Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Upper Body Workout & LovingFit: Fifth Element Abs

Believe it or not my chest, upper back and triceps were sore from Saturday upper body workout. So looks like I'll be stuck with doing curls for today's upper body day.

Upper Body Workout:
3 Rounds:
10 DB curls (palms facing the chest)
10 DB hammer curls (palms facing each other)
10 DB side lateral raise
10 DB front lateral raise

For curls I used a pair of 12lbs DBs and for lateral raise I used a pair of 8lbs DBs.

Then I continued with LovingFit Fifth Element Abs Workout to work on my abs

Original workout: LovingFit

Part 1
30sec/30 sec 4 rounds (no break)

Reptile Plank Right Leg
Mini Leg Lifts
Reptile Plank Left Leg
Mini Leg Lifts

Part 2
Weightless Crunch – 30 reps
Flexed Feet count 2 Scissors – 30 reps
Pointed Toes Reversed Scissors – 30 reps
Weighted Hard Rock Hard Core Exercise – 30 reps
Double Side Crunch – 20 reps per each side ( each 2 crunches counts as 1 rep )
Weighted Bicycle – 50 reps

Part 2 took me exactly 20 minutes I felt the burn on my abs at the end of the day. Fun times!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

LovingFit: Push Through It Lower Body Workout

3 Sets of 1 leg ball bridge lift (15 reps/set - per leg)

Original workout: LovingFit

Part #1:
40 reps 5 count isometric SB squat & 1 regular SB squat

Time: 12:04

Part #2: 2 rounds of (7 sec/13 sec for 10 Rounds)
Ballet booty exercise
- Stand with 1 leg, hold a balance ball above head - resting position
- Lift 1 leg back and holding a balance ball forward during 13 sec)
- Switch leg after 5 intervals
- Do the whole thing after finishing 10 rounds interval

Part #3:
20 reps - SB clean + 6 back lunge pulses (each leg)
Time: 9:21

Then some abs and cardio skipping. (40 sec off/1 minute on for 8 Rounds)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

LovingFit: 5D Strength Upper Body Workout

It's finally weekend where I can do a longer workout and this time I picked LovingFit 5D Strength. Work will be a bit crazy for the next 2 weeks so I want to make a good use of my weekend to get the most out for my workouts.

Part #1: 11 sec/ 11 sec for 10 rounds
Iso outward palm push up + kick backs

Part #2: 3 Rounds
10 side to side elevated pike press (shoulder press)
12 iso spiderman acro push ups
15 back lifts

Time 14:05

Part #3: 3 Rounds
12 one leg assisted dips + kicks
20 diagonal mt. climber jumpers
8 1 leg reptile dive bombers

Time 17:11

1. I did regular pike press instead of elevated
2. For spiderman acro push ups, I just did 1 leg push up
3. I did regular dive bombers

Then 11 sec on/ 11 sec active 10 Rounds skipping- all efforts in that 11 sec!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lower Body Weight Training & HIIT Cardio Abs

20 min. AMRAP:
5 pistols (each leg)
10 DB swing
10 one leg bridge on the ball (each side)
10 SB back lunge & knee up lift (each side)

Result 3 Rounds + 3 Back Lunge (Right side)

Cardio & HIIT Abs (40 sec rest/1 min active for 8 rounds)
Back lift+roll over + V ups (keep feet off the ground) 9-8
Side to side hops 25-25
Plank on a ball with alt. leg lift 24-25
Scissors skipping around 120s

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Upper Body Weight Training & Cardio Abs HIIT

20 min. AMRAP:
10 triceps push ups
10 DB bent over rows (with 12.5lbs x2 DB)
10 SB Clean and press (33lbs SB)
10 SB Curls

Result: 2 3/4 rounds (I forgot to do curls in 1st round)

Cardio & HIIT Abs (40 sec rest/1 min active for 8 rounds)
Competition burpees 14-14
3 way leg raise on dip station 14-13
High knees skipping 140-150
Side plank and leg lift (alt. sides) 8-8

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lower Body & Cardio Abs Workout

A lower body workout version of my yesterday upper body workout.

Lower body strength training:
3 Rounds:
15 deadlifts (33lbs SB + extra weights)
15 SB sumo deep squats
15 balance ball 1 leg bridge (each leg)
15 good mornings with SB

Abs & Cardio: 40 sec off/ 1 minute on for 8 Rounds
Weighted Russian twist
Mountain Climbers
Supergirl plank
Freestyle skipping

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Upper Body & Core Workout

Upper body strength training:
3x5, 3x3 3x1
DB upright row & press up (a pair of 12.5lbs DB) - used 15lbs at last set
DB triceps kick back (a pair of 8lbs DB)
push ups
seated pull ups with dip station (assisted way up/unassisted negative way down)

Abs/Core: LovingFit SunKissed Abs
30 abs core
15 diagonal elbow plank, knee tuck & leg lift (reptile) -each side
30 bent leg side to side sit up (froggie sit up)
15 side plank mill & diagonal knee tuck (each side)

HIIT Cardio (40 sec rest/1 min on 8 Rounds)
Freestyle skipping
Diagonal Wood chop with 10lbs mini SB (right)
Freestyle skipping
Diagonal Wood chop with 10lbs mini SB (left)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LovingFit: Athlete Body Workout

I wish I could do a specific strength training prior LovingFit lowe body workout but it's just a wishful thinking to do it during weekday when I only have exactly 1 hour for working out (including warm up and cool down). So I decided I'll just do LovingFit or any timed circuit workout during weekdays and do a bit longer ones on Saturdays and Sundays.

LovingFit Athlete Body Workout

Part #1:
30 reps of:
3 Jump lunges, SB pick up & knee up

Time 4:46

Part #2:
3 Rounds:
20 reps SB Diagonal Pulse Squat Variation (Right)
20 reps SB Squat Booty Pulses
20 Step-Ups & Knee-Up Twist (Right)
20 reps SB Diagonal Pulse Squat Variation (Left)
20 reps SB Squat Booty Pulses
20 Step-Ups & Knee-Up Twist (Left)

I timed each round with 1 minute rest in between rounds
Round 1 7:24
Round 2 7:39
Round 3 7:50

Time 25:03

SB=32-33lbs (I just like to think it as 35lbs SB)

LovingFit: Strength Beast Workout (upper body workout)

Warm up:
500 skips
Dynamic upper body weight training (easy versions):
10 reps of everything:
Knee push ups
Dynamic 10lb metal bar front & back lift
Chair dips

Strength training:
15 deep renegade rows (push up and lifting 2 DBs) - used a pair of 8lbs DB
15 dive bomber push ups
15 pike press

Then proceeded to LovingFit The Strength Beast Workout

I timed each individual exercise.

50 reps Inward Palm One Leg Diagonal Push-Up 6:44
10 reps 8 Crab Kicks & 8 Crab Grab Combo & Walk Over 5:24
25 reps V-Ups & Split Star 3:15
50 reps Double Bear Push-Ups (monkey push ups) 4:15 did 25
25 reps V-Ups & Split Star 2:38
20 reps 2-way pull ups 3:17 only did 10
50 reps Two Way Bicycle – 50 reps total ( 25 forward 25 reversed ) 2:24 did the split star ab instead
20 reps 2-way pull ups 3:54 only did 10

1. I did double seated pull up with dip station
2. I had to cut down the reps into half for the double bear push ups and the two way pull ups (25 for bear push ups and 10 2 way seated pull ups)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

LovingFit: Bangarang Workout (Lower Body)

Warm up:
500 skips
1 round lower body weight training (no sandbag)

Lower body weight training:
3 Rounds:
10 SB Side to side Low Squats (2 side squats=1 rep)- keeping low entire time
10 SB back lunge & knee up (each side)
5 pistols (each side)

Then proceeded to LovingFit Bangarang Workout

Instead of timing the entire workout, I timed each move so I know which area that I might need to improve more

30 reps Over Head Jump Lunges with Rotation using a medicine ball (2 jump lunges= 1 rep) 5:28
30 sandbag swing 1:31
30 sandbag Step Ups Right Leg 3:00
30 One leg bridge on a balance ball (right) 2:33
30 sandbag Step Ups Left leg 2:54
30 One leg bridge on a balance ball (left) 2:29
30 db circle, jump to plank, jump back and toe raise 5:55
30 2 SB squat pulses & SB deep squat 6:30
30 sandbag swing 1:21
30 superman lifts (2 lifts=1 rep) 2:46

Total time 34:31

SB= 32-33lbs

1. I did lunge back with 8lbs DB overhead and side twist
2. for SB squat pulses, I did a deep squat instead of jump squats.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Upper body WO and LovingFit Burn It Ground Workout

I decided to do a bit more strength training in addition to LovingFit workout as I want to add a bit more lean muscles. Let's see if I could survive!

Upper body weight training:
3 Rounds: (1 minute rest in between rounds) with a pair of 12.5 lbs DB
15 assisted seated pull ups
15 DB bent over rows
15 DB press up
15 dive bomber push ups

Rest 2 minutes

2 Rounds: (2 minute rest in between rounds)- with a pair of 8lbs DB except for triceps extensions which I used one 12.5lbs DB)
15 DB lateral shoulder raise
15 DB overhead triceps extensions
15 DB skull crushers
15 DB triceps press

Rest 2 minutes

Then onto LovingFit Abs & Upper Body Burn it Ground Workout

Part #1: 3 minute countdown
1 Seated pull up + 3 knee raises + 3 pike press
Completed 5 sets

Abs: 25 situps with DB overhead - each side (with 12.5 lbs DB)

Part #2: 3 minute countdown
2 SB press up + 2 one leg push ups
Completed 7 sets

Abs: 25 situps with DB overhead - each side (with 12.5 lbs DB)

Part #3: 3 minute countdown
2 turning bridge push ups + 2 pull in combo
Completed 9 sets

Part #4: Tabata HIIT (10 sec off/20 sec on 8 Rounds)
High Knees Skipping 56-35-53-40
Side to side knee raises on dip station 9-10-10-10

For part 1 I modified the pull up to seated pull up and instead of hanging knee tuck in, I did knee raises.

For Part 4 I did high knees skipping

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ZWOW #36: Push It to Max (Modified to Lower Body focused WO)

Warm up:
500 skips

Original workout: Zuzana Light

I modified ZWOW #36 to be more lower body focused so here are the breakdowns:
3 Rounds:
10 4 point hops (5 reps one direction-5 reps opposite directions)
10 4 weighted side lunges
10 3 sec hold super girl planks
10 SB slow squats

Time 18:21

Cool down:
2 rounds Good Posture Challenge

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LovingFit: Hot Torture Workout

Upper body strength training:
2 Rounds:
15 biceps curls
15 assisted seated pull up
15 lawnmower (each side)
15 lateral shoulder raise

I used a pair of 12.5lbs DB for the curls and lawnmower and a pair of 8lbs for the lateral raise.

Time 18:46

Original workout: LovingFit

10 sec off/40 sec on for 24 rounds
Push Back Push Ups 10-7-9
Crane Crunch 12-12-12
T-Push Up 7-7-7
Diamond Legs Lifts & Butt Lift 11-12-12
Power Jump Rope Jacks 25-16-19
Shoulder Presses 8-10-10
2 Way Pull Up (subbed with reverse body rows) 3-6-5
Elbow Plank Jumps 17-21-23

1. For T Push Up (aka push up and side plank) I didn't use any weight. It's still challenging enough for me already.

2. For shoulder presses (pike press), I just did with feet on the ground.

3. 2 Way Pull Up (aka reverse push ups) I did seated pull ups with the dip station. Mostly assisted on the way up and I lifted both feet up and came down slowly. Towards the end I had to do both ways assisted.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

LovingFit: Tailfeather Posse & Perfect Abs AfterGlow Workout

Warm up:
500 freestyle skips (about 4 mins)
CBBC #1 (8:47)

Original workout: LovingFit

5 Rounds:
12 reps 2 back lunge & jump squat combo (each side count as 1 rep) with SB (35 lbs)
20 reps toe lifts with SB (35lbs)
30 DB swing (12.5lbs DB)
20 isometric squat & side bends (each side count as 1 rep)

For the lunge/squat combo, I only did jump squat on first round and did regular SB slow squats for the rest of the rounds)

Time 27:32

Then Perfect Abs Afterglow for Abs portion for the day, with 10lbs mini sandbag and took me 18:39

Totally drenched!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

LovingFit: S&M Jane Workout

Warm up:
Sharp Abs Challenge

Original workout: LovingFit

S&M Push-offs – 12 reps
Advanced Reptile Jumps – 12 reps
Bicycles – 30 reps
Dips – 12 reps
Balance Ball Pass – 20 reps
Shoulder Press – 15 reps
Back Lifts with an Isometric Booty squeeze – 15 reps

For shoulder press, I just put my feet on the ground - keeping them close together and pushed as low as possible.

Time 33:41

Cool down:
Dynamic stretching
2 Rounds of Good Posture Challenge

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ZWOW#34: Beg for It to End (Lower Body WO)

Warm up:
1 round Sharp Abs Challenge

Original workout: Zuzana Light

3 Rounds:
20 DB Squat Hops
20 DB bent over rows
20 DB walking lunges
20 SB plank pulls

I used 35 lbs Sandbag for everything and modified the squat hops to regular but slow SB squats. I rather do slow and steady squats instead rushing thru and risking injuring my knees

Time 18:14

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LovingFit: I Won't Give Up Workout

Original workout: LovingFit

3 Rounds:
20 side plank jump-push ups-2 diagonal knee tucks
20 DB triceps kick back
20 shuffle push ups (one arm on elevated brick-side to side)
20 DB overhead circle shoulder press
20 outward palm push ups

DB= a pair of 8lbs

I had to do push ups on my knees starting round 3

Time 37:36

This workout was HARD and I wanted to give up so many times but in the end I'm glad I didn't!

Then after I got home, I did a quick Ab routine based off Sun Kissed Abs & Core. I didn't exactly remember all the moves so I just did a couple that I remembered:
30 Rock your core & abs
15 diagonal elbow plank reptile (each side)
30 rolling core
15 side plank mill & diagonal knee tuck (each side)

OMG I actually only missed 1 move- the Froggie sit up :P