Thursday, February 18, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 19 - Legs & Back, Abs

Ok, I had to drag my ass off from my bed this morning because I'm not quite fond of this Legs & Back workout. Anything to do with a lot of squatting is a nightmare for both of my knees. So, some of the moves I didn't even bother to do it at their pace.

Abs was quite a challenge after I did Legs & Back, plus I was super hungry that I nearly crashed. Doing morning workout in empty stomach sometimes can be very exhausting, but I like the convenience of not getting into any of my other daytime schedule.

I used to do workout in the evening 1-2 hours after the dinner. But the downside of it, I tend to get sloppy and lazy to keep up with it. Then I tried to switch it to the evening before dinner/after come back from work. It worked fine but the timing wasn't working for me. I ended up having late dinner and have to wait a little later to go to sleep. So early morning workout works for me.

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