Monday, February 15, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 16 - Cardio X

I had to force myself to roll out from the bed this morning. It starts getting harder for me to keep up with this routine and I'm STILL in Phase 1...DOH! Gotta find a way to motivate myself more. Maybe I should go to be much earlier to have a little extra rest.

Anyway, Cardio X is one of my favorite workout but it's just a little hassle. Why? Because it starts up doing Yoga, which in my case I have to take out my shoes and socks to do it. I know the folks on the video can just do it fine with their shoes on, but not in my case. I tend to get stuck when I started to swing my leg to my hands when transitioning from downward dog pose to runner pose or warrior poses. My shoes might a bit bulky to do this move..haha. Also doing floor workouts on a tile floor with only 2 mats as your cushions is not fun at all. I might want to invest on gym mat to give my workout space more cushion.

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