbs KB
10-15 TRX Rows
15 Chest Press V- Ups (with 12lbs KB) - Basically Crossed V ups
15 Bicycle (each side)

3 minute
Clean, Squat and Push Press (with 18lbs KB)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ZWOW #47: 12 minute Fat Burn Workout

My second HIIT workout for today. Gotta deplete these glycogen storage! As unfair as it sounds, we women tend to hold on to our glycogen storage. Ugh! Since I want to optimize my Carb Nite, I need to deplete it as much as possible. Let's see if I'm going to puke or faint at the end of this workout.

Original workout: Zuzana Light

12 minute AMRAP:
10 weighted forward/backward jump squats (with 2x8lbs DB)
5 ab splitters & supergirl push up combos

Result: 4 Rounds + 10 forward/backward jump squats

Myomytv Step it Up Conditioning Workout

Original workout:

Set interval timer for 20 sec rest/40 sec on for 6 Rounds in each Section - perform 2 Rounds on each sections! I did both sections before repeating the entire thing. I set 2 minute break in between sections.

Section #1
SB Front Squat to Reverse Lunge (right) 6.5 / 9
SB Front Squat to Reverse Lunge (left) 7 / 8
Inverted Rows* 9 /9
DB Push Press (left) 9 / 8
DB Push Press (right) 13 /13
Two-Handed DB Swing 27 /27

*** 2 minute break ***

Section #2
SB Weighted Side Step-Up (right) 12 /12
SB Weighted Side Step-Up (left) 11 / 13
Bench Jump Overs** 23 / 28
Single Arm DB Swing (left) 25 / 25
Single Arm DB Swing (right) 25 / 25
Two-Jump Burpees (burpee with 2 jump squats) 7 / 6

SB = 25lbs
DB = 12-15lbs

I did 3x15 sandbag hip thrust with my shoulders on a balance ball.

Cardio HIIT (1 minute off / 30 sec MAX effort 8 Rounds)
Push Up Burpees, jump squats, CrossFit burpees

In the end I just did CrossFit burpees as I could go all out more. Jump squats are a bit too hard for my knees, push up burpees didn't elevate my heart rate as much.

I don't own a KB yet so I did it with DB
* I did reverse push up with my dip station. I tried with straight legs but I figured I couldn't pull myself up as much to get more squeeze on my upper back, so I did bent legs but tried to shift most of my weight to my back and used less assistance from my feet
**I did side to side jump with my hands on the chair.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick Interval Cardio

Just a quick interval cardio so I could tap into more of my glycogen storage! I was going to do it in the morning but then I wanted more sleep so did this after I got home from work prior dinner!

1 minute rest / 30 sec MAX effort for 8 Rounds (about 12 minute)
Mountain Runners
Jump Tucks

Sunday, December 16, 2012

KB Sunday Class Workout

I was so pumped up for today's KB class that my eyes popped open around 6am and I couldn't go back to sleep! Geez, the class wasn't even started until 9am!

Anyway here's today's workout:
5 min AMRAP super sets (with 1 minute rest in between sets)
Set #1
Turkish Get Up (switching side) - used 10lbs KB

Set #2
1 Arm Push Press x 8 each side (used 12lbs KB)
Goblet Squat (used 15lbs then 25 lbs)
Got about 3 rounds

Set #3
Side to side push up (one hand on top of KB) x8
Single Leg Deadlift x 8 each side (used 15lbs KB)

Set #4
1 Arm Row x8 each side (used 12lbs KB then 15lbs KB)
Windmill x 5 each side (used 10lbs KB)

Set #5
Snatches x 8 (each side) - used 10lbs KB - mainly focus on the technique

Then Tabata ropes.

Great workout and I think I could graduate a bit from 10lbs KB to 12lbs KB nest time I do some upper body wo such as TGU, push press. For windmill and snatches, might take sometime until I get the technique right!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lower Body Glute Workout & HIIT Cardio

Workout reference:

Strength Workout:
Part #1:
3x15 bulgarian split squats (R then L)
30 sec 2 hands DB Swing

Part #2:
3x15 high deficit reverse lunge (R then L) - elevated step down lunge
30 sec X Band walk or (lying side leg lift-each side)

Part #3:
3x15 One Leg deadlift (R then L) - heavy DB
30 sec jump lunge

Part #4:
3x15 single leg bridge (R then L)
30 sec alt DB swing

Conditioning Workout:
15 sec off /45 sec on for 15 Rounds
Weighted or unweighted jumps
Pull burpee
Stand-kneel-stand (R)
Stand-KNeel_stand (L)
Renegade Rows

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lower Body & Abs Workout

Workout reference: Myomytv

3x15 DB Squats (2x12lbs DB)
3x15 One Leg Bridge (R) - on balance ball
3x15 One Leg Bridge (L) - on balance ball
3x15 DB Reverse Lunge (R) - SB on right shoulder (22-25lbs)
3x15 DB Reverse Lunge (L) - SB on left shoulder (22-25lbs)
3x15 DB One leg Deadlift (R) - 22-25lbs SB
3x15 DB One Leg Deadlift (L) - 22-25lbs SB

1 minute Russian twist (with 10-12lbs DB) - feet off ground-V Up position
2 minute plank hold

I was thinking to do some HIIT Cardio as finisher but for some reason I just felt lazy. So I'm thinking to do it later afternoon prior my Carb Nite feast to burn off extra glycogen as much as possible.

HIIT Skipping Cardio 2 minute off /1 minute on for 4 rounds - too much break so I did another HIIT competition burpee with jump tuck/overhead clapping with 1 minute off/ 30 sec on for 8 rounds.

Then I showered and started my Carb Nite feast!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Upper Body & Abs Workout

Original reference: Myomytv

Part #1:
3 sets of Turkish Get Up (with DB 8lbs DB)
3x3 TGU -8lb DB each side
3x3 TGU - 8lbs DB each side
3x3 TGU - 8lbs DB each side

Part #2:
3 rounds:
3 horizontal rows / seated pull up on a dip station
6 dynamic push ups

Part #3: Abs
1 minute leg raise on dip station
1 minute oblique knee raise on dip station

My leg raises SUX! My arms gave in after 10 reps!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Potluck Workout

Today was my 2nd day for Kettlebell workout. As lucky as I was, today was actually a group workout for both Kettlebellers and CrossFitters. There was no charge and after the workout, they were having a paleo friendly potluck. I didn't bring anything though, but I got to enjoy some of the dishes. YUM

So we did a little warm up prior then jumped into this:

8 minute AMRAP:
12 KB swings (I used 25lbs KB)
8 box jump (I did step ups)
4 burpees (competition style)

I completed 5 rounds & 6 step ups. I was so pooped with the swing after 4th round. Trying to keep my core tight and did proper swings or else I will mess up my back. For the burpees, I tried to jump as high as possible and clapped my hands above my head. To be honest, I felt quite excited to do the burpees despite it killed me a lot towards the 4th round.

4 minute rest

Then we were divided into 2 teams to do:
250 m rowing
70lbs 40 yards farmers walk (35lbs KB on each hand) - for women. I didn't how much weight for the men
40 yard sled push (125lbs for women / 215lbs. for men)

It was a fun workout. I was a bit sore from yesterday and I think I will be even more sore tonight and tomorrow. But it's not bad at all! LOVE IT!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Kettlebell Workout

My Carb Nite last night was FABULOUS! Today I had a chance to try out my first kettlebell class!

I drove up to Long Beach Kettlebell Club and met the trainer, Eric for one to one kettlebell class. It wasn't a private session, but it just happened I was the only one who could make it to 9am class.

I learned how to pick up the kettlebell, did deadlift, snatch, clean, swing and turkish get up.

As we had an extra time towards the end, he helped me put together an actual workout.

2 Rounds:
20 KB Swing (25lbs KB)
10 KB clean, snatch & Press (each arm) - 18lbs KB
10 KB press (each arm) -18lbs KB
10 KB goblet squat (25lbs KB)
1 turkish get up (each side) - 10lbs KB

5 band assisted chin up
40 yard sled push (100lbs)

Result? I was pooped! The sled push killed my legs completely! Am I hooked? YES! Definitely will come again! Too bad it's a bit far and I only have time during weekends to come. Since he doesn't have any scheduled class on Saturdays this month, I think I'll just stuck with Sundays for now.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Full Body & Core Weight Training Workout

Full Body & Core Weight Training Workout:
4x15 step ups & hammer curls (2x10-12lbs DB)
15 reps elbow side plank lift (each side)- hold 5 sec before coming down
3x15 triceps kick back (2x8lbs DB)
30 reps wall plank and knee tucks
3x1 minute iso bridge hold (with 10lbs mini SB)

Then I will enjoy my Carb Nite® this evening! :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Full Body Workout, Abs and LovingFit Bums & Steel Thigh Challenge

Full Body Workout & Abs:
4x12 DB squat (35lbs DB)
1 minute leg raise on dip station
3x12 Push up + plank row + press up* (2x 12lbs DB)
1 minute plank hold on balance ball
4x12 DB side lunge (2x 12lbs DB)**
1 minute weighted V up hold and ab twist with 10lbs SB
3x12 pike press (shoulder press)

Then LovingFit Bums & Steel Thighs Challenge (Week 3 Day 1)***
2 Rounds:
30 plie pulses (each side) - hold 15 sec on last rep
30 superman kicks (each side) - hold 15 sec on last rep

1:30 iso bridge hold (with 10lbs SB)

*I had to skip the press up on the push up & rows as I felt I couldn't maintain proper forms for the entire set. In the end it modified into push up and plank rows

**I forgot to count 2 side lunges as 1 rep. I counted each lunge as 1 rep.

***I did half portion early morning and will do the rest later tonight.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back, Abs and HIIT Cardio

Back & Abs Workout:
3x12 reverse push up / seated pull ups
2 minute ball crunches
3x12 wide rows (started off with 2x15lb DB then to 2x12lbs DB)
2 minute ball crunches
3x12 bent over rows (2x12lbs DB)
2 minute ball crunches
3x12 dive bomber push ups

HIIT Cardio (High Knees Skipping)
30 sec all out / 1 minute rest - 8 Rounds

I tried my best to bring my knees up high. Definitely a big difference. 30 secs was more than enough!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Legs, Abs & HIIT Cardio Workout

Legs & Abs Workout
4x12 SB+ squats
2 minute ball plank hold
4x12 DB one leg deadlift (each side) (2x15lbs DB)
1 minute crossed knee tuck plank
4x12 DB walking lunges (2 lunges = 1 rep)
1 min side crunch (alt. sides)
4x12 DB alt. step ups (2x15lbs DB)
1 min jack knives (10lbs SB)
4x12 SB glute bridge hold

Then LovingFit Bums & Steel Thighs Challenge Week 3 Day 1
Had to take rain check for this. My legs were so dead!

HIIT Cardio (by Sara Moneymaker)
AMRAP = 10mins
40 strict Mountain Climbers
10 Jump tuck Burpees
20 Dynamic squats
10 Pikes (V up Abs)
20 crab toe touches