Friday, April 29, 2011 500 jump rope jacks exercise challenge

Ok it supposedly 1000 jump rope jack exercise challenge, but with my 1-1.5lbs weighted jump rope, I was glad I could reach up to 500, even though I struggled A LOT. It took me 13:25.

Last time I did 1000 jump rope jack back in December, it took me entire 29:13 to finish off the whole thing. And that time I didn't put any weights inside the jump rope handles.

Thursday, April 28, 2011 Abs Now Workout

Zuzana didn't post today's workout breakdown on her blog today, but I found the video on youtube.

Seems like the instruction in the video was clear enough so I decided to do this time challenge workout today.

Workout breakdown (I made up the names mostly)
Finish the entire circuit as fast as possible while keeping proper forms
50 reps backward lunge with sandbag overhead press
50 reps super girl plank
50 reps sandbag squats
50 reps side knee tucks / reptile
50 reps jump lunges
50 reps santana plank
50 reps of 1 jump forward and 2 jump back
50 reps mini squats / pulse squats

I used my 15lbs backpack in place of the sandbag.

I finished this workout in 23:10

Update: I saw other people's time completing this workout and I have to admit I felt disappointed at myself. Most people could completed it under 20 minutes..some even only started for 1 1/2 months and could finish even faster than me. I've been doing bodyrock workout for about 7 months now and yet I didn't seem to improve much or I might start to hit a plateau? *sigh*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 60 Get Ups Exercise Challenge

Happy Birthday to...ME and the first thing I did to reward myself was to do today's exercise challenge. The last time I did this was back in December and I was such a sissy for using one 8lbs dumbbell.

So today, I decided to challenge myself by using my 15lbs backpack, despite my abs/core is super SORE from yesterday's workout.

I finished this challenge in 10:40 - beat my old time despite using heavier weight. Yippe! A nice birthday gift for myself :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Summer Abs Workout

I am pretty excited with this week workout because we'll be mainly targeting our cores and abs :) So today I did the first workout of this week.

Workout breakdown:
Part #1: 5 rounds of this entire circuit (Time Challenge)
10 reps of slide under with sandbag (I used 15lbs backpack)
10 reps of sandbag sit up
5 reps of rolling knee tuck and push up with stability ball
10 reps of diagonal knee raises (I subbed this with leg raise and toe touch)

I finished in 15:47 (could do much better next time!)

Part #2: 4 minute interval training (5 sec off/25 sec on for 8 rounds)
High knees 80-56-53-45
Pendulum 34-22-23-23

Monday, April 25, 2011 On the Floor Abs Exercise Challenge

This workout challenge was from Saturday, which I should do yesterday but I decided to take a day off completely. The first time I did this challenge was back in February, but I realized I didn't do the toe touch correctly.

So today's workout breakdown:
In 10 minutes do as may sets as possible for each exercise below:
20 reps mountain climbers - 6 sets
20 reps toe touch - 5 sets + 5 reps

This time I did leg raise and toe touch for every reps, instead just toe touches.

Saturday, April 23, 2011 Hot Butt Workout

Today was one of Zuzana's older routine which I've never done before so it'll be my first time.

Workout breakdown:
6 rounds of this entire circuit:
30 reps side jump lunges
5 reps of one leg squat (each leg) - I did assisted one leg squat
100 skips (change style every 25 reps- I did feet together and scissors)

My time: 19:49.

Not too shabby. I'm working on my one leg squat. My right one could go all the way down, but still need to hold on to a chair.

Thursday, April 21, 2011 Tight Cheeks Workout

So the Bun & Fat Loss Week continued with another leg killer workout.
Instead of doing 20 minute interval skipping after the main workout, I did 5 minutes interval skipping before and after the main workout, making it 10 min interval skipping total.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: One Arm Sandbag Swing (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds) - alt side each interval.
I used 20 lbs backpack.

Part 2: 50 reps One Leg Half Squat with Sandbag & Stability Ball (25 reps each leg)
I used 15 lb dumbbell. No joke, my left leg was much weaker that I almost fell when doing it.
My time: 5:02

Part 3: Forward & Backward Lunge with Sandbag (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)- alt side each interval.
I used 15 lbs backpack. This one was another leg killer!

Part 4: Balance Ball Exercise Combo for Butt & Core (5 sec off/25 sec on for 12 rounds)
Roughly for the ball passing I did about 8 reps and 8-10 reps for the chest lifts.
This one was pretty challenging, especially I was using a weighted stability ball (it has a little sand in there to keep it from moving around too much).

Total workout time for today (including skipping) 29:24

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exercise Challenge: 12 minute Reverse Push Ups

Instead doing Zuzana's Pull Ups Exercise Challenge, today I opted to do my own: 12 minute a set of 5 reverse push ups.

Workout breakdown:
Set the timer for 12 minute countdown and do as many sets of reverse push ups as possible (1 set = 5 reps)

I completed 20 sets + 4 reverse push ups (total 104 reverse push ups)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 My Buns Hurt Workout

I did Zuzana's first new workout for this week in the morning. Let me tell you that I was THIS CLOSE to skip the entire workout and slept in, but I'm glad I didn't!

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: 40 sets of sandbag lunge back, press up and squat leg lift (alt.side) (Time Challenge)
I used my 15lbs dumbbell b/c the backpack was too bulky for doing press up
Time: 4:07

Part 2: Interval training 5 sec off/15 sec on for 12 rounds of Rocket Launchers
(1-2-3 Jump up)

Part 3: 20 sets of Kick Ups (Time Challenge)
Time: 4:10
Note: After rewatching the video again, I realized I didn't start up my kick up position from half squat. Instead I started off in crab position already...oh well.

Part 4: Interval training 10 sec/10 sec for 12 rounds of Jump Lunge/Mountain Climbers non stop
Roughly I did 5 Jump lunges at first intv and only between 1-3 afterward and 5-10 Mountain Climbers. Super burn out! I think I took way too many breaks, especially for jump lunges

Total workout time 16:18

There was an extra 20 min interval skipping after this main workout. But since fat loss is not my goal, I didn't do it. Besides my time in the morning was pretty tight already.

Monday, April 18, 2011 Fcuk the Gym Workout

Since Zuzana didn't posted new workout/exercise challenge over the weekend, I chose one of her older one as my Monday morning workout. I broke my own rule for exercising after a lack of sleep the night before. It was weird, despite my lack of shut eye, I woke up and felt so pumped up to do this workout.

Hell yea F**k, it'll only take 12 minutes so get your butt outta here and finish it! - I told myself.

I couldn't find Zuzana's workout names/pictures so I just made up the names.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: Interval training 10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds (4 minutes)
- Sandbag Lunge back & Lift (alternating sides) - I used 20 lbs backpack

- Reptile Run 31-25-29-26

Part 2: Interval training 10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds (4 minutes)
- Sandbag Squat and Front Kick (alt.sides) - I used 15 lbs backpack

- Kick Up 25-26-25-25

Part 3: Interval training 10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds (4 minutes)
- 3 Sandbag Side Lift & 1 Jump Tuck - I used 20 lbs backpack

- Breakdance Push Ups (alt.sides)

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Ab-tastic Exercise Challenge

Finally I caught up on Zuzana's workout schedule for this week. However, seems like I'll have to pick up some of her older archive for tomorrow's workout since I didn't see the new workout schedule posted yet.

Today I did Ab-tastic Exercise Challenge, which we did a while back in January.

Workout breakdown:
Repeat this circuit 5 times.
20 reps of Hanging Knee Raises (from pull up bar/dip station) or Leg Raises (laying on the back on the exercise mat)  P90X Ab Ripper X move: The V Up Roll ups, which look something like this:

Everytime I reach up to a V, that count as 1 rep

4 minute interval skipping (10 sec off /20 sec on for 8 rounds)

Total workout time today: 28:25.

Saturday, April 16, 2011 Hot in Here Workout

So Cal weather today was pretty HOT plus humid! This workout title describe exactly what I felt after finished - sweat pouring down non stop for a bit a while.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: 20 sets Sandbag Step Up Combo (Time Challenge)
Do side step up over the chair three times
Do 3 lunge back and knee up
I used 15-18 lbs backpack and finished in 8:13

Part 2: 3 Pike Jumps and 2 Step Over Push Ups (Interval 10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
4 sets / 3 sets / 3 sets / 3 sets / 2 sets + 3 pike Jumps + 1 push up / 2 sets

Part 3: 50 reps of Crab Toe Touch (Time Challenge)
I did it in 1:19

Friday, April 15, 2011 Somewhere I Belong Workout

A short 12 minute strength training workout but unfortunately I had to modify it a bit since I don't have a pull up bar.

Workout breakdown:
Set timer countdown from 12 minutes and do as many sets of:
- Double grip pull up (I subbed this with Reverse Push Ups)
- Grab the Knee Push Ups (alternate side each set)


I completed 26 sets.

Thursday, April 14, 2011 Yeah Workout

I took another rest day yesterday to give my stiff neck more break and this morning when I woke up, no more stiff neck but then I had a slight dry sore throat...DAMN!

It took me a while to decide whether I should do the newest workout or just went to the older routine. It looked pretty intimidating, especially the Cartwheel part.

In the end I just sucked it and did it.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: 30 reps Push Ups & Monkey Kick (Time Challenge)
My time: 5:56 - mine wasn't as smooth as Zuzana

Part 2: 5 sec of Cartwheel / 15 sec Mountain Climbers for 18 rounds (Interval)
15 sec Mt climbers felt so exhausting..for some reason I'm losing my Mt. Climber stamina? :( and of course I did my FUGLY cartwheels LOL - more like I was stumbling to the sides rather than landing softly

Cartwheel supposed to look like this

But mine (FUGLY cartwheel) looked more like this:

Part 3: 50 sets of 3x Jump Lunges + Front Kick (Time Challenge)
My time: 9:40 - quads and legs were burning and I had to take lots of break after 1-2 sets.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Hard Body Workout

Zuzana posted one of her older workout since her leg still feels sore. I've came across to this workout before but haven't got a chance to do it so today was a good time to do it. Speaking of which, my butt and legs were a bit sore from last workout as well, but not as bad. My neck was still a bit stiff but didn't bother me as much as before.

Workout breakdown: Do the entire circuit 5 times
5 ninja jump tucks
10 reps elevated bridge leg lift (each leg)
5 reps dynamic push ups
20 reps one arm, one leg bridge
5 reps one leg burpee (each leg)

I finished it in 20:36

Sunday, April 10, 2011 If You Want More Workout

Since I was out for the whole day yesterday, I did the workout today. Apparently Zuzana didn't post any upcoming week workout schedule yet.

Workout breakdown:
Part 1: Side Lunge & Push Up Combo (Time Challenge)
Do 12 sets of this combo:
10 side lunge pulses, 3 push ups, 5 jump lunges
My time: 5:08

Part 2: Interval training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 9 rounds)
Surfer Exercise

Part 3: 50 reps of Backward Lunge with Sandbag and Kick Up (Time Challenge)
My time: 7:55

Total workout time: 19:03

I messed up the third part so I was struggling. Anyway, next time I'll come back to this workout again and beat all the time! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011 What's My Name Workout

I took another day off from working out yesterday because I simply didn't have enough sleep. In fact I felt I was hardly sleeping, thanks to the bloating stomach from my period.

Anyway today's workout was a mix of time challenge and interval training, focusing on cores and cardio.

Workout breakdown: Do the entire circuit 3 times
20 reps roll it hard core exercise (using stability ball)
20 reps of (10 sandbag mini squats + 1 jump tuck) - I used 15-18 lbs backpack
40 reps of broomstick exercise (20 reps each side- alternating side)
4 minute interval high knees skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)

My time:
Round 1: 13:41 + 4 min skips
Round 2: 12:16 + 4 min skips
Round 3: 10:27 + 4 min skips

Grand total workout time: 48:24

BOY, that was a long workout! The sandbag squats took most of the time chunk. Those mini squats burned my quad A LOT!

Instructional pictures can be found here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Not Afraid Workout

Yay, after 2 full week of workout marathon, today Zuzana posted a complete new workout. The title of the workout immediately makes me think of Eminem's hit song "Not Afraid," which Zuzana mentioned that's what inspired her for this workout.

Workout breakdown: Do the entire circuit 2 times
Part #1: Crab Pike Press (3 minute time challenge)
P1 23 // P2 20

Part #2: Interval Training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
High Knees Rope
P1 43/33/53 // P2 55/40/45

Burpee and Seated Leg Raise (or Knee Raise on Dip station)
P1 4/4/3.5 // P2 4/3/3.5

Part #3: Ninja Lunges (3 minute time challenge)
P1 12 // P2 14

Monday, April 4, 2011 60 reps Side Burpees (30 reps each side)

I was this close to skip the exercise challenge, which technically for yesterday. But I already took a day off yesterday so no excuse.

I beat my old time and finished it today in 6:31!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rest Day

It was a super busy day but I still got some workout in. Wanna know what I did?

Read more about it here :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011 Grand Theft Booty Workout - LAST workout marathon

Finally, I completed this week workout marathon! I did Grand Theft Booty workout first time in November, and then another time in January as part of a hybrid workout

So I'm comparing my scores with the one in November instead of January (since the January one was part of a hybrid workout)

Workout breakdown: 30 sec on/10 sec off for 18 rounds)
1. Snowboarder 17-17-17 (old 15-14-15)
2. One Leg Squat and Side Kick (Left) 6-5-5 (still used chair but could do half squat) (old 4-4-4 used chair and only could bend slightly)
3. One Leg Squat and Side Kick (Right) 5-5-4 (still used chair and could do full one leg squat) (old 5-4-4)
4. Shelf Butt: 22-23-24 (old 14-18-18)
5. Half Pistol and 1 Leg Pike Press (Left) 4-3-3 (unassisted) (old 2-2.5-2 - beginner's half pistol and full version of 1 leg pike press)
6. Half Pistol and 1 leg Pike Press (Right) 4-3.5-3 (unassisted) (old 2.5-2.5-2)

I beat most of my old scores, but the biggest accomplishment here is I could do unassisted one leg half squat. Just need to work more on my left leg for one leg squat so I could go all the way down just like my right one although still holding on the chair. One step at one time, right?

Friday, April 1, 2011 Christmas Abs on April's Fools Day

What?! Two workouts in one day? No it's not an April Fools joke..IT'S REAL. I did this after I came back home. So this put me back on the track, and I am only one workout behind from Zuzana's schedule and after this, the workout marathon is DONE!

Workout breakdown:
Combo#1: Triple squat action (with or without sandbag/weight/backpack etc)
I used a backpack with bunch of stuff inside - weighted about 14-15 lbs.
(Set the interval timer for two intervals for 20 seconds (no rest interval) for 6 rounds. Total workout will be 4 minutes.)
First 20 sec: squat all the way down
Second 20 sec: Squat half way
Third 20 sec: Short pulse squats (squat half way and pulsing-do not come up to standing position)
Repeat everything until the whole interval is over.

I didn't write any scores last time but this time I manage to do it. I had my backpack on me, so my free hands could hold a book and a pen.

1. Full squats 14-11-8-8
2. Half squats 14-11-9-12
3. Pulse squats 13-11-10-14

Combo#2: L sits (16 rounds of 10 sec off / 5 sec on)
I used 2 of my kitchen counters with the metal bar across. Actually I didn't really do a real L-sit, more like I lift off my butt from the ground.

Combo#3: Pick Up Jump with Sandbag/weight/backpack etc
(4 rounds of 10 sec off/50 sec on interval)
Each time the sandbag touches the floor count as 1 round.
Scores: 14-13-12-12 (old 10-9-9-9) Harder Than Ever Workout - Conquered the Old Scores!

I DID IT! After a full day of rest, I made a comeback and conquered all of my OLD scores!

Workout breakdown
Set the interval timer 10 sec off / 50 sec on for 12 rounds
1. Chin Ups (I substituted this with Reverse Push Ups) 23 (old 15)
2. Prisoner's Jump Squats 24 (old 20)
3. Mountain Climbers 83 (old 75)
4. Clapping Push Ups (I did this on the knees, similar to Zuzana's) 16 (old 10 -wider legs)
5. Jump Lunges 32 (old 24)
6. Bicycle 75 (old 57)
7. Dips (used a chair) 20 (old 15)
8. Forward/Backward Jump Lunges (Left) 20 (old 10)
9. Forward/Backward Jump Lunges (Right) 18 (old 5)
10. Side Crunches (Left) 27 (old 22)
11. Side Crunches (Right) 27 (old 22)
12. Burpees 10 (old 9)

I always thought that my Reverse Push Up hasn't improved much (mostly I could only crank up 10 consecutive reps without break) so today I kept telling myself to do more than 15 reps and I did. Sometimes a little mantra in your head might help you to push harder.