Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round 2 : Day 47 - Reverse ARX, Legs & Back, ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs

I definitely need to go back to regular ARX. My ab muscles remembering all the reverse moves already, darn it. Legs & Back went pretty well...I've got company this morning for my workout, which was my neighbors who were watching the World Cup..haha. I could even hear them yelled "Goallll"- looks like Korea scored a goal?

Can't believe I'm already halfway this second round and next week will be recover week. I'll be taking my rest day tomorrow.


Carl S said...

Day 46, it's all downhill from here :-)

ARX tips (to make it harder):
1. Straighten your legs during mason-twists (Audra + Adam are doing it).
2. Continue through his "talking" parts, can typically get 1-2 more reps in per exercise.
3. Keep doing mason-twists until he says "Lets all go into upward dog"
4. Don't put your hands on the ground (during the bicycles).
5. Leg-up exercises, put your hands out farther from your body (~45deg angle)
6. Do the cross-leg instead of wide-leg situps.

give it a try!

Hattori said...

1. Been doing that..maybe should straighten up more.
2. Will give it a try
3. Will give it a try
4. Been doing that all this time
5. Interesting approach
6. Been struggling doing this..can't get up hahaha.